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Multiversus confirms the date of its new beta open in a new gameplay trailer

Warner Bros. Games hSeries confirmed the date of the open beta of Multiversus, the Super SmSeriesh Bros. Brawler with characters Series diverse Series Arya Stark, Superman or Bugs Bunny. The test will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Series well Series PC. Like the first beta, The video game is cross-Play and hSeries retrospective netcode with dedicated servers. The beta hSeries been revealed in a gameplay trailer, which you can see on these lines.

Player First Games continues to work on this project Free-to-Play, which will also have an early access from July 19 **, just before the beta debuts for the entire general public. This previous access will be allocated to all those players who were selected to be part of the closed Alfa. However, those who will not participate can get codes in Twitch Drops.


New selectable character

The full characters will be expanding with the months , and although the expected debut of Gandalf the gray hSeries not yet materialized, the new Multiversus trailer presents the Iron Giant, a character that will be selectable from the same July 19. He is accompanied by DC fighters such Series Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Harley Queen; Shaggy and Velma de Scooby-Doo; Bunny Bugs and Tazmania’s demon of Looney Tones; Arya Stark of Game of Thrones; Tom and Jerry; Jake the dog and finn the human hour of adventure; Steven Universe and Garnet, not to mention the original Perreno character.

Multiversus still hSeries no definitive launch date. It is scheduled for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, with the idea that it will be expanded over the coming months and years. In this article you can read our first impressions and soon we will publish an exclusive interview with the development team.

The hidden masterpiece game The Rumble Fish series is transplanted for home use! Released in the winter of 2022, 2 will be the first transplant

3goo announced on July 14 that it will release a consumer version of the Dimps-developed fighting game The Rumble Fish series worldwide in the winter of 2022.

The The Rumble Fish series is a fighting game whose arcade version was developed in 2004. S.M.A. (Smooth Model Animation) is a topic for smooth 2D expression, attractive characters, and advanced bargaining that makes full use of two types of gauges. It is a title that is still very popular and the tournament is still held.

In 2005, the arcade version of The Rumble Fish 2 with new game systems and characters was also released. This is the first time that this series has been released overseas, and this is also the first time that the second work The Rumble Fish 2 has been transplanted for home use.

■ The story of the The Rumble Fish series

The end of the 20th century… A large-scale natural disaster hit the eastern part of a certain country. Due to this disaster, the economic center disappeared, and high-rise buildings were knocked down in a wide area up to the function of the capital, resulting in a great loss of life of 158,000 people.

Early 21st century… A certain country’s eastern reconstruction project started by the joint venture PROBE-NEXUS (commonly known as probe). Probe relocates his management base to the collapsed area and establishes a huge corporate-managed city. With huge assets and cutting-edge technology poured like hot water, the modern Babylon is formed by skyscrapers that surpass the skyscrapers of the past, the world’s largest market mall, and theme parks and amusement parks. Named the World’s Most Important Place-Zone Prime, it celebrated its spectacular birth as a symbol of the new century.

And now in the undeveloped area-commonly known as the slum area, located in the west block.


■ Comment from Takashi Nishiyama, CEO of Dimps Co., Ltd.

The Rumble Fish is a memorable title for Dimps. Dimps has developed a 2D fighting game for Atomiswave, a commercial system board developed by Sammy Corporation. By the standards of today’s fighting games, it feels a bit classic, but nearly 20 years ago, under the constraints of the system board, I’m proud to say that it’s an ambitious title that makes full use of various image expression ideas. We are here. We hope that 3goo Co., Ltd. will once again put the spotlight on us and that the new possibilities of this The Rumble Fish series will expand again.

■ 3goo Co., Ltd. CEO Di Costanzo His comment from Nicola

I myself have been a fan of Dimps for a long time, so I am very happy to announce this unknown masterpiece to the world for the first time. We are also very honored to have this wonderful opportunity at Dimps. Incorporating various fighting game systems, this series that made the game center enthusiastic will be delivered to anyone for home use, so please look forward to it.

The consumer version of The Rumble Fish series will be released in the winter of 2022. Supported platforms and prices are unknown.

Forza Motorsport will certainly be seen in a brand-new event that currently has a day and time: it will certainly loom

Forza Motorsport prepares to launch on PC, Xbox Series X | S as well as Game Pass during the springtime of 2023 . Compared to its previous shipment, the seventh, there is a fantastic graphic breakthrough, specifically in what involves real-time lights, shaded and the deepness of the circumstances.

We want to see action on the track, and it is feasible that those liable teach us even more footage of the title in the new occasion they will certainly commemorate this week. Forza Monthly will happen this ** Thursday, June 16 at 6:00 p.m

. The broadcast of this event and also the verification that Forza Motorsport will be perhaps among the reasons that we did not recognize far more throughout the extended version of the Xbox occasion. For Forza Regular monthly the intervention of the innovative supervisor Chris Esaki , which will certainly leave us even more information regarding the brand-new research study driving proposition is confirmed.

Forza Motorsport was among the exceptional advertisements of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that Microsoft celebrated last Sunday. The first gameplay trailer of the Turn 10 game served to make it clear that it will certainly be one of the Xbox poinstone titles in regards to technology and graphics, however the fact is that we desire more.

Game Pass DISCOR

We currently have an official web server! An area where you can speak straight to the magazine’s editors, get involved in competitions, obtain gifts or just enjoy with other individuals. Do not think of it any longer as well as join our area.

Sign up with the Game Pass dissonance

Fortnite: How to gather the coin in the performance of the gene Hoshino Soundwave

The concert of the gene Hoshino Soundwave Series is currently offered in Fortnite, and also a new time-limited pursuit requires this from the gamers collect the coin from the performance in Epic’s picks. This is specifically the same circumstance if you have ever experienced a concert by Fortnite Soundwave Series. There are a lot of waiting times, but there are lots of free EP for you when you have a little persistence. Simply lean back, appreciate the trip and relax. So you accumulate the coin in the Soundwave Series: Concert of Gen Hoshino in Epic’s picks in Fortnite

How to begin the show of the gene Hoshino Soundwave series in Fortnite.

To begin the Soundwave Series: Hoshino performance, change your game setting in the entrance hall menu as well as after that navigate to Impressive’s Picks section. You can likewise see the show level in the pattern or featured area, which makes it much less complicated to discover.

As quickly as you have discovered it, just pick it as if it were a regular game mode and also stand in the queue. You can complete alone or with a team, it matters not because there is very little gameplay.

How to accumulate the coin in the Soundwave series: Gen Hoshino

Fourteen days is currently offered on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and also mobile devices.

Fortnite has actually recently offered some of these performances of the Soundwave series, so you can expect a lot more with coins in the coming weeks.

The show of the gene Hoshino Soundwave Series is now available in Fortnite, and also a new time-limited quest needs this from the gamers collect the coin from the performance in Impressive’s picks. If you have ever experienced a show by Fortnite Soundwave Series, this is exactly the exact same circumstance. You gather the coin in the Soundwave Series: Concert of Gen Hoshino in Legendary’s picks in Fortnite

Fortnite has lately given some of these shows of the Soundwave series, so you can anticipate extra with coins in the coming weeks. Outside of the performances, there has actually likewise been a lot to do in Fortnite, since Chapter 3, period 3, has started with new skins like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. The very first row of obstacles is likewise live and needs that you communicate with the brand-new technicians of the period such as truth SAPLING and gather token symbols to adapt the new Snap-Skin.

Much like with earlier obstacles of the Soundwave series, the only way to accumulate the coin in the genetics Hoshino concert is to wait up until completion. The event takes around 20 minutes. They do not have to do much other than for leaning back and paying attention to songs.

Really feel cost-free to put your controller away and also look for social media sites or do something else, it is impossible to lose throughout this event. As soon as the performance is over, the coin in the last location will certainly exist soon prior to the outcome. As long as you grab it, finish the obstacle and earn a bunch of XP as well as an exclusive spray.

F1 22: Release appointment and features officially announced!

Codemasters officially has the release date F1 22 , the new part of the Formula 1 series, announced. The game should be on 1. July 2022 For the PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and the Xbox One come to the market. As part of the announcement, a first teaser trailer was shown, which advertises with large sets such as “The future is here” or “wagen of the next generation“. Gameplay or other valuable material can not be seen. It is a pity, among other things, because Electronic Arts had advertised the days before the Reveal of F1 22 EXTRA with a countdown on its own homepage. The Reveal is accordingly in Punctio material rather mau. But at least some features and innovations have been officially confirmed.

F1 22: Reveal teaser for the new F1 game of Codemasters

VR and Rolex in the new Formula 1

In addition to the Bolids of the current Formula 1 season 2022, Hobby-Schumis should also drive on new routes such as the Grand Prix Course in Miami. In addition, it should first be in the series VR support , at least on the PC. Just second is a feature that fans have wished for years for the franchise. The sprint races, which are since 2021 part of the formula 1 sports, should also be mapped in the game. With “Immosphere Broadcast Options” you also advertise with Codemasters, similar to the case of the new F1 manager game. The mode “F1-Life” was also confirmed. This is a mode of action in which the player or the player should be able to unlock clothes, cars and other accessories to get closer to the “Glitz and Glamor” of Formula 1.

Old in a new guise

Well-known modes such as “myteam“, career mode or splits screen mode are also back at the start. Incidentally, those who pre-ordered the “Champions Edition” may play three days earlier and also receives a F1-life starter pack, icons for my team mode and 18,000 pitcoins. To what extent the new regulations of Formula 1 will influence the driving physics and accordingly the gameplay, remains to be seen first. But even in our editors, there are more a desire for revolution, instead of Rolex.

Source: EA

From Simon Hoffmann

First Look at EA's F1 22 Game! THE LEAKS WERE RIGHT! - F1 2022 Announcement
21.04.2022 at 17:34

PlayStation Rumor Claims a popular series is dead

According to a new rumor of PlayStation, a popular PlayStation series is “dead”. Over the years, between PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and now PS5, PlayStation has accumulated a warfare of intellectual property. A large part of this IP has been inactive for many years, while another large part has been frozen lately, since PLAYSTATION has emphasized the creation of new IP during the generation of PS4 and PS5. An example of the latter is zona to kill, which debuted in 2004 through PS2. Among the spin-offs and launches of the main line, the series has seen six different launches, however, there has been nothing since 2013 and if you have to believe in a new rumor, this will not change, at least not in Any time this generation.

On Twitter, filter goes leaks does not say much, but in a broader report on the future of Guerrilla Games, the developer behind the series, the filter says that he “is dead”. If this sounds familiar, it is because there have been rumors of this in the past, and it is not very surprising, considering that Games Guerrilla has moved to Horizonte and considering that the most recent game of the series not only did not fire the world Commercially, it only obtained a 73 in Metacritic, which is low for the standards of PlayStation.

The first-person shooting series began in 2004 and covered PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Playstation 4. At one time, it was announced as PlayStation’s Aureola Killer, but obviously, not only failed to kill aureola, nor He even managed to turn at the same level. As a series, the ps3 era was probably its culminating point.

Said all this, remember that this is just a rumor and, therefore, should be taken with tweezers. None of this is PlayStation and, unfortunately, PlayStation will never comment on this and end up with speculation, since it never comments rumors, especially rumors about the death of one of your IP.

First MW2 Teaser????, PS5 Buying BiG Studio - Xbox UPGRADE, The Last of Us 3, Elden Ring 7th Ending
For more PlayStation coverage, it includes not only the latest news, but also the latest rumors, leaks and speculation, click here or take a look at the most recent and relevant PlayStation holders below:

Dirt 5 Takes off-road new generation consoles and extends nonlinear career mode

The following entry into the saleté the series of off-road races will cross the next generation, with the announcement of saleté 5 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Salete 5 will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Codemasters developer says it extends the narrative career mode of the series for salette 5, adding more car customization options in the delivered editor. Players will also have more freedom to choose their events in Salete 5 Career mode, thanks to its new nonlinear progression. The proposed vehicles will include strollers, trucks, rock emptors and rally cars.

Throughout Salete 5 In career mode, drivers will be able to turn their new wheels in places ranging from large cities like New York and Rio de Janeiro to destinations further in remote areas of China and Greece.

To guide the drivers throughout their career, the prolific Lots Nolan North and Troy Baker will both make part of the distribution of saleté 5. They will serve as mentors to career mode drivers and will also host a game podcast that presents big names from the game and the race among his guests.

In relation: Codemasters pays tribute to Colin McRae in the new DLC Dirt Rally 2.0

With the career mode, salette 5 will also propose a number of multiplayer modes, including shared screen races for up to four runners. Codemasters has not yet revealed the complete list of game modes, but indicates that a new “creativity” mode will be on the list, allowing a social game in local multiplayer and online.

It's Time For Some SERIOUS OFF ROAD RACING in Dirt 5

Even with all the new content coming on Dirt 5, it seems that the developers aim to keep it faithful to its roots. According to Director of Dirt 5 Development, Robert Karp, “This game is our tribute: an off-road experience Dirt greater and amplified in a living, stimulating and fun environment.”

Saleté 5 is scheduled for October 2020 on current and next generation consoles as well as on PC. A Google Stadia version is also in preparation, with a launch provided beginning 2021.

The premiere of the Halo television series premieres online for free

The new aureola The television series has had its first episode released online for free, giving fans a sample of the new. Paramount + Show. The first episode of the series was released last week in Paramount + and had a relatively warm reception by fans. Although some had feelings found about creative elections, as Master Chief revealed his face to the audience, many could see the potential of the series and be open to the program to take a different direction than that of the game. It remains to be seen if that ends up being a good or not, but the aureola the series has been praised by the co-creator of the Marcus Lehto franchise, which is a good sign.

For those who do not have paramount + or they are not sure if they are interested in the aureola series, we have good news. The first episode of the aureola the series has been released for free on YouTube, allowing everyone the opportunity to see the premiere of the series. This comes a week after the first episode, which means that those who enjoy the premiere can subscribe to Paramount + and see the second episode immediately. Before someone starts to theorize that the program has a low performance and this is an act of despair, the premiere of the aureola series set audience records for Paramount +. Paramount has also given green light to a second season of aureola but the launch date or the date of starting production has not been publicly confirmed.

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+
Launching the first episode of a series of online television is not a very rare strategy. Showtime launched the premieres of Dexter: NEW BLOOD and _ BRAILE YOUNTABLE after its broadcast on November 2021. Not only does these new programs further promote, but helps attract more people to subscription services. From now on, it is not clear how many people have seen Aureola in Paramount + and how many will continue to be seen after the premiere. However, Paramount is committed to seeing AUREOLA become a Tquillera series for its subscription service.

Have you seen the first episode of aureola? What do you think about that? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Elex 2: Test overview for the new role-playing game of the Gothic makers

Around the Release of Elex 2, the first tests have gone online to the new role-playing game of Gothic makers from Germany. So that you do not have to dangle you through the review jungle, we will find a small overview of the international reviews and evaluations. The test overview is located on the website Metakritic, which bundles the facs of each portals. The new role-playing game currently settles in the validant field. With currently 16 submitted tests, the PC version of ELEX 2 comes to 67 percent.

ELEX 2 in the test overview

84 percent receives Elex 2 in the test of the Ragequit portal: Testers praise that fans of the games of Piranha bytes get exactly what they want. However, a highly polished AAA-RPG should not be expected. The GameSpace website comes to a similar result and complements that on players quite an equally interesting such as multi-faceted game world waits. Dot deduction is available for performance and graphics problems. Further impressions to the PC version of ELEX 2 read under this link. For the PS5 version, the average rating is currently 72 percent, on Xbox Series X / S at 74 percent.

  • RageQuit – 84 (PC)
  • – 81 (Xbox Series X / S)
  • Gamestar – 80 (PC)
  • Gaming Nexus – 80 (PS5)
  • TwinFinite – 80 (PS5)
  • – ​​78 (PC)
  • GameSpace – 75 (PC)
  • IGN Italia – 73 (PC)
  • PC Games – 70 (PC)
  • CD Action – 65 (PC)
  • – 60 (PC)
  • GOD IS A GEEK – 50 (PC)
  • Gamingbolt – 50 (PS5)
  • Well played – 30 (PC)

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Xbox Series X buy: Now available + Dying Light 2 (PEGI) free

We say where you can now buy an Xbox Series X. There is also the possibility to get Dying Light 2 (At-Pegi) for free. PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

ELEX 2 in the test: Damn, why does nothing be developed?

Elex 2 | REVIEW | Piranha Bytes bleibt sich treu... Leider
Elex 2 is the game that is expected from the Gothic creators. On the one hand, that’s great, on the other hand, you are tapping in all the mistakes of the past.

ELEX 2 in the test: known recipe

Note that the average ratings for ELEX 2 (Buy Now 39.99 €) can still change in the coming days when more reviews go live. Our test for Elex 2 is already online. The title is waiting with the well-known Piranha bytes formula and comes with all the strengths that you know from the role games of the German Studio. “At the same time, however, they also make all the mistakes that you have been doing for years. So if you have a look at the hearty Ruhrpottschnitzel again, will have fun. Who hopes, however, that you have finally improved the recipe, will improve the formulation Denbe disappointed, “writes our Tester Carlo in the review.

From David Martin
02.03.2022 at 12:06

The Boys – Diabolical: Animierte Spin-Off

From Comic to the Live Action Series to Animation Anthology: The Boy’s popularity is growing. No wonder, after all, the bitter bite billing of modern superhero franchises is simply a lot of fun, full of action, shocker and drama. In two seasons we were able to get to know the world of corrupt superheroes in the TV series The Boys – now it’s the Boys: Diabolical again closer to comic. Like the popular Amazon series Invincible, Diabolical also relies on the mix of child-friendly animation and content for adults. The Boys: Diabolic Series appears on March 3, 2022.

How many episodes does The Boys: Diabolical?

Diabolical will include a total of eight consequences that represent all its own stories. It always comes to a change of animation style – comparable therefore with Star Wars: Legends, which also showed an anthology of different stories. In the trailer, such as scenes can be seen, which could come from Invincible, but also picturesque Disney look, definitely the work of Rick & Morty Studios and high-quality anime style.

The Boys: Diabolical - Official Trailer | Prime Video
It is the Boys: Diabolical by the way is not the only spin-off project. There is already information, where another series will lead us to the Boys Universe.

Which known figures are there?

In the original, The Boys: Diabolical also on many prominent speakers – including Michael Cera, Don Cheadle, Christian Slater, Justin Roiland, Kevin Smith and Kenan Thompson. But well-known performers from The Boys like Giancarlo Esposito (Stan Edgar), Antony Starr (Homelander) and Simon Pegg (the father of Hughie), Chace Crawford (The Deep) and Elisabeth Shue.

When will Season 3 appear from The Boys?

Who has not yet enough of The Boys on Amazon, who has to wait a bit, until the wicked crusade continues from Billy The Butcher against Homelander and other superheroes. On June 3, 2022, Season 3 will be published by Amazon Prime. There is also a first picture of a supernatural star, which dapes to the cast. Are you looking at the spin-off? Or are you prefer to wait patiently on the right continuation of The Boys? Track us your impressions to the trailer in the comments!

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