Update: Through an official statement, Spotify announced that the service has already returned to normal. Similarly, this was also announced by the official platform account in Twitter :

Original note: Were you listening to music at Spotify and suddenly your song was paused? Do not go to restart your Internet or anything like that, since this popular streaming music platform is experiencing several connection problems. The good news is that your developers are already working on it.

According to the Portal Detector, Spotify began to present problems on the morning of this Tuesday November 16. Specifically, they began to occur from 10am hour of the Center of Mexico, and so far there are still users who continue to be able to access their favorite playlists.

As I was saying before, your authors are aware of these problems and are already working on a solution.

Surely it is a matter of time so that everything returns to normal, but for now you may want to go to other platforms to listen to your music.

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Editor s note: The truth is that I do not remember when it was the last time when Spotify suffered from some fall, but I think it is of those services that rarely fail. It is strange that it has passed right now, but at least it seems that things are already returning to normal.