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Beiersdorfer becomes managing director sport at FC Ingolstadt

Beiersdorf becomes managing director of sports and communication with the Scanner. This reports the Upper Bavaria on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, the ex-national player who was active for the Hamburg SV and Welder Bremen for many years is presented as part of a press conference. As a manager and sports director, Beiersdorf also worked for HSV, but also for the RB Group and at Zenith St. Petersburg.

Impulse in our current situation

FCI.TV: Neuer Geschäftsführer Sport & Kommunikation: Vorstellung von Dietmar Beiersdorfer
Karl Meier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, said about the prominent reconciliation at the second division tutor: With Dietmar Beiersdorf we were able to win an experienced specialist for the FCI, which will be an absolute identifier inwards and outward. In the long term, we want to with him a stable sustainability with him Obtaining annual view of the sporting area, but in his person, we also see an important new impulse in our current sporting situation in its person.

The CEO Peter Jacket sees in the Personalize Beiersdorf the best possible decision for this key position and our association. The France is with his Vita and his know-how exactly the right man.

Beiersdorf wants to shape intensely

Beiersdorf himself wants the future of the FCI now with much commitment and enthusiasm intensively shape: We are in a very challenging situation that we want to turn into positive with cohesion and next to the square. It applies to all efforts Motivation and courage to bundle — we are aiming for ahead.

The FC Ingolstadt occupies after 13 match days with only five points in the account the 18th and last place in the table in the 2nd league.

SPVGG Greuther F rth honors fate

Trainer Stefan Leitl gathered the disappointed Fürther professionals in the Central Circle and talked well, managing director Rachid Azzouzi made his anger with referee Christian Dingert air. The SPVGG Greuther Fürth did not play long at the 1: 4 (1: 0) at RB Leipzig for a long time – and yet at the end of all expenses of the newcomer was in vain.

Azzouzi was especially hounded with the preliminary torque moment in the 52nd minute. Leipzig s Yussuf Poulsen and Fürth Marco Meyerhöfer stopped each other, ultimately the Dane fell in the penalty area and Emil Forsberg turned the penalty to the 1: 2. What s up with the first contact? I thought the first contact is crucial. That s not a penalty, Azzouzi screamed at Sky.

Officiating 101 - Pregame positioning - NFHS 2 Person Mechanic

The game was shot, though Fürth had gone the first passage certain and even by captain Branimir Hrgota (45th, foul foulmeter). And so the francs are not only continued with only one counter and eight defeats from nine. At the same time, the appearance in Leipzig marked the seventh bankruptcy in a row – a negative record in the Fürther professional history.

Leitl still tried to highlight the positive things. The coach had a really good game by his team at halftime. But we knew that this performance will cause something to do with the Leipzigen, says Leitl. Poulsen (46.) and Forsberg tilted the game within eight minutes, marriage Dominik Szoboszlai (65.) and Hugo Novoa (88.) manufactured the final score. In the sum, the 4: 1 may be a bit too high, said Leitl.

Below Bundesligastart Christian Seifert appeals to self responsibility

Christian Seifert, Managing Director of DFL, has once again confidentially talked to the professionals and clubs before the start of the new Bundesliga season. With a view to the Corona Pandemic, Seifert appealed in a circular, from which the kicker quotes on Monday, again to the personal responsibility of all responsible persons to endanger the league.

“Everyone is free to do not vaccinate – then the obligation must be associated with the obligation to ensure that you do not infect themselves with the coronavirus as possible,” says it loud Kicker in writing.

It should, so farth, “lie in the common interest, not to endanger the performance of the clubs as an employer and (…) negative influence on the sporting competition in the sense of the solidarity community.”

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In this regard, the DFL boss “mainly within your club continues to seek intensive dialogue in particular with your players, whether and how to deal with the pandemic challenges”.

Hertha BSC Fredi Bobic plans no transfer despite fresh windhorst millions

In professional football, a transfer is the activity taken whenever a gamer under agreement moves between clubs. It describes the transferring of a player’s enrollment from one association football club to another. In basic, the players can only be moved during a transfer window as well as according to the regulations set by a controling body. Usually some kind of compensation is paid for the gamer’s rights, which is called a transfer cost. When a gamer relocates from one club to an additional, their old contract is terminated as well as they discuss a brand-new one with the club they are transferring to, unlike in American, Canadian as well as Australian sports, where teams essentially trade existing gamer contracts. In many cases, however, transfers can work in a comparable manner to gamer professions, as teams can provide one more player on their team as part of the payment in the type of swap offers.
According to FIFA, from January to September 2018 there were 15,049 worldwide transfers of male players with charges amounting to US$ 7.1 billion, and 577 worldwide transfers of female gamers for US$ 493,235.

Sports Managing Director Fredi Bobic from the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC does not plan a major attack on the transfer market despite the recent million payment from Investor Lars Windhorst. We will use the money smart in the club, but from this money hardly something will flow into newcomers, said Bobic the Sport picture.

The last year was financially brutal, so the 49-year-old: The losses lie in the middle double-digit million area. Windhorst’s investment would of course help the club, we are very happy about them, says Bobic.

But: Everyone should come away from believing that there are 60 million that can be spent for players. The taking losses through Corona are enormous. You always have to think of the whole thing to the club as a whole. All desires from us We will become more reasonable in football. We do that. The times for risk are just over.

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The Berliners had confirmed the receipt of the last agreed tranche of 30 million euros on Tuesday. In 2019, Windhorst and his Tennor Group first acquired 49.9 percent of the outline Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGaA and proclaimed in the previous year to increase the shares to 66.6 percent. For this purpose, a total of around 375 million euros finished.

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