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Does the topic work in Steam Deck work? The 2nd Barrett Philias Dark Market NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE

The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK on sale from Valve. Two weeks after the start of the reservation, many people may have actually picked them up at Bitsummit before. However, can Steam Deck be able to play a topical work that is clearly compatible with stress without stress?

This series project answers such questions. At STEAM DECK, we will hit the spotlight every week from the latest topical works to past popular works, play on Steam Deck and review or review without problems. In the second edition, we deliver two Barrett Philan’s Dark Market and NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE. How is the potential of the 2D work?

What is Barrett Philia’s Dark Market?

This work will be the 18.5th work of the barrage shooting Touhou Project Series, which is most of ZUN’s work production. (Works with decimal points are called Gaiden, and there are more than 20 actual works at this stage).

The player becomes a normal wizard, Marisa Kirisame living in Gensokyo, and goes to find out the cause of the development of the dark market. We will make full use of all abilities cards to solve the incident while making money. Of course, the flashy barrage is alive, even though it is GST. It is a game that allows you to play the pleasure of passing through the gaps of the dots in a short time.

The Steam Deck compatibility of this work is the status of currently investigating.

There is no help for the genre… but the battery has good

First, launch the game, the screen display setting screen will be opened. I selected and started Borderless Window Dot by Dot (Recommend) at the top. Even if you try to play and play other items, you have returned to the library screen, so it seems that other screen display settings are not possible at present.

And the game screen is actually displayed, but it is not displayed on the entire screen, but there is a blank space on the left and right. This work is a so-called vertical shooting genre, so the display of the screen is very different from a normal game, and because of that, it seems that Steam Deck has not been able to support it neatly.

Therefore, if you actually play it, you will need to be quite close. In the genre of barrage shooting, a tremendously narrow gap, which is directly linked to the failure of one dot operation. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely at the character that the character that you operate is opened, but due to the shrinking screen, it is displayed quite small even though it is a large LCD screen as a Steam Deck portable machine., My eyes are quite tired.

In addition, since the upper part of the character has been cut or the display space is not set well, some items cannot be read. There are quite a few fatal places, so if you can respond to the official DECK in the future, I would like you to improve it.

However, this work has a shorter play, so if you take a detailed eye break, it will not be a problem to play. In addition, there is no discomfort in the operation feeling, so it can be said that it is possible to avoid one dots.

Another good point is that the battery is about 35%in the default setting. You can play for about 3 hours, so you can go shopping anytime on the go.


This work is a multi-ending ADV that depicts a life with a strongly approved girl (transcendent Watasen-chan) aiming to be the strongest Internet angel (distributor). The unique air drawn in dot paintings, the most surprising mechanism and development, and the scenarios and characters that pierce people living in modern times are attracting topics while incorporating modern slang and Internet trendy material. It is a smash hit that is accepted not only in Japan but also all over the world, which has sold more than 500,000 unusual ADV games.

The Steam Deck compatibility of this work is the status of currently investigating as well as the Barrett Philan’s Dark Market.


Mouse + keyboard work is inevitable…

This work assumes operation with the basic mouse. Therefore, in Steam Deck, you can choose to operate with the mouse pad on the right or touch panel directly. However, it does not play on a large monitor, but to play with a small LCD (although it is bigger than ordinary portable game consoles), just clicking one item can be a light stress.

Mouse pads are quite responsive, so the mouse cursor often goes too much. Then you can touch it directly with the touch panel, but the place you want to touch and the actual game screen touched one finger are off, so it is completely useless. Since the operation on the left stick cannot be done by default, it is difficult to select the item you want to choose.

In addition, there is a scene in the game where characters are entered, but in that case, you have to put out the software keyboard and enter it. The keyboard itself will come out if you press the steam button+x at the same time, but if you do not know that, you will not be able to proceed in the first place, so if you recognize it as a text input location, the software keyboard automatically automatically the software keyboard. I wanted you to put it out.

In addition, this work is a place where some characters are cleared as well as Barrett Philia’s Dark Market, so I want you to fix that as well.

Other than that, it is possible to play the game without any problems. In particular, there was no place where the freeze or screen display was strange. Battery consumption is about 45%1 hour. In the case of the outer or pilgrimage to the sacred place, it is up to Pa to live with the best life with the best time to kill time.

2D’s work has a battery consumption.

I reviewed it in a row in a row. This time I played with a 2D work, but unlike the previous 3D work, it was impressive that the battery was quite good. Therefore, if you want to carry Steam Deck outside and play various games, you may want to choose a 2D work and play. Anyway, you can play with Steam Deck because of the 30,000 games that exist on Steam.

The villain VS citizen competition game Dragon Ball The Breakers will be released on October 13. CBT in August where you can use Frieza

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced on July 21 that it will release the online asymmetric action game Dragon Ball The Breakers on October 13 (Steam version is distributed on October 14). Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One. The price is 1980 yen for the regular version, 2980 yen for the special edition, and 6980 yen for the Asoba Store special edition (all excluding tax).

Dragon Ball The Breakers is an asymmetric online action game based on the world view of Dragon Ball. Players are divided into one Raider, a powerful character such as cells and Frieza, and seven survivors, the general public. The raider is aiming to destroy the survivor, and the survivor’s goal is to escape from the field with a time machine.

Raiders with overwhelming power can evolve by clearing certain conditions, and new skills and special moves can be used each time they evolve. Another feature is that you can blow off some divided fields one by one to reduce the field.


Survivors, on the other hand, aim to collect the startup key scattered in the field and start the time machine. Around the startup system, the battle with the raider will be intense. Survivor has a low fighting power, so it must survive by making good use of various items and skills that appear. However, by gathering change power, it is possible to transform into a super warrior with the power comparable to the raider.

In this work, the regular version is dedicated to download, and the reservation benefits include the transformer Android No. 18 (skill: wall kicking) and the costume Scouter (blue). The transformer is contained in the soul of a super warrior, and the survivor can release its power. In addition to the above contents, Special Edition includes customization costumes, victory poses, and vehicle skins. And the Asoba Store Special Edition includes Cell Shell Figure. The special edition of the Asoba Store seems to be only the PS4/Nintendo Switch version.

Dragon Ball The Breakers will be released on October 13 for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One on October 13 for PC (Steam).

From August 6 to 7, a closed network test of this work will be held. From the previous test, it is said that new elements are newly prepared, such as a new freeza can be used as a raider. In addition, it is implementing the implementation of practices mode, adjusting various game balance, improving matching-related, and improving graphics. The application deadline is until 23:59 on July 31st. You can apply on a special site.

Final Fantasy 14 is no longer compatible with Steam Deck

This week, Square Enix launched a new revision for Final XIV_, but is not welcome for Steam Deck users, since the game can no longer be played on the portable system. As part of the update, the Final Xiv_fantasía, Steam owners must have their linked Steam and Square Enix accounts, which forces players to use the Steam initiator. According to the resection posters players who bought a version that is not Steam de Fantasía Final XIV seems to be able to play the game in Steam Deck. Unfortunately, everyone else currently has no luck!

Obviously, this situation is frustrating for the owners of Steam Deck. It seems that the handheld could be an excellent option for PC users, but it is not compatible with all Steam games. In fact, the steam page by Fantasía Final XIV officially lists the game as “not compatible” for Steam Deck. It is possible that that changes in the future, particularly since Gabe Newell has shared the love of him by Fantasy Final XIV many times in the past. Maybe the President of Valve will work with Square Enix to solve the problem!

Fantasy Final XIV launched in 2013, and has established a base of passionate fanatics in the last 9 years. However, the last year in particular has seen an explosion of interest, since Streamers as Asmongold have helped to draw attention to the MMO. At one point, the interest in the game increased so much that it caused problems on the server, which forced Square Enix to temporarily stop new sales. The publisher has plans to continue supporting Fantasy Final XIV for the next decade, with improvements in jobs for game textures, lighting and much more. Hopefully, Steam Deck users can enjoy those improvements for themselves, but until then, they will have to settle for playing on the PC!

Fantasy Final XIV is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

How to fix Final Fantasy XIV on Steam Deck
Have you started playing? Fantasy Final XIV Recently? Are you disappointed that the game currently does not be compatible with Steam Deck? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Steam Deck Free space to increase significantly 14 GB improvement by STeamOS to about 24G to 10G

Steam is a computer game digital circulation service by Shutoff. It was introduced as a standalone software application customer in September 2003 as a means for Shutoff to provide automated updates for their games, and expanded to consist of video games from third-party authors. Steam has actually additionally increased right into an online web-based and mobile digital storefront. Steam offers digital civil liberties monitoring (DRM), server hosting, video streaming, as well as social networking services. It likewise provides the individual with installation as well as automated updating of games, as well as neighborhood attributes such as pals listings and also teams, cloud storage space, and in-game voice and also conversation performance.
The software provides a freely available application programming interface (API) called Steamworks, which developers can utilize to integrate much of Steam’s functions right into their items, including in-game success, microtransactions, as well as support for user-created material with Steam Workshop. Though originally developed for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems, variations for macOS and Linux were later on launched. Mobile applications were also released for iOS, Android, and also Windows Phone in the 2010s. The system also provides a tiny option of various other material, including style software program, hardware, game soundtracks, anime, and also films.
The Steam system is the largest electronic circulation platform for PC video gaming, holding around 75% of the marketplace share in 2013. By 2017, individuals acquiring games with Steam amounted to approximately US$ 4.3 billion, standing for at the very least 18% of international PC game sales. By 2019, the solution had more than 34,000 games with over 95 million monthly energetic individuals. The success of Steam has actually brought about the growth of a line of Steam Maker microconsoles, that include the Steams OS and also Steam Controllers, Steam Web link gadgets for local game streaming, and also the Steam Deck, a portable personal computer system customized for running Steam games.

Ngoceh dikit soal Steam Deck.
The overseas media games reports that the capacity of Steam Deck is reduced to 10g. According to the Release Notes of STeamOS2021120.2, which Major is released in the Metacouncil Forum, this OS should be 10 GB. This makes it possible to use about 54 g of the Steam Deck 64g version. Previously, the size of Steam OS 3 was 24 g, but it is a situation that succeeds in size reduction of 14g. Games is described if Windows occupies 20g and the size of OS in other hardware accounts for about 20% of storage, and is evaluating that Steams 3 size shrinks. Seam Deck will be shipped from February 2022 to America, Canada, European Union, and UK.

Start announcement of STEAM Award 2021 candidate work First of all two divisions of excellent story game relaxing and relaxing

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, birthed Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor (or Lew Alcindor) on April 16, 1947, in New York city, is a basketball gamer of National Basketball Organization (NBA). It is considered the largest American university player, winning the NCAA champion title as well as 3 successive titles of Best NCAA competition gamer, is one-of-a-kind in history.
It is likewise considered among the finest players in the NBA history, winning six champion titles, with Milwaukee Bucks then Los Angeles Lakers. As a private, it is granted 6 titles of NBA Most Belongings Gamer, the very best player of the normal period, and also 2 titles of NBA Final The Majority Of Prized Possession Gamer Award, the most effective gamer of the finals, these last two being won at fourteen years apart In 1971 and also 1985. Player of a fantastic durability, he arguers twenty expert seasons, he was elected to fifteen times in among the best five of the league, as well as is chosen nineteen times for the NBA All-Star Game. His long life likewise allows him to have some records of the organization, one of the most essential being that of the number of points marked with 38 387. He additionally inhabits the second area to the number of affordable meetings. In 1995, he was introduced into Basketball Hall of Fame. It is popular for having challenged Bruce Lee in the movie the video game of fatality.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has actually additionally created and promoted the strategy called arm rolled : it is composed of shooting the basket by bringing the round with one hand over the head, arm tense. The various other arm is made use of to secure yourself from the protector.
It is acknowledged at its particular look: as a result of an eye injury during its college occupation, Abdul-Jabbar started to put on safety glasses, protective glasses.

Valve started the announcement of the 2021 Nominated work of the year-end Award Event STEAM Award. It is said that nomination works of each category will be announced today (3 am and 9 am at 9 am in Japan).

Excellent story game

When I want to play a story-oriented game, this game is hit. It is attracted more than any melodrama, and it is well done with the supervision of the super popular television drama. Bravo! Thank you for your impression!

Life IDE Strange True Colors

Cyberpunk 2077

Biohazard Village

Days Gone

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Lilac relaxing

This game is a refreshing agent for everyday life. You can relax and relax, and Montoya in the heart disappears. It can be said that it is a rose of one.


Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Farming Simulator 22

TownS caper


After the nomination works of each department have come out, the final vote will be held from 3 am to January 4, and 2 am, and the results will be announced at 3 am on January 4.

Steam New horror

In the Steam charts, a new horror game has become very close to the top. The game is a sequel to a long-lasting cult franchise, currently perched at the top of the sell list and has as usual some jump scares in the luggage.

The franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s may obviously attract horror fans in hosts. The newest offshoot of the series, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, today has been released today and has landed directly to third place in 1st of the sales charts on Steam.

FNaF: Security Breach is looking for top charts home

Best Horror Games on Steam in 2021 (Updated!)

With Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach already appears the eighth full game in the horror series. As usual, you also have to record it in this continuation with murderous Animatronic figures and survive the night in a mega pizzaplex. In the Stealth Horror game, it is important to dodge the creatures and distract them through skillful maneuvers while they carry your way through the complex.

Unlike the other games of the series the events in FNaF: Security Breach, however, in just one night instead of — much easier will not make your task of course anyway.

Click here for FNaF: Security Breach on Steam!

Steam: Horror game in place 1

FNaF: Security Breach has made a nice gift to your own release date and is currently still before the shooter Battlefield 2042 reduced in the price and the Agricultural Simulator 22 on 1st place of the Steam sales chart. (Source: Steam)

The reviews of the players also promise a solid grusel-festival: currently the sequel has 468 reviews, which are mostly positive on average.

Take a look at the trailer to Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach:

On Steam, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach celebrated a dreamlike debut: The Horror Stealth game was able to secure the first place in the PC platform’s sales charts directly to the release.

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