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The Pokemon in the Unova region show up on Pokemon Go later today

More than 3 years back, your Pokémon Go journey began with the initial discovery of Pokémon in the Kanto region. Prepare to fulfill as well as meet brand-new buddies Pokémon offered in Pokémon Black Version as well as Pokémon White Version, showing up in Pokémon Go later today!

Coaches, the Pokémons from the Unova region comepokemon Golater on today. Niantic announced by means of a video clip released on the main YouTube channel of Pokemon Go.

This upgrade will certainly include the functions listed here:

  • Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove, Blitzle and also a lot more, the Pokémon initially uncovered approximately Unova will certainly show up in the wild.
  • Flicker worked a whole lot to stroll and incubate Eggs for his research and also found that the complying with Pokémon had begun to be born of eggs!
  • 2 km eggs: Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Pidove
  • 5 km eggs: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Drilbur, Faongus
  • 10 km eggs: ferrous, klink, litwick, golett, deino
  • After facing dozens of front raids, Candela discovered that Lillipup, Patrat and also Klink would be readily available to challenge raids! Please note, instructors, that Klink has actually not been reported as part of the outdoor raids.
  • After mindful travel and research study, Blanche reports that there are Pokémon that only appear to show up in the wild in particular areas of the globe! Join us to invite them!
  • Asia-Pacific: Pansage, the Pokémon Ape of lawn
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa and also India: Pansear, the High Temperature
  • Americas and Greenland: Panpour, the Pokémon Vaporizer
  • Western hemisphere: Heatmor, the Pokémon Furmiller

  • Hemisphere is: Durant, the Iron Ant Pokémon
  • If you are fortunate, you can satisfy Shiny Patrat as well as Shiny Lillipup!
  • Presentation of Pierre Unova ! This advancing black as well as white item will permit particular Pokémon to develop. Try to use it on a Pokémon as lamp and also see what’s taking place! This short article can be acquired from Research study Innovations.

Even more than three years ago, your Pokémon Go trip started with the initial discovery of Pokémon in the Kanto area. You after that satisfied hundreds of Pokémon experienced for the initial time in the regions of Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, throughout your raids, others as well as battles. It is almost time to continue your trip and also meet Pokémon found in the Unova region! Prepare to satisfy brand-new good friends as well as meet Pokémon provided in Pokémon Black Version as well as Pokémon White Version, appearing in Pokémon Go later on today!


Niantic also revealed that shocks would be to come in the game, because Professor Willow will certainly publish extra updates on his recent explorations.

Attempt to use it on a Pokémon as lamp and see what’s going on!

Pokemon Go: How to get all the Pokemon challenge of the Habitat Selva Cokemon Go Fest 2022

In the Pokémon Go Fest 2022 of Pokémon Go you will not stop capturing Pokémon throughout the day, but there are some in particular that you cannot overlook if you want to carry out the Challenge of Collection Collection Habitat Selva . In this guide we are going to throw a cable to complete this challenge without problems.

How to get all the Pokémon of the Habitat Selva collection challenge

The first thing you should keep in mind is that certain Pokémon of the event will only appear at a few hours in particular. Those of the habitat plain specifically will be available from 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. .

Most of them you will find them walking down the street, but there are some of this group that you can capture them for other methods, so very attentive to the list that you have below so you can do with Turtwig, Slakoth or Karrablast, between others.

For completing the challenge of Habitat Plain Collection you will take an incense, 2,022 star powders and a meeting with Pancham.

Pokémon name






How to capture it



| |



Walking down the street


| |



Walking down the street


| |



  • Walking down the street
  • Completing the field research task increases the power of a Pokémon 7 times


| |

Plant / flying


  • Walking down the street
  • 5 kilometers eggs


| |



Walking down the street


| |



Walking down the street


| |




Walking down the street


| |



Walking down the street


| |

Bug / Veneno


Walking down the street

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Pokemon GO: Loss Kapu-Kime-the 20 ideal counterattacks in the RAID

When can you obtain a hood? Kapu-Kime can be discovered in the Degree 5 Raids in Pokémon Go in the duration from May 10, 2022 to June 1, 2022.

In this RAID guide you will discover the 20 ideal counterattack against Kapu-Kime Inpokémon GO. We at MeinMMO show you the most effective assaulters as well as their respective movetets to make sure that you can rapidly beat the RAID boss.

What is Kapu-Kime for a Pokémon? Kapu-Kime is the client saint of the Alola Island Poni. The legendary Pokémon has no pre-or further advancements as well as belongs to the sorts of water and fairy.

defeat the hood kime in the raid-the 20 finest counterattacks

  1. mega-gengar with a schecker and also mud bomb
  2. mega-bibor with poisoning and mud bomb
  3. Crypto-Raikou with thunder shock and electrical energy
  4. Crypto elevoltek with thunder shock and stream
  5. mega-voltenso with thunder tooth as well as power
  6. Crypto magne zone with a stimulate of triggers as well as streams
  7. Zekrom with billing light beam and stream
  8. mega-bisaflor with tendril and also vegetation statuary
  9. Crypto-Zapdos with thunder shock as well as thunder flash
  10. Crypto-bisaflor with a tendril and plants statue
  11. Crypto-Mewtu with psycho blade and also thunder flash
  12. Zarude with a tendril and also fallen leave hillside
  13. Crypto tangoloss with tendril and leaf hillside
  14. Voltolos (pet spirit shape) with volt change and also thunder flash
  15. Crypto-Schelterrar with razor and plants statue
  16. Crypto-Kokowei with sphere sowing as well as solar ray
  17. mega-ampharos with modification of volt as well as flash cannon
  18. Raikou with thunder shock as well as electrical energy
  19. Crypto-Sarzenia with acid and foliage blade
  20. Roserade with a poisoner and also bush

** The number of trains do you need? However, we suggest that you take one or the various other instructor a lot more with us.

Weak points of Kapu-Kime: Given that Kapu-Kime comes from the kind of water as well as fairy, it has a weak point versus poison, plant and also electrical assaults. In the RAID, you need to mainly depend on these individuals to promptly force the legendary Pokémon into your knees.

Exists Shiny Kapu-Kime? No, the dazzling type of kapu-kime will not have the ability to catch in Pokémon Go for the moment being.

In this RAID guide you will locate the 20 finest counterattack against Kapu-Kime Inpokémon GO. We at MeinMMO show you the finest enemies and their respective movetets so that you can rapidly beat the RAID employer.

What is Kapu-Kime for a Pokémon? Kapu-Kime is the patron saint of the Alola Island Poni.

Explanation of the initial Pokemon of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violeta will have three new initial Pokémon, each of which has potential connections with the Spanish inspirations of the Games. Yesterday, The Pokémon Company officially revealed Sprigatito, Fuacoco and Quaxly, the three initial Pokémon of pokémon scarlet and violet, _ the new open world pokémon game that will come out later this year. While the new region appears in _pokémon scarlet and violeta currently has no name, it is clear that the region is inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, the European region where Portugal and Spain are located. Each of the three Pokémon could also be directly inspired in different parts of Spanish culture, providing even more cultural authenticity to the region.

What are Fuecoco, Sprigatito, and Quaxly Based on? | Gnoggin - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Sprigatito is the grass-type initiator that looks like a cat. The name English of the Pokémon is an acronym for “sprig” and “kitten”, the last of which is the Spanish word for kitten. Sprigatito could also be inspired by the Spanish plant “Hat of Cat”, which has properties similar to the cat grass but with pink flowers. Sprigatito’s eyes are a pink tone similar to the flowers of the cat thyme.

Fuaco is the Fire-type crocodile Pokémon. The name of Sourcoco is a mixture of “fire” and “coconut”, the first word that means fire in Spanish. While many compared Sourcoco with a “apple dragon” (whose description actually coincides with the Pokémon Applin type grass / dragon similar to an apple), it is actually a crocodile with a form similar to a pepper. The peppers are a spicy meal, keeping the subject with its kind of fire, and many wonder if the FuCoco facial marks are an indication of its gradual evolution towards something that looks like a ghost pepper.

Quaxly is the Pokémon duck of water type. The name Quaxly is probably inspired by «Aqua», the Spanish word for Aqua. Quaxly could be inspired by several different real word ducks, including the Eurasian Cerceta (the Cerceta is a blue tone and the Japanese qualification of Quaxly can be translated as «Blue green Pokémon») and the Blue Poil Piquero, although the habitat of That bird is neither near Spain. We will also notice that Quaxly’s “hair” style could not only be inspired by some crested birds, but also in the hairstyle copete. We must also point out that Quaxly’s name could be inspired by Don Quixote, although that seems a little less likely given that his Japanese name Kuwassu does not share phonetic similarities.

We will have to wait a little more to know more about these Pokémon. Pokémon Scarlet and Violeta will be launched at the end of 2022.

The 9 best Christmas gifts 2021 for Pok mon Go

The year is coming to the end and in a few days is already Christmas. We from Mango have summarized you 9 gift ideas, about which not only Pokémon Go players are happy.

What is it? Christmas is approaching from day to day and some people are still looking for matching gifts for their loved ones. The selection is huge and also for small and large coaches of Pokémon Go can be found suitable surprises.

We have put together 9 ideas below, with which you can conjure you a ray in the face for Christmas.

All offers that we imagine in this article, we have provided with so-called affiliate links. If you buy something about it, you support us with a small commission that we get from the respective provider. This has no impact on the price for you.

Credit cards

Anyone who wants to actively participate in Events in Pokémon Go or who wants to buy special items, such as Fern-Raid passes, in the In game shop, who may need to fall back on the right money. To make you’re lovely a pleasure, you can give credit cards for the App Store (Apple) or gift cards for Google Play (Android).

The vouchers for the App Store and Play Store consist of 3 gift cards each, where each card has a value of 10 euros. This credit must then only be deposited by the recipient in the respective App or Play Store via smartphone.

Thus, the next purchase in the game, he can resort to this balance and does not have to go to his own savings. But not only for coaches from Pokémon Go is this gift suitable, because credit is not bound to the game. It can also be used for any other paid purchase via the respective store.


The game principle of Pokémon Go provides for the coach to go outside and discover interesting places. So if you are traveling a lot and plays, it will notice that his smartphone battery makes relatively fast. To do without playing, a Powerbank is suitable as a perfect gift.

With this, the smartphone can easily be loaded on the way and the recipient can also catch a diligent Pokémon during a longer event, such as the upcoming Photo tour in February. In addition, a Powerbank is also an ideal companion for longer excursions.

Intense Slim Powerbank


George to two devices simultaneously with electricity with a capacity of 10,000 mAh. The Powerbank itself is completely charged in just five hours.

€17,99 €19,99

to the shop

The proposed Powerbank has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. This corresponds to about 3 full battery charges of the iPhone 13. Thus, long events in Pokémon Go should not be a problem. In addition, you can load up to two devices with this gadget at the same time.

Pokémon Go +

Another gadget with which you can make your Pokémon Go fans a real pleasure is the Pokémon Go Plus. It can be connected to the game and supports the coach when catching Pokémon or turning to the Preston’s photo plates and arenas.

Bamboo Pokémon Go Plus Connector Bracelet Bluetooth Connection Sensor To Capture Pokémon Doll Pikachu Action Figure Bracelet Set

A very beautiful and incredible classic figure from Pokémon ; Made of high quality PVC, colorful gift box, beautiful and practical

35,00 EUR

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

It can be easily wore by the enclosed bracelet on the wrist or attach to the clothes. Alternatively, it can of course be taken in hand. As soon as it is near a poke stop, it turns it automatically and also monsters are trying to catch on the way. It can be used with both Android and iOS.

With the help of this gadget, the recipient does not have to look at its cell phone at the daily walk and still has the chance to secure one or the other monsters. Especially with cold temperatures, this is available.

Smartphone holder for the bike

Many coaches are not just on foot, but also like to use the bike to quickly come from a Preston to another. The distance traveled is above all important to hatch the eggs.

However, the use of mobile phones during cycling is prohibited in Germany and will be punished with a fine. For this reason, a corresponding smartphone bracket for the bike is available as a suitable Christmas present.

Smartphone mobile phone holder

Media market

Universal mobile phone holder for the bike — works for all smartphones with a width of five to nine centimeters.

€19,49 €25,99

to the shop

Especially the solid seat as well as the easy handling of the proposed holder is praised in the comments.

The hands of the reckons thus remain when driving on the handlebar, the game can be kept in view and the distance traveled is also considered. And even without Pokémon Go are cyclists with a mobile phone holder in road traffic better on the road.

Touchscreen gloves

Especially in winter, the cold temperatures ensure Pokémon Go players for icy fingers. That makes it difficult to play. A suitable gift to help you remedy are touchscreen gloves. With these hands stay warm in the cold season and on top of that, the display can continue to be operated. Thus, trainers can continue to catch a diligent Pokémon in winter.

But also for everyone else these gloves are an ideal gift. Because next to Pokémon Go can also be served every other app. Among other things, it is possible to send messages without having to take off the gloves.

Cookery Gloves Men’s Ladies Light Touchscreen Gloves Elastic Running Gloves Non-slip Bicycle Gloves Winter Gloves Liner Gloves To Camping Hiking Cycling Running Climbing

TAN STC Touchscreen Warm Gloves Men Ladies Winter, Winter Gloves Bicycle Gloves Running Gloves Ski Gloves, Sport Elastic Lightweight Breathable for Motorcycle Camping Hiking Mountaineering

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

Both suggestions convince with a good fit and processing. According to the comments, they also keep warm at cool temperatures very well and the touchscreen can still be used well.

Garments with Pokémon motif

In addition to gloves for the cold season, other garments are also suitable as a perfect Christmas present for small and large Pokémon fans. Especially with motifs of the small monsters, these articles can score points. They are suitable for everyday use and can be worn all year round.

For kids

Pokémon shirt


to the shop

for ladies

Evil Shirt beige


to the shop

Star Wars Crossover

Palette star


to the shop

Pikachu Backside

Baseball cap


to the shop

Embarrassed Pikachu

Baseball cap


to the shop

Cuddly toys and pillows

A gift with which you will probably bring most coaches to the rays are the cute Pokémon plush toys. Whether child or adult, you just can not resist this fluffy monsters.

So who wants to make his sweetheart a pleasure with a small companion, who should rely on one of the sweet plush monsters.

Pokémon T19389 Pokémon Small Plush, Pikachu Plush Figure

Pokémon Pikachu plush; Great: 18 cm; Material: polyester; A perfect gift for a Pokémon fan

24,95 EUR

Selection Pokémon Plush Figures | 20 cm Plush Animal | Stuffed animal | Cuddly toy, Plush: Luanda sitting

Children’s license topic: Pokémon; Children, stuffed animals, cuddly animals, plush figures; Age recommendation from the manufacturer: Suitable for children from 2 years!

29,95 EUR

Selection Pokémon Plush Figures | 20 cm Plush Animal | Stuffed animal | Cuddly toy, Plush: Shaggy dreaming

Children’s license topic: Pokémon; Children, stuffed animals, cuddly animals, plush figures; Age recommendation from the manufacturer: Suitable for children from 2 years!

29,95 EUR

Pokémon 97962 BO36768 plush figure, colorful

Bissau is one of the first and with one of the most popular Pokémon; The Pokémon can be caught, collected and trained by the player.

23.37 EUR

Banzai WT95221

20 cm Pokémon plush toy.; Figure: Evil.; Made of very soft plush.; Collect all Pokémon plush toys from Banzai.

24,99 EUR

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

If you prefer to give away a cuddle cushion with Pokémon motif instead of a small companion, you will also find it. Pikachu, Bissau, Luanda and Shaggy invite them to dream.

Pikachu & Shaggy | Kids Pillow 40 x 40 cm | Pokémon | Throw Pillow

Children’s license topic: Pokémon; Throw Pillow, Cuddle Pillow, Throw Pillow — Motif: Pikachu & Shaggy

17,95 EUR

Starter Team | Kids Pillow 40 x 40 cm | Pokémon | Throw Pillow


Children’s license topic: Pokémon; Turning pillow with the same motif on both sides; Material cover and filling: 100% polyester, size: 40 x 40 cm

17,95 EUR

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

Both the pillows and the plush toys can score with very good reviews. In addition to the sweet appearance, the good quality of the stuffed animals is praised.

Pokémon trading cards

Many Pokémon fans not only play the games like Pokémon Go, but also collect and swap the appropriate collecting cards. One or the other coach is therefore looking forward to the associated booster packs.

Pokémon Sword & Shield — Combat Stile — 4 Boosters — German

22,98 EUR

Pokémon 5 Booster Skating Rule Trading Cards | German | Sword & Shield Cards Series | + Arkero-G 100 Soft Card Sleeves

???? Pokémon 10 Booster Scary rule from the sword & sign series; ???? Per booster 10 random collecting cards

24,90 EUR

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

The proposed articles consist of several booster packs, each containing 10 Pokémon trading cards.

Which gifts are at your loves this year below the Christmas tree? Do you want something about the little monsters? Or do you have other cool gift ideas for coaches from Pokémon Go? Write us your tips and experiences here on Mango in the comments.

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