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No more Heroes III will be published on PlayStation, Xbox and PC in Autumn

Xseed has announced the arrival of No More Heroes III A PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC. These new versions will be published in autumn, even without specific date; They will be accompanied by a special edition, which can be seen on the Tweet that is about these lines.

No More Heroes 3 is No More Switch Exclusive! Coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox, & PC Enhanced!

The Grasshopper Manufacture game premiered in August last year in Nintendo Switch; It was expected that exclusivity will end sooner than late, so confirmation is not surprising.

The jump to new platforms comes, as xseed explains, with “HD graphics and Framerates improved and faster loading times». Beyond the technical, there does not seem to have news about the content, which seems the same as that of the original version, and that proposes us to put ourselves in the travis touchdown skin to climb an intergalactic ranking until winning the right to face ourselves Prince Fu, cosmic sovereign.

It is a frankly deranged game and that surely benefits a lot from the visual push, which will help the wasteful of style not shock with the agents who, unfortunately, were more obvious in Switch. All in all, I personally liked it so much not heroes III that I could not resist to emphasize him between the best of last year; At least one of the most remarkable, I have no doubt. It is “an overwhelmingly poor videogame,” he wrote then, “shabby beyond any possible justification, limited by his technical reality (…) and by his own vulgarity, in which it is recreated and refocked in a stubborn and irritating way.” But what style! I follow:

There is more style and more claw in a minute of no more heroes III that in literally all the other games that can run a switch, together. What video game more infamous. If I could, I would not play another thing in the rest of my life.

It is an incredible experience, in short.

PS5 is updated to improve system performance “

Players who start their consoles PLAYSTATION 5 will discover that there is a new firmware update available. Version 22.01-05.02.00 hGame include been published this same April 13, but does not include any remarcated novelty. It is one of those patches that serve to perform adjustment and optimization tGame includeks that are always accompanied by the same description : “This update of the system software improves the performance of the system”.

At the end of March, Sony Interactive Distributed a much more robust update. Among the new features that were added is possibility of creating or joining open and closed groups from the console. On the other hand, the BGame includee Game and Trophy cards were improved, not to mention the new accessibility features (for example, mono audio with headphones).

more improvements from the most recent update

Sony PS5 System Update FORCIBLY Locking Out TV Settings! Here's Some Partial Fix.
Changes in the BGame includee Game include the possibility that when a member of the group is sharing the screen, the rest can see an icon that says that player is retransmitting live. Now, the player search function And friendship requests are managed from the Friends tab. In addition, it is eGame includeier to reject friend requests, since it hGame include added a specific button for it.

One of the most anticipated and demanded characteristics by the community is compatibility with VRR (variable update frequency). When activating it, it will be possible to improve the performance of the games, although it is necessary to have a television with HDMI 2.1. From Sony confirm that they are working on it, although at the moment they have not shared a date for their arrival.

PS5 is available in two models , the digital and the one that introduces a Blu-ray disc reader. In both cGame includees, it is very complicated to achieve it due to the semiconductor crisis.

PlayStation Rumor Claims a popular series is dead

According to a new rumor of PlayStation, a popular PlayStation series is “dead”. Over the years, between PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 and now PS5, PlayStation has accumulated a warfare of intellectual property. A large part of this IP has been inactive for many years, while another large part has been frozen lately, since PLAYSTATION has emphasized the creation of new IP during the generation of PS4 and PS5. An example of the latter is zona to kill, which debuted in 2004 through PS2. Among the spin-offs and launches of the main line, the series has seen six different launches, however, there has been nothing since 2013 and if you have to believe in a new rumor, this will not change, at least not in Any time this generation.

On Twitter, filter goes leaks does not say much, but in a broader report on the future of Guerrilla Games, the developer behind the series, the filter says that he “is dead”. If this sounds familiar, it is because there have been rumors of this in the past, and it is not very surprising, considering that Games Guerrilla has moved to Horizonte and considering that the most recent game of the series not only did not fire the world Commercially, it only obtained a 73 in Metacritic, which is low for the standards of PlayStation.

The first-person shooting series began in 2004 and covered PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Playstation 4. At one time, it was announced as PlayStation’s Aureola Killer, but obviously, not only failed to kill aureola, nor He even managed to turn at the same level. As a series, the ps3 era was probably its culminating point.

Said all this, remember that this is just a rumor and, therefore, should be taken with tweezers. None of this is PlayStation and, unfortunately, PlayStation will never comment on this and end up with speculation, since it never comments rumors, especially rumors about the death of one of your IP.

First MW2 Teaser????, PS5 Buying BiG Studio - Xbox UPGRADE, The Last of Us 3, Elden Ring 7th Ending
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Horizon Forbidden West DeV reveals why loading times slowed down

The PlayStation 5 has drastically improved the loading times compared to the PlayStation 4. Games as Horizonte forbidden west load significantly faster in the system, but that can cause unforeseen problems for development teams. In an interview with Engadget, Mathijs de Jonge de Guerrilla Games revealed that loading times are so fast in PS5 that did not allow players enough time to read the advice that appeared on the screen. The developer decided to slow down things to give players long enough to read that valuable advice, although there is an option to accelerate it!

«In horizonte zero dawn, we call it fast trip, but I could take perhaps a minute to load,” said Jonge to Engadget. “With the PS5, they are perhaps four or five seconds, it is burned so fast that the players can not even read the suggestions. We had to add a very simple function in which it hangs on the load screen during long enough so you can read at least one track while loading “.

For the players who grew up in the era of the original Playstation, it is quite surprising to see how far the loading times have arrived. In the last 25 years, players went from having enough time to browse the instruction manual, not having enough time to read the tips on the screen! While faster loading times may not be an attractive system for most players, the feature is a very good advantage of next generation hardware. It definitely shows how enhanced the console is with respect to its predecessor. Of course, players who choose the PS5 version of Horizonte forbidden west about the PS4 version can see other ways in which the next generation system is one step forward. The game takes advantage of the visual improvements of the PS5 and offers support for adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. It could be one of the best masterpieces of the system, so far!

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Technical Review | Loading Times, Graphics and FPS Test
Horizonte forbidden west is now available at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

Have you started playing? Horizonte forbidden west? What do you think of the PS5 version so far? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

The PS4 game acclaimed by criticism costs only $ 0.99 for limited time

From now until January 20, PlayStation fanatics can obtain a PS4 game acclaimed by criticism for only $0.99. Unfortunately, for those in PS5, there is no version of PS5 of $0.99 to download, but you can play the game through compatibility with earlier versions. The game in question is a platform puzzle that debuted in 2010 through the Lone Wolf Mike Bit hell. After its launch, the game obtained an 88 in Metacritic and, finally, a nomination to the BAFTA. If you have not yet discovered it, the game is Tomas was, which unlike many games of 2010 is maintained in 2022 thanks to that it does not depend on the graphics or the striking game that does not always get old.

As noted, the game is not available natively on PS5, but the PS4 version can be played not only in PS5, but also in PS3 and PlayStation Vita if you can find the box that contains both in your attic.

«Tomas I was alone, and then, well, I was not, he reads an official launch of the game. «Tomas I was alone is a platform game in minimalist and independent 2D about friendship, jumps, flotation and antigravity. Guide to a group of rectangles through a series of obstacles, using their different skills to reach the end of each environment ».

The official propaganda continues:

Discover the story of the first sensitive ones in the world and how they worked together for, well… ‘escape’ is a strong word. ‘Emerged’ could be better. ‘Emerge’ has an air of importance in this regard, while maintaining a plethora of turns on the plot and stories of origin in secret. We do not even mention the rebound. That would be excessive.

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PS plus in January: Now you can enjoy the new free

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter developed by the Danish studio Ghost Ship Games as well as released by Coffee Stain Publishing. Deep Rock Galactic was released on May 13, 2020, for Microsoft Windows and also Xbox One after 2 years development time.

Now it’s finally time! After the new PS plus games for January 2022 have already been revealed at the end of December, the free games can now be downloaded directly via the PlayStation.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games in January 2022

The new PS plus games are finally ready for download. You can enjoy these three new games this month:

DIRT 5 (PS4 & PS5)
Deep Rock Galactic (PS4 & PS5)

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) January 2022 (PS+)
persona 5 strikers (PS4)

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Also in January 2022 Sony offers no exclusive games for PS5 players — that is likely to be very close to the PS4 users. Because the Next Gen Console of Sony is still in short supply and even a year after the official sales start barely regular commercially available.


PS5’s order: price and availability in the current overview

Gregor Elwood

The upcoming free games in detail

With Dirt 5 there is food for all rally fans. In the races you are on off-road routes, which are playing among other things in Brazil, China and even Norway. You expect many different cars and vehicle classes, a dynamic weather system — and even a 4-player split screen mode is included in the game.

You probably have the significantly better co-op experience but in Deep Rock Galactic. In the ego shooter, it is your task to expose valuable resources of a planet and then reduce. But in the depths of the rock lurking dangerous aliens who want you to the leather. Players can choose between 4 classes, all of which have different equipment and thus have different advantages. Only together will you manage to successfully end your mission.

With persona 5 strikers, the well-known role-playing series hits a completely new path. Because this offshoot is not a classic RPG, but a so-called Musou game, such as Dynasty Warriors. Dozens of opponents suddenly scurry over the screen and just wait to be sent by you with fast combos and fat special skills over the Jordan. Compared to the main parts of the series, although the story and the gameplay falls more lingerer, in our test Persona 5 strikers could still convince us of his strengths.

What is PlayStation Plus — and is that worthwhile?

To play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5. This allows you to use the multiplayer mode and provides you cloud storage for SAVE games and other. In addition, you get special offers in the PlayStation Store, which only get members and finally at least two free games a month.

12 months PlayStation Plus at Amazon View

Does the money cost? Yes, the service costs you in the year 59.99 euros, for three months you pay €24.99 and 8.99 euros for a month. From time to time, the individual subscriptions are also offered reduced.

This is either directly via the PlayStation Store or at Amazon — because you select a PS-Plus card by mail or redeemable code.

PlayStation 5 is easier to develop explains Sony

Making games for complicated material can be a delicate affair. Just ask everyone who tried to get a game that works perfectly about Sega Saturn’s architecture. But it seems that the last console of Sony can become a breeze with regard to coding.

In an interview with Games industry International Jim Ryan, CEO and PlayStation President, explained that many developers and publishers had found that the upcoming PlayStation Console was the simplest platform on which they had worked.

One thing that makes me particularly optimistic about the fact that developers and publishers tell us that the ease with which they can make the code on PlayStation 5 far exceeds any experience gained from another PlayStation platform, Ryan has said.

Although some teams have not been mentioned, it was noted that Sony was trying to get an even more indie presence this year. He wants the PS5 to offer players a variety of games, the smallest to the most AAA.

I Got The Sony PS5 Gaming TV!
In addition, Ryan also explained that he wanted the company to become a more global organization. Part of this decision was made this morning, when Herman Hurst, from Guerrilla Games, was appointed new director of Sony’s Worldwide Studios.

But then he went into the details. The nature of the AAA PlayStation 4 and certainly the development of the PlayStation 5 […] We obviously do not let worldwide Studios create a game for a specific European country, he said. And it could have been the case at the time of the PSP with initials [which was popular in Spain]. I think that’s where Shula Yeshiva’s new task [working with the Indians] will come into play. If We are agile, flexible and global, we can work with smaller developers to meet the specific needs of these countries.

When we look at this transition and the ambition to do things on a ladder and at a rate we have not seen, we have to look at ourselves and make certain changes. Some are in our working methods and others in our organization.

The PlayStation 5 is currently at the exit of Holiday 2020. Let’s hope we will see more closely the console design in the middle of next year.

Horizon Forbidden West Dev Talks Improvements For PS5 Edition Says PS4 Variation Not Jeopardized

Horizon Forbidden West is an approaching activity role-playing video game created by Guerrilla Gamings and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is readied to be released on 18 February 2022 for the PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5. A sequel to Horizon No Dawn (2017 ), it includes an open world in a post-apocalyptic western United States.

One of Sony s following big exclusives is Perspective: Forbidden West, and also currently developer Guerrilla Games has actually shared some new understanding into exactly how the power of the PlayStation 5 will certainly enable a new high watermark for aesthetic fidelity. In a blog post on the PlayStation Blog site, the studio ran via several of the updates for Aloy s personality model as well as the graphics in general on PS5, while likewise vowing that the PS4 version will not be compromised. .

Each generation of consoles brings additional power that allows us include even denser polygons to our personality versions, so we can create finer details such as peach fuzz, smooth contouring, or finer appearance information and also exact products expression, among others, the programmer said.

Beyond the aesthetic elements of the Horizon sequel, the PS5 has actually permitted Guerrilla to raise the variety of skeletal joints on Aloy s face that will certainly consequently allowed her have a lot more face expressions. This will, in theory, cause a whole new level for even more credible and also immersive personality performance, the developer said.

Relating to the PS4 version of Forbidden West, it won t have the ability to look or perform in addition to the PS5 version, yet protagonist musician Bastien Ramisse emphasized that gamers on PS4 will certainly have an just as immersive experience. 2017 s Perspective Absolutely no Dawn really did not max out the capacity of the PS4, as well as Guerrilla will certainly make use of some uncharted resources to assist boost the PS4 edition.

We actually developed as well as tested the video game all at once on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, since it s extremely important to us as a workshop to ensure PlayStation 4 players get a similarly immersive experience, Ramisse said. With our understanding from Perspective No Dawn, we understood that we still had some unexplored resources that can press the realism as well as top quality of our personality possessions forward; it s fantastic to now have the ability to tap into that knowledge as well as experience for the follow up. .

According to Ramisse, one of the most visible differences for Aloy in Forbidden West will certainly get on her face as well as body capture precision. The new modern technology is being made use of to create extra reasonable forms and also surface area information for Aloy as well as others, while there has been a cautious increase of polygon thickness for clothing.

Adhering to a delay, Forbidden West is currently slated to release in February 2022 for PS5 and PS4; it is among the numerous games launching during an enormously busy February 2022.

The video game s preorder situation has actually been somewhat complex, but you can look into West s malfunction of why it s not advisable to buy the PS5 s typical edition.

Horizon Forbidden West details Aloy s changes

West is just one of the 4 principal instructions or factors of the compass. It is the opposite direction from East as well as is the instructions in which the sun collections.

When the horizonte zero dawn continued horizonte west prohibited launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 On February 18, 2022, it will bring with it a recently evolved version of the Aloy protagonist. While that means new equipment and things like that for the character, it is also more fundamental than that, since it will be significantly improved with respect to the original.

Each generation of consoles provides an additional power that allows us to add even dense polygons to our characters models, so that we can create finer details such as peach fluff, soft contours or finest texture details and precise material expression, To name a few, says Bastien Ramisse, main artist of Games guerrilla characters, as part of a new PlayStation blog publication on the next title. And not only the visual aspects benefit from the new Hardware of PlayStation 5, we have also increased the number of skeletal joints to bring our deformations and facial expressions at a completely new level for a more credible and immersive character interpretation. In general, a dream come true for both players and developers .

What is left for Paria converted into heroic machines hunter?

From art design to stories, @ Guerrilla reveals how Aloy is evolving for Horizon Forbidden West:

  • PlayStation (@playstation) September 27, 2021

While the above may seem that it is specifically directed to the PlayStation 5 version of the video game, RAMISSE continues to indicate that the PlayStation 4 version of Horizonte forbidden West will also see significant improvements with respect to the original title, and that will not be committed. In fact, we developed and tested the game simultaneously in both PlayStation 4 and on PlayStation 5, because it is very important for us as a study to ensure that PlayStation 4 players obtain an equally immersive experience, Ramisse added. With our knowledge of Horizon Zero Dawn, we knew that we still had some unexplored resources that could promote realism and the quality of the assets of our characters; It is great to be able to take advantage of that knowledge and experience for the sequel.

As noted above, horizonte forbidden ​​is officially scheduled to launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18, 2022. Despite initially announcing that the PS4 to PS5 update would require a payment, PlayStation finally invested the course of that decision And it will be a free update path. You can check all our previous coverage of the next sequel to the video game here.

What do you think of changes in Aloy in Horizonte West banned ? Are you anxious to play it when it is launch at the beginning of next year? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games.

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