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Several Omikron Falls: ERC Ingolstadt in isolation

Sunday is the day of the week in between Saturday and also Monday. In many Western nations, Sunday is a day of rest as well as a part of the weekend, whereas in much of the rest of the world, it is taken into consideration the first day of the week.

For a lot of watchful followers of Christianity, Sunday is normally observed as a day of praise and also rest, recognizing it as the Lord’s Day and also the day of Christ’s rebirth; in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, the Philippines along with in South America, Sunday is the very first day of the week. According to the Hebrew calendar and also typical calendars (consisting of Christian calendars) Sunday is the first day of the week; Quaker Christians call Sunday the initial day according to their testament of simplicity. The International Organization for Standardization ISO 8601, which is based in Switzerland, calls Sunday the seventh day of the week.

The entire team as well as the coaching and supervisor team must go on the arrangement of the health office in self-isolation. As the Upper Bavaria announced on Thursday, they can not take place for Friday against the Adler Mannheim and the del games used for Sundays. About catch-up dates, the ERC wants to inform you in coordination with the Del in a timely manner. Lastly, the DEL teams of Red Bull Munich and the Sermon Roosters, Grizzlies Wolfsburg and Bietigheim Steelers were already quarantined. Well over 30 catch-up games are currently still on.

Beiersdorfer becomes managing director sport at FC Ingolstadt

Beiersdorf becomes managing director of sports and communication with the Scanner. This reports the Upper Bavaria on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, the ex-national player who was active for the Hamburg SV and Welder Bremen for many years is presented as part of a press conference. As a manager and sports director, Beiersdorf also worked for HSV, but also for the RB Group and at Zenith St. Petersburg.

Impulse in our current situation

FCI.TV: Neuer Geschäftsführer Sport & Kommunikation: Vorstellung von Dietmar Beiersdorfer
Karl Meier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, said about the prominent reconciliation at the second division tutor: With Dietmar Beiersdorf we were able to win an experienced specialist for the FCI, which will be an absolute identifier inwards and outward. In the long term, we want to with him a stable sustainability with him Obtaining annual view of the sporting area, but in his person, we also see an important new impulse in our current sporting situation in its person.

The CEO Peter Jacket sees in the Personalize Beiersdorf the best possible decision for this key position and our association. The France is with his Vita and his know-how exactly the right man.

Beiersdorf wants to shape intensely

Beiersdorf himself wants the future of the FCI now with much commitment and enthusiasm intensively shape: We are in a very challenging situation that we want to turn into positive with cohesion and next to the square. It applies to all efforts Motivation and courage to bundle — we are aiming for ahead.

The FC Ingolstadt occupies after 13 match days with only five points in the account the 18th and last place in the table in the 2nd league.

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