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The best items for creating Live A Live in the background

In the background of the head of Live A Live there are craft mechanics. Players can visit Caveman Crafter to combine objects in powerful equipment and weapons. This is a useful additional moment in the chapter, and it can really be useful.


What objects is best to create in the background of the head of Live A Live?

Players can find the best items for the manufacture of Person and Gori, listed below. In order to avoid spoilers, only these two characters will be listed. To obtain more detailed information about the subjects that you can create, players can visit this guide .


laughing mask * (headdress)-dried skins + animal horn or fang of the beast
Quick spear (main weapon)-stone knife + stick or bone
Armor of a wild heart (part of the body)-dried skins + stone knife
* rude groups (foot-rush)-animal horn + hard rock


Cathedral of animal leather * (headdress)-bone + skin
SHOCHA (a piece of body)-the main item for craft. Gori cannot wear anything else.
rude groups (foot-rush)-animal horn + hard rock

How do you work in the background of the head of Live A Live?

To create objects in the head of the backstory in Live A Live, players need to find cave artisan . He is located in the lower left room in the Bolshoi Corridor near the beginning of the chapter. Players need to leave the starting room and go left. This will lead them to a large room depicted above. Following the red arrow marked in the image above, the players will lead to Crafter.

interested in other useful manuals on Live A Live and want to know more? Check How to create objects in the background of the head of Live A Live? In professional game guidelines!

Outward: Definitely Edition now available

The day has finally come to venture into the wilderness again! Outward: Definitive Edition is now in retail for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

  • Outward: Definitive Edition – 39.99 euros

The “Definitive Edition” by Outward has experienced players rediscover the basic game with the two DLCs “Three Brothers” and “The Soroboreans” and a wealth of new and updated content.

Outward’s magic can also be found in the brand new musical trailer, which is a tribute to all the adventures that can be experienced in Aurai.

For players who are entering the world of Aurai for the first time, the outward: Definitive Edition is a unique opportunity to plunge upside down into all the adventures that the game celebrated by critics have to offer either as a solo experience or in the co-op -Piel with friends.

As an ordinary adventurer, players not only have to hide or defend themselves against threatening creatures, but also defy the dangerous environmental conditions, protect themselves from contagious diseases, ensure sufficient sleep and breastfeed their thirst.

On their journey they will experience unique encounters – and dangerous opponents – while exploring the dungeons and crossing the huge world that lies in front of them.

Check Out: Outward Definitive Edition
They embark on dangerous expeditions through untamed country to reach new cities, accept varied missions and discover hidden dungeons in which it is teeming with fearsome enemies.

To make matters worse, the “corruption” is added – a toxic material that spreads across the country and can best be described as “radioactivity of the soul”. Of course, it occurred in the country, but was concentrated and further spread after the scourge, which also destroyed cities and at the same time created the most dangerous monsters.

These and many other challenges are waiting for all adventurers who venture into the wilderness and cities of the world of Outward.

Recurring players who already have the base game and the three-brothers DLC can redeem a free copy of the definitive edition.

Outward: Definitive Edition contains the base game of Outward as well as the two DLCS DLCs “Drei Brüder” and “The Soroboreans”, together with a wealth of updates, balancing adjustments and some new content.

Outward: Definitive Edition contains:

    • new unique encounters in dungeons
    • new victory scenarios
    • new diseases
      *-Access to hiding in co-op mode
    • improved enchantment and crafting
    • visual optimizations
      -More totem workshops
      -Previously DLC-exclusive spoilage hazards that are distributed over the entire game

FC Bayern – Tactics, Personnel, Team Building: FCB wants to do this on these set screws

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann wants to stay true to himself and his kind in principle, but announces some measures for the coming season that make Bavaria even better – and should relieve it a little.

In the analysis of the non-performance of Mainz, coach Julian Nagelsmann also announced that he would soon re-train his players for other game positions. “I am currently making position profiles that we feed with videos that every player, if he plays in an unusual position next season, can look into the cell phone and see the four or five points in the video that are in demand in terms of position,” said Nagelsmann.

Conversely, this means that players could soon rotate something in their positions and tasks. Whether and how this fits together with the supposedly too frequent changes in the basic formation of the trainer?

How Hansi Flick Turned Bayern München Into The Best Team in Europe

In any case, some players are said to have struggled with the changes in the basic order, preferred to play the usual 4-2-3-1-which in turn has now registered Nagelsmann and wants to consolidate as a “standard” in a somewhat more sensitive season phases.

Final Spurt bankruptcy: Bavarians really distort the competition?

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann wants to better distribute tasks

The trainer himself had to moderate a lot of topics, especially in autumn, the vaccination debate around Joshua Kimmich, the questionable catar engagement of the club and even after the turbulent annual general meeting, it was only Nagelsmann for a few days, who faced the public. In the future, the coach no longer wants to let this and other time eaters.

For daily work on the pitch, this means that his co-trainers Xaver Zembrod and Dino Toppmöller get more responsibility, and are also increasingly taking care of the individual training of the players.

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* FC Bayern: Details about the US tour
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Hasan Salihamidzic called a “team-building measure” the short trip of some players on the party island-there was a lot of criticism. But also in Munich there will be more joint activities within the team. Dinner together, for example, to strengthen the team spirit and cohesion. Coach Nagelsmann has never particularly tasted that the players will quickly leave the arena, especially after the home games very quickly in all winds…

Catherine: Complete body review – Popping the Cork

Originally released in 2011, Catherine became a classic cult because of her quirks and her innovation. Partly visual and partially puzzled, the players fell on Catherine’s heels. With several new additions and improvements, Atlus has published Catherine: Full Body, but will it be a love walk in the past or a painful and forgettable adventure?

Vincent Brooks, a 32 -year -old computer programmer, is in a rut. Feeling obliged to succumb to his girlfriend, Katherine, and to get married, he frequently goes to the Pub Stray Sheep to discuss his problems. This is at this point where we are presented to Catherine, the polar opposite of Vincent’s current girlfriend and after a night of infidelity, things are starting to become uncontrollable.

Fans of the original will be aware of these events, but it is the reissue of Full Body and with this comes a third love interest: enter Qatherine (called Rin). Rin, an amnesiac pianist, lives next to our protagonist and adds a new dynamic to the game. Impressive, its integration into the game is transparent and does not feel nailed to it. Players will now have to explore different love interests which will have a direct impact on the points of the plot affecting which of the 13 possible ends you will discover.

Catherine: Full Body - Inside Gaming Review

During the day, you will converse with a range of characters and respond to the texts. Your answers change your moral indicator and this determines the end you receive. The dialogue and the conversation you have are full of humor and add to the general absurdity of the game. However, the basic gameplay takes place during Vincent’s nightmares. Each evening, you must climb a structure made up of boxes, certain dangerous, others climbing. You must move and handle boxes to create a path to safety, but it is not so simple. On your escape path, the blocks disintegrate, the agitated sheep obstructs and make its way to the tower, break your heels can be one of the many nightmarish beasts.

Although the premise of each level is the same, the game constantly adds new features in order to increase the tower a challenge. As you climb, you will find objects to accompany you. Whether it is energy drinks that increase your jump height, bells that change block or enigmatic parts that can be spent for items in the chapel, Catherine helps you with these thrilling climbs. With four selectable difficulties at any time, you can adapt the experience of Catherine: Full Body to meet your requirements. Players who simply want to explore the story can select the new “security” mode that allows you to completely jump the sections of the puzzle. On the other hand, Atlus added a “remix” mode which introduces new puzzle blocks that make the scale of the tower an exhausting feat.

During my time with the game, I have not encountered any performance problems, whether anchored or portable. The cutscenes are elegant and help tell the story in a engaging way. With its animated art style and its succulent use of color, the game is fantastic on the switch. The eclectic soundtrack accompanies it, ranging from sweet lounge music to remixed classic tracks which contribute to creating the atmosphere at key points.

Due to the accent put by the game on the narration, those who like their first part will probably want to replay the campaign in order to unlock a different end. However, there are other modes to quench your thirst. In the extremely popular multiplayer mode, “Colosseum”, you face a friend or an enemy to reach the summit. Here you can strategically place blocks on your opponent’s path to stifle his route and ensure victory. Do you always want more? The “Babel” mode offers randomly generated structures which can be climbed in cooperation or individually. These offer history extracts and some of the longest and most difficult levels of the game.

I would be wishes not to mention the representation of women in Catherine: Full Body. The game depicts women in a stereotypical way, from the dog harassing to the object of desire, and these elements may not suit the modern player. Although done in a humorous way, the suggestive nature and the characterization of females are something that seems definitively dated. Although the game deals with the consequences of cheating in a relationship, I think it does not do it with maturity. Is it sexist? Gynophobic? Gamophobic? I’m not too sure, but that certainly raises questions with which some players can disagree.

With more than 500 levels at hand, Catherine: Full Body has a richness of content that will entertain veterans and new arrivals for hours. Although the themes and the representation are questionable, the gameplay and the narration are undoubtedly fun, which makes Catherine: Full Body more than a standing stand.



  • Excellent puzzles
  • Beautiful art style

  • Morality counter


The bad

  • Stereotypical characters
  • A single type of puzzle

Words of 5 letters begin on ka – Wordle Help

Despite the fact that verbal games always existed, they seem to have become particularly popular over the past year. One particular game attracted all attention, Wordle . This daily game of words can put the players in a dead end, as they have only six attempts guess word of the day out of five letters .

words starting with ka – list of words

The players have quite a few options for words out of 5 letters, begin on Ka . Those who want to narrow their next assumption can continue reading to find a list of words below.

  • Kabal
  • Caber
  • Cabin
  • Cable
  • Cash
  • Caddy
  • Cadet
  • Cage
  • Frames
  • In a cage
  • Caidzhi.
  • Pyramid
  • Kajun
  • Baked
  • Calls
  • Cheschuchka
  • Camel

Easy Trick to Play #Wordle for 5 Letters. 5 common words for All. 90% Working. Wordle made simpler
* Cameo
* Campo
* Campi.
* Channel
* Candies
* cunning
* Canoe
* Canon
* Song

  • Cant.
  • Capers
  • Postcards
  • cared
  • Guardian
  • Care
  • Cargo
  • Carney
  • Rozhkovy tree
  • Carol.
  • Karambol
  • Carry
  • Cut out
  • Cases
  • Caste

  • Catch
  • Catering
  • Evil
  • Stick
  • Cause
  • Kavil

All these words were tested in the game to make sure that Wordle accepts them. To play the game, players must come up with a word, enter it and press Login Make an attempt. If we missed some word or you noticed that some word does not suit you, let us know about it in the comments. Also, feel free to share your Wordle account below!

Are you still stuck after using this list? If so, we have an answer for you! Go to all Wordle’s answers in 2022 (updated daily) in professional game manuals.

Premier League: Westwood is difficult – against

Ashley Westwood from FC Burnley has hurt the ankle at 1: 1 against West Ham United. Still in the square cried counter and players due to the shock.

The midfielder had gone with a supposedly harmless duel with Nikola Vlasic. Then the players were in panic in panic, because suddenly paramedics hurried to the square.

Westwoood was placed among other things an oxygen mask. Both the West Ham and the Burnley players fought with tears. Tomas Soucek comforted his teammate Vlasic after his foul.

The 32-year-old was finally brought to the hospital after a minute’s treatment. How Burnley announced, Westwood’s circumstances appropriate. In the next few days he will be examined by a specialist.

What happened to ASH was not nice to look at and affected the other players,” said Burnely-Interimtrainer Mike Jackson after the game. The former Wolfsburger Wout Wirehorst Burnley had taken to the lead, Soucek made for the compensation.

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Ashley Westwood horrific injury against West Ham

Burnley continues to rank in the table cellar, currently standing on the 18th place. Only last Friday the club had separated from his long-standing coach Sean Dyche. West Ham is meanwhile seventh. In the Europa League, the hammer is also in the semifinals, where the club meets Eintracht Frankfurt.

Margits shackles – how to get them in Elden Ring

The greedy subject of players fighting with Margit, The FELL OMEN can only be purchased from Patches. It will cost 5000 runes, and it can be used twice during the battle with the boss, and it is limited to the first phase of combat. First of all, to gain access to the subject, the players will need to enter into battle with the invader named Bloody Finger Neriyus before investigating the area.

where to find patches

On the way to the cave of dark water Players will probably be attacked by Bloody Finger Nerius . Also, they will help an additional challenge Hunter behind the bloody fingers of Yura in the direction where the player came from. Running back to the bridge to meet with Yura to fight with Nheryus, is an easy way to very quickly turn the battle two against 1. Yuru can again be found at the end of the ravine.

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Elden Ring - Margit the Fell Omen Guide Made Simple (shackles, rogier, Castleward tunnel, Limegrave)

inside the cave Mercvoter , the patch is to the right of the cave. Interaction with the chest will make it appear that it will provoke the fight from which he will surrender. When players Spare patches And forgive him, he will offer to sell them if they return. Just leave the cave and return, and the patch will have several delicacies for sale, including margitan shackles .

Advanced Elden Ring Guides, see how to defeat Troll-Kamenokop in Elden Ring? in professional guidelines for the game.

Horizon Forbidden West DeV reveals why loading times slowed down

The PlayStation 5 has drastically improved the loading times compared to the PlayStation 4. Games as Horizonte forbidden west load significantly faster in the system, but that can cause unforeseen problems for development teams. In an interview with Engadget, Mathijs de Jonge de Guerrilla Games revealed that loading times are so fast in PS5 that did not allow players enough time to read the advice that appeared on the screen. The developer decided to slow down things to give players long enough to read that valuable advice, although there is an option to accelerate it!

«In horizonte zero dawn, we call it fast trip, but I could take perhaps a minute to load,” said Jonge to Engadget. “With the PS5, they are perhaps four or five seconds, it is burned so fast that the players can not even read the suggestions. We had to add a very simple function in which it hangs on the load screen during long enough so you can read at least one track while loading “.

For the players who grew up in the era of the original Playstation, it is quite surprising to see how far the loading times have arrived. In the last 25 years, players went from having enough time to browse the instruction manual, not having enough time to read the tips on the screen! While faster loading times may not be an attractive system for most players, the feature is a very good advantage of next generation hardware. It definitely shows how enhanced the console is with respect to its predecessor. Of course, players who choose the PS5 version of Horizonte forbidden west about the PS4 version can see other ways in which the next generation system is one step forward. The game takes advantage of the visual improvements of the PS5 and offers support for adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. It could be one of the best masterpieces of the system, so far!

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Technical Review | Loading Times, Graphics and FPS Test
Horizonte forbidden west is now available at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Readers can check all our previous game coverage here.

Have you started playing? Horizonte forbidden west? What do you think of the PS5 version so far? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

FFXIV endwalker will forgive what other MMOs get a shitstorm

For two weeks, the content of the Add-on’s End Walker of Final Fantasy XIV is accessible to players, but not playable for all. Long queues when logging in and server error, fans missed the fun of end-wobblers and presses the mood. But a real shit storm remains out.

The situation shortly:

Since mid-2021, FFI has been experiencing a strong increase in new players. The MMORPG received a lot of attention from large Wow streamers and YouTubers like Mongol, Cellular or Preach, which made a medial boom in summer.
At that time, queues in the login formed, and server problems were evident. The developers were even forced to close a whole data center with 8 servers for new characters because the servers were crowded.
The problems were worse for the launch of the new Add-on End walker. Queues went into the thousands and players were plagued by Login Errors 2002 and 4004, which they have thrown back to the end of the snake. Creation of new characters is quasi impossible.
With MMORPGs such as New World or Outriders, such server problems made in the past for large shit storms. The forums and social media were crowded with complaints and negative comments about the state of the servers.

For FFI, however, this is limited. While there are various complaint threads and posts from broken subscriptions in the forums, the discussions remain relatively civil. Part of the users praise the FFI even how they handle the difficult situation.

I had to cancel the subscription because I have a job.

This happens in the forums: Since the Early Access of End Walker on 3 December there is a two-column mood in the FFI community. On the one hand, many fans celebrate the add-on for his story and the new boss fights. It is so popular that it belongs to the best rated games on Metacritic 2021.

On the other hand, there has been extremely long queues for 1.5 weeks in the login, which dismissed the mood of the players.

Anyone who comes back from work in the evening and wants to gamble a round of actively, must first spend several hours in the snake, which sometimes exceeds 6,000 players. And it is not guaranteed that in the end you come into play, because Errors 2002 and 4004 ensure that the players must fly out of the snake and re-start.

Accordingly, a whole series of complaints about the server problems can be found in the official forums and on Reddit. Part of the players expresses their displeasure about the long snakes and that they can not play when they want or have time.

[…] If I can not play the game if I have time for it, then I have no choice as to snubbing. Maybe when the Rush is over, I will be able to play further. It’s very sad. […]

Lanierrida in the official forums

The discussions in such threads are above all about which it is credible that all current problems associated with the lack of semiconductors are related and that FFI team has difficulty obtaining new servers.

What the developers say? In a statement before the release of End Walker, the director Naomi Yeshiva announced that there are problems and that the problems are the lack of semiconductors. You do not come to enough hardware ran, even if you offer the supplier more money, so Yeshiva.

The semiconductor scarcity is a problem that goes beyond the boundaries of the gaming industry. Not only large corporations like Sony and Microsoft have problems with it, but also automakers who had to reduce their production, or other industries.

Part of the users in the forums doubt the credibility of this justification. The argument here is that Square Enix is ​​a billion company, which has decided to save on the servers and now has to fight with the consequences.

[…] The fame in your Game has been terrible since the Early Access of End walker, and I am suffering now. You have to plan throughout the day, so you can at least play a bit. […] The lack of semiconductors is not an apology that you can not fix the errors as long. […]


It’s not a problem that you can solve by creating it with money. They are ready to spend more money than they originally planned to get new servers. Square Enix is ​​not a manufacturer of semiconductors, and they do not produce any server parts. That’s why you need to buy some. And the current waiting time is 52 to 70 weeks according to alternative sources. This is due to the global scarcity […]


On the other hand, another part of the players defends the developer team of FFI. They argue that the sudden hype was unpredictable around the MMORPG. Square could not have been able to prepare because they could not know that the rush would be as much greater than expected.

appeasements outweigh the complaints

That’s how it was with other games: While the mood is in the FFI community on bubbling, there was no right shit storm, as you can normally know multiplayer games from Launches others.

New World has big problems with multiple server crashes and emergency expectations that triggered large complaints
Diablo 2 Resurrected had problems several weeks after the launch and received a lot of stress from the players
Anthem was tattered to release because the infinite load screen for login problems caused
Also Outriders had a Launch server problems and harvested a backlash

Compared to the angry reactions with other MMOs and multiplayer games, there is a very mild mood around FFI.

This is the case with FFI : In the complaint threads is often called to stay calm and keep cool head. The dissatisfied players are advised to put their subscription on the ice until the situation has calmed down, so they will not pay for an unsatisfactory service.

You do not get the performance for which you spend your money. So it’s okay if you leave the game. And a vote with the wallet is well known, so the users.

Honestly, if you have problems, then end your subscription for two months until things have calmed down. The game is good, it’s easy in a situation that does not like anyone and some problems can not be easily solved until SE gets new hardware.


Even the largest complaint thread on Reddit with an up vote number of over 7,700 began with the words Love SE, you can do not worry about the queues?. An extremely polite request, taking into account which handling tone normally prevails in such situations. Reddit is often the first place where a Shit storm collapses.

Especially the latest post to the server status has received a lot of popularity and positive reactions. In it, director Yeshiva announces that the players will receive free game time as compensation for another 14 days. Together with the already gifted 7 days there are a total of 3 weeks of playing time, which have been given away since the Early Access of End walker.

Suspension of sales is the madness. It is hard to believe that a company would only think about it.

Anime9102 on Reddit

On Reddit, many players memes post that they exaggerated it with the application of the MMORPG. Several posts talk about how to stop the critics celebrated MMORPG with the free test version to Level 60 to apply.

Also, on social media prevails comparatively rest. The Twitter post to the server problems received almost 6,000 up votes, while the comments are predominantly positive or jokes that FFI and Yeshiva suffer from their own success.

Communication and a little heart as a key to success

Therefore, there is no shit storm: One of the reasons why no Shit storm is currently raging in the forums of FFI is that the team has actively communicated the problems for a long time before the actual launch of the add. Yeshiva explained exactly what problems there will be what they are and how the team plan is against them.

This transparency and above all continuous presence of updates, which informed the players about the current state of the work, have shaped expectation of a large part of the community. The players knew exactly what they had to adjust.

Accordingly, the negative reactions to the server problems were there and were also expressed loud, but they were intercepted by the temperate part of the community. In the forums and on social media you can always see how to get used to angry players, that they should breathe deeply.

Another reason is that the FFI team has built much good will in its community over the years since the reboot of FFI 1.0.

This is on the one hand again on the clear communication. Whenever it came to problems in the past, Yeshiva reported speaking of it and explained transparent why the team met one or the other decision.
On the other hand, the FFI often went to the wishes of the community. For example, the Jobs Samurai, Roomier and Dancers were added to new add-ons because they were greatly desired. Also, the introduction of male Vienna as a playable sex was celebrated very much.

The current server problems are added that 21 days of free playing are a lot and be recorded by many players as a generous gift and right action.

In addition, many FFI players are well assumed that developers are very sincerely behavior in their appearances in interviews or on the FAN festivals.

The Writer of the Story of Shadow Bringers and End walker, Katsuki Ashikaga, broke out in tears when they received a thick applause of the spectators during the Pax West.
The composer of FFI, Masayoshi Spoken, brought the community to cry and received thousands of love cessation as he spoke on the stage of the digital female festival 2021 about his cancer.
The Director Yeshiva itself was praised by both FFI players and many people from the WOW community for the interview with Mongol to inquire about the health of his mother.
The Localization Lead Michael Christopher KOI Fox has gained great popularity during the 1.0 version, because he communicated in the forums openly with the players and betrayed them small lore secrets.

On the one hand, there is a relationship of trust that the developers give a lot of trouble looking for solutions. And on the other hand, there is a certain personal sympathy compared to individual persons from the developer team that promotes a basic positive mood.

This is how it works: In his latest post to the server status Yeshiva confirmed that the schedule for patch releases is stopped despite the problems.

Thus, on December 21, the patch 6.01 will appear, which brings the normal mode of the new RAIDS Pandemonium. Players are likely to get 4 boss farms to get new equipment and increase their Item Level.

On January 4, the epic version of the Raids, several new equipment sets, recipes for Crater and the Fun Dungeon Exploration.

At the same time, a new Date Center and new servers work for all regions. Especially Europe and North America should receive particularly extensive additions.

When these supplements will come, Yeshiva did not communicate. We hope to be able to submit a kind of roadmap to the end of January 2022, says the director.

And how does it look like? How is your mood and mood of people in your guilds? Are you annoyed and angry? Or do you call up to rest? Writes us in the comments on how to see the server problems of FFI.

Plays Final Fantasy XIV if you want to do something good

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