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Witcher 3 improbable crossing in the DLC Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina has actually gone across numerous franchise business that match it. I imply, The Witcher is an effective franchise, The Witcher 3 is thought about to be the ideal video games in recent background, and the series The Witcher Netflix will be released extremely quickly, yet why? It seems truly hard to justify having this DLC Daemon X Machina.

I imply, The Witcher is an effective franchise, The Witcher 3 is considered to be the best games in recent history, and also the series The Witcher Netflix will be released very quickly, however why? Now that my condemnations are away, followers of Daemon X Machina can download this DLC and redefine their pilot under the name of Geralt or a siri terribly spelled. The shaded Appearance The cells of Daemon X Machina does not take away from the experience of playing with the 2 personalities of Witcher, at the very least no more than the nature of the game.

Since my condemnations are away, fans of Daemon X Machina can download this DLC and also redefine their pilot as Geralt or a siri severely meant. Apparently you can become the aid of the apple iphone that nobody utilizes. The models of Geralt and also Siri are rather attractive. The shaded Appearance The cells of Daemon X Machina does not diminish the experience of having fun with the 2 personalities of Witcher, a minimum of no greater than the nature of the game.

What do you think about this crossover? Let us know in the remarks listed below.

You can see Henry Cavill in the duty of Geralt of Rivia as well as Freya Allen in the role of Princess Ciri in The Witcher de Netflix, December 20. Daemon X Machina is currently offered on the Nintendo button.

Started distribution with cute jump action Point Point Netflix. Netflixs first Japanese production game by Downwell developers

On June 11, Netflix announced the jump action game Poinpy by Downwell developers and started distribution. It is distributed through the Netflix app for iOS/Android. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you can play for free.

Point Point is a jump action game. When the player operates the screen of the smartphone, a cute mysterious creature jumps. Utilizing scaffolds and reflections, the vertical screen will be raised. On the way, monsters appear, collect fruit and heal the thirst of monsters. It is a simple content that repeats rising and collecting fruits.

The basics of operation are the form of dragging the screen. In addition, it is possible to descend by tapping during the jumping. Use these actions to collect fruits while stepping on enemies and objects. Then, at the same time as landing, the juice is completed. There are several types of fruits on the stage, and monsters specify the type. If you cannot clear the request within the time limit, you will be burned by the monster.

At first it was simple, but the difficulty gradually increased. There are changes such as the number and types of fruits required, and the stage becomes stricter. On the other hand, you can get items that can be equipped by repeated capture. Combining functions such as the flight time increases and the fruit is sucked when you step on the enemy, you can customize the play experience in an advantageous way. In addition, the game speed can be adjusted by the option, and if the speed is slowed, the difficulty level becomes gentle. It is an attentive to enjoy players with a wide range of skills.


This work is handled by Mr. Mojiro, Moppen, a developer who developed the highly evaluated fall action Downwell. The high level of difficulty in Downwell and the sense of play, which is important to step on enemies and objects, is also common in Point Points. On the other hand, Point Point is a cute and pop world view with a consistent design. The creator Error403, who worked on illustrations and animation production, was in charge of artwork. The cute and strange world view he draws seems to be reflected in this work.

While Netflix is developing mainly video content, he has recently been active in the development of the game business. One week special program Netflix Geeked Week, which introduces Netflix distribution content, also held a game day featuring game-related topics. This work Point Point was also introduced in that. In addition, some titles distributed for PCs and consoles, such as Raji: An Ancient Epic and Spiritfarer, will be distributed on Netflix. We will continue to actively promote the development in the game field.

Point Point is currently being distributed for iOS/Android through the Netflix app. If you have subscribed to Netflix, you can download and play immediately.

Netflix: New films and series in February 2022

Only recently we reported a preview of the program at Netflix in February 2022, now follows the full list . In the overview placed below this message, we have all the series and films ready to start in the new month at the streaming provider. Note that Netflix mainly communicates the originals and only a selection provided by the license titles. February highlights count the spin-off Vikings: Valhalla . In the successor of Vikings, a new generation of daring warriors is growing 100 years later, which improves their own fate and write history. The start takes place on February 25th.

New film and serial highlights


Already on February 11, the Dram aerie Inventing Anna starts. In the miniseries, a journalist examines how Anna Delta convinced the New York High Society that she is a rich German heir. Film fans switch, among other things, the privilege – the chosen in. Here, the 18-year-old Finn of nightmares and demons is chased. What his family Sabbaths as a psychotic consequence of a childhood trauma is more and more real for him. Whether he can ventilate the terrible secret behind the inconspicuous façade of his family, you will learn from the 9th of February.

Among the new license titles at Netflix in February 2022 include Rick & Morty Season 5, Jackass 3 and Top Gun. All other restarts you will find below. Most recently, we reported on price increases in Netflix in the US and Canada.

Netflix: New Series in February 2022

  • The Apprentice: One Championship Edition – 1.2.22
  • Raising Dion: Season 2 – 1.2.22
  • Dark passion: Season 2 – 2.2.22
  • Turberville – 3.2.22
  • Looking for OLA – 3.2.22
  • Sweet Magnolia: Season 2 – 4.2.22
  • Only Jokes Allowed – 9.2.22
  • Ideas à Veda – 9.2.22
  • Until that life leaves us – 10.2.22
  • Inventing Anna – 11.2.22
  • Toy Boy: Season 2 – 11.2.22
  • Loyalty – 14.2.22
  • Fishbowl Wives – 14.2.22
  • Swap shop: Season 2 – 16.2.22
  • The young Hollander: in the shadow of death – 17.2.22
  • Space Force: Season 2 – 18.2.22
  • Cat Burglar – 22.2.22
  • Merlin. Spear Aide – 25.2.22
  • Vikings: Valhalla – 25.2.22
  • Again 15 – 25.2.22
  • Love makes blind: Season 2 – 11.2.22, 18.2.22, 25.2.22
  • Love makes blind: Japan – 8.2.22, 15.2.22, 22.2.22
  • Love, Life & Everything in Between – Soon available
  • Juvenile Justice – Soon available

Netflix: New films in February 2022

  • My best friend Anne Frank – 1.2.22
  • Louis Lap eta – 4.2.22
  • Through My Window – I only see you – 4.2.22
  • Child of Damiani Month – 8.2.22
  • The privilege – the chosen – 9.2.22
  • Into the wind – 10.2.22
  • Love Tactics – 11.2.22
  • Love and Leashes – 11.2.22
  • Anne +: The film – 11.2.22
  • How Jodie is about to go out 2 – 11.2.22
  • Big bug – 11.2.22
  • ERA – 17.2.22
  • Heart Shot – 17.2.22
  • Forgive us our guilt – 17.2.22
  • Fistful of Vengeance – 17.2.22
  • Rabbis Invasion Special: Mission to MARS – 18.2.22
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 18.2.22
  • Do not kill me – 20.2.22
  • Tyler Perry’s A Made Homecoming – 25.2.22
  • Sans Refit – Rules – 25.2.22
  • UFO – 26.2.22
  • My wonderful life – 28.2.22

Netflix: Comedy Specials

  • Ms. Pat: You all Want to Hear Something Crazy? – 8.2.22
  • Only Jokes Allowed – 9.2.22
  • Mo Gilligan: There’s Mo To Life – 17.2.22

Netflix: New Document in February 2022

  • The Tinder Daughter – 2.2.22
  • MELTWATER: Season 10 – Part 2 – 2.2.22
  • Catching Killers: Season 2 – 2.9.2022
  • Been Yuks: A Kanye Trilogy – 16.2.2022 (weekly new episodes)
  • Crash: The case against Boeing – 18.2.22
  • Race: Bubba Wallace – 22.2.22
  • The worst roommate of all time – 23.2.22

Netflix: Kids & Family

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 4 – 1.2.22
  • Kid Cosmic: Season 3 – 3.2.22
  • Ridley Jones: Season 3 – 15.2.22
  • Secrets of Summer – 16.2.22
  • The Cup head Show! – 18.2.22
  • Karma’s World of Music Videos – 24.2.22

Selection of license titles in February

  • HELP, I Shrunk My Parents – 1.2.22
  • TOP GUN – 1.2.22
  • Jackass 3 – 1.2.22
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 7 – 6.2.22
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 13.2.22
  • Keeping up with the Kardashians: Season 9 – 17.2.22
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Season 10 – 17.2.22
  • Rick and Morty: Season 5 – 23.2.22

The visual effects breakdown of The Witcher season 2 published by Netflix

Now that the Netflix season 2 The Bruno is in nature, the transmission platform has not lost time in promoting the new season with the launch of eliminated scenes, interviews behind the scene and more. Some of these things are more impressive than others, and one of the most impressive so far has been the comparison of the work of the visual effects team at The Bruno Season 2.

The newly published visual effects breakdown shows how the teams that worked in the season compiled raw footage along with their own creations to improvise the appearance of sites like Keyed Moorhen, the battle with the Basilisks and more. «COVID-19 brought so many challenges to shoot [ The Witcher ] — which is where our visual effects team took over, led by the incredible [Dad Carson], The Bruno La Showrunner Lauren S. Historic shared on Twitter. You can check the Hiss rich note about the visual effects work, as well as the video in question below:

In case somehow you missed it, Netflix previously announced The Bruno Season 3, as well as some kind of show for children and families. The first season of eight episodes of Netflix The Bruno is now available at Netflix, as well as in the second season of eight episodes as of December 17. Having the Bruno, a special documentary, is also available to transmit in Netflix. The first season of The Witcher: A look inside the episodes is also, Adman available to transmit on the platform now. And finally, but not least, the anime movie. The Witcher: Lobe’s nightmare is now also available.

Lauren S. Hiss rich serves as Showrunner at The Bruno. She is starring Henry Cavils as Gerald de Rivia, Anya Charlotte as Jennifer, Freya Allan as Cirri and Joey Data as Easier. The new cast members of season 2 include Kim Bosnia ( mate to Eva ) as Semi, Yaren Tour ( Allende young ) as Coin, Agnes Bjorn as Verbena, Paul Bullion ( Peaky Blinders ) as Lambert, Basil Eisenberg as Asked, Aisha FABIENNE ROSS ( The Danish Girl ) as Lydia, Bristol Hindu ( Game of Thrones ) as Levelled and Media Simon as Francesca, among others. You can check all our previous Netflix coverage The Bruno right here.

Are you excited about the recent Netflix season? The Wizard ? What did you think of the work of visual effects in the episodes? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to the games.

Arcane the Netflix animation series on League of Legends premieres its final trailer to days for its premiere

Netflix continues to put your head in the world of video games. The company has already passed the barrier by buying even development studies, but its responsible know that, at an audiovisual level, there are a multitude of interesting franchises and many possible projects that would attract a good handful of fans. That is why this December arrives the second season of The Witcher, but long before, in need of only a few days, we will have another very expected series.

We talk about Arcane, the League of Legends animation series, which is released by this November 7 on the platform and that it already has a final trailer, that you can see about these lines. Every legend has a beginning, they say from Netflix. From the creators of League of Legends arrive arcane, a new series of animation that explores the origins of two legendary champions and a city on the verge of war.

Arcane: Final Trailer
Jinx and VI are the main faces of this expansion of the universe of the famous Moba of Riot Games, and both them and champions and Viktor or Jaycee have a very concrete and striking digital finish. It is responsible for Fortiche Productions, a study settled in France that has already been engaged in some audiovisual LOL projects previously.

As we say, this Sunday we will have available the first act in Netflix Spain, although the progress lets us know the date of the subsequent ones: The second act we will have it on November 13 and the third act on the 20 of the same month. In addition, days ago we knew that we can see the first episode of ARCANE free on Twitch, through the direct streamers distributed all over the world.

trailer in Spanish

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