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Where to find a rose pile in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact is a world full of colors, such as lotuses, Padisars and Viparia, and these are only some of them. The rose to the pile is another flower that, fortunately, does not require you to be an experienced forest observer, such as Tignari, to find it. If you still have difficulties, read on to find out how to find this purple beauty.

Где найти розу Сумеру в Genshin Impact

Almost everywhere, wherever you go to the pile, you can find a rose to a pile. The most important thing that you need to understand is that, as Tignari says (rather roundabout way), rose is not a traditional rose to a pile. This is a purple flower from a completely different classification, so do not let it deceive you. It is also important to note one place where you will not find this flower is in the city of a pile.


Also, several aranars are scattered in the pile, which will give you this flower as a reward for help.

Для чего используется роза Сумеру в Genshin Impact?

A bunch of everything. The rose is a pile-this is an ingredient used both in craft recipes and in cooking. This is necessary for Dendro potion, bait for sugar dew and dishes, including fish roll from lambada and Padisar Puding .

Looking for other Sumerian plants? Find out where to get Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact, where to get Padisarah at Genshin Impact and where to get Rukkhashava mushrooms in Genshin Impact, here in Pro Game Guides.

Why are gold, black and red nuclei used in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy-a game with the open world and elements of science fiction and fantasy. It is largely similar to Genshin Impact and includes familiar mechanics, such as gacha and weapons. This is in the form of a core, of which there is gold, black and red. This can make you ask about what to do with gold, black and red nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

What do Gold, Black and Red Nucleus do in Tower of Fantasy?

The colored core in Tower of Fantasy is Gacha Mechanic in which you get characters , weapons and a limited event awards . The type and rarity of the character you receive are associated with the type of nucleus that you redeem. Each type of cores can be used in one quantity or groups of 10 pieces. After a certain amount of stretching, you are guaranteed the best reward with gold and red nuclei.

To use them, open the menu and go to a special order tab here you can switch between what the color of the kernel you want to use for tension. Red is specially attached to the events limited in time, so it is incredibly valuable.


How to get Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Black Nucleus in different ways, which will make it beautiful. general. Here’s how to find Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

Chau-chau * (throw a water core there)
bitumen pit (use fire on it)
Dandelion (stems with three can give you one)
* supply blocks (not always)

How to get a golden core in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Gold Nucleus in different ways in Tower of Fantasy, but most often you will find them naturally while study . Here’s how to find a gold nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Golden capsules with supplies
  • Bosses
  • Achievements
  • Intra-game store (150 dark crystals)
  • Research glasses
  • Chau-chau

  • Puzzles

how to get a red nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

You can get the Red Nucleus in several ways in Tower of Fantasy. Each method requires purchase their intra-game currency or real money or a certain event awards . Here’s how to find Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Buy for 150 dark crystals
  • Box with daily supplies
  • Gift Baskets
  • Developments

Additional information about Tower of Fantasy see is the section in Tower of Fantasy the possibility of cross-processions and cross-play? And how to remove the character in Tower of Fantasy in Pro Game Guides.

Tower of Dream does something about it in a brand-new band

As well as given that the economic engine of this title is based upon obtaining new weapons (which transform the appearance of the character), we picture that the designers have seen to it to supply positive fight mechanics, whether in JCE or In WCJ. This is what this trailer makes every effort to reveal, recognizing that each tool allows you to make use of 4 kinds of abilities: basic strikes, dodges, certain skills and also combinations.

Even more than 2 million gamers have signed up on the main web site of the game. The launch day of Tower of Dream is not yet known however the globe release will happen this year.

Constantly anticipated this year around the world on computer, iOS and Android, the Tower of Fantasy online action would definitely be strolling in the footprints of his compatriot Genshin Impact. But for this, Hotta Workshop will certainly need to examine a certain number of boxes, including that of the combating.

The video game currently has twelve sorts of weapons, three of which can be equipped at any moment, the system based on the change of weapons as well as not personalities, as in a specific Chinese competitor. Typically, opponents have primary weaknesses that will have to be manipulated. There is also a dead time technicians that raises the power of the weapon after an evade made at the extremely last moment.



Tower of Fantasy-Bande-Annonce des Fight

Tower of Fantasy: A trailer shows the fight of the Genshin Impact rival

Tower of Fantasy , the A-RPG that seeks to face Genshin Impact this summer is in the middle of pre-registration period. But what interests us today is the combat system that was presented in a trailer.

A battle system full of action for Tower of Fantasy?

If you are here and you don’t know Tower of Fantasy, this is a game that has many similarities with Genshin Impact, since it allows you to embody a character that will be the protagonist. But it also has an invocation system that will allow you to obtain new heroes with which you can explore the world or participate in fighting.

Speaking of combat, let’s take a look at what the game has reserved us in this matter. Like everything A-RPG, you canmove freely with the possibility of chaining basic blows, but also skills. * The particularity of Tower of Fantasy lies in the use of weapons.

  • General attack
  • Dodge
  • Specific ability
  • Combination

In addition, there are well-known specificities of certain games that are present as the different shields, the management of the elements, but also the combined attacks. Here are the details about each of these specificities.

Combined attack *: When the objective of an attack is completely loaded, changing weapons can trigger a combined attack.
Ghost time : Dodge the blow before the monster hit you to activate the ghost time and increase the power of your weapon. Changing weapon triggers a combined attack.
Elementary resistance : Monsters have unique weak points. Activate the correct elementary attack to cause them more damage.
Shield without attributes *: This shield does not resist the elements and has no elementary damage reduction effect. Recommended to use with weapons that point to the weak points of the monsters.
Physical shield *: It is significantly less likely that the physical shield will break with physical weapons when the shield is broken. Elementary weapons can exploit their weak points.

What types of weapons exist in Tower of Fantasy?

Now that you have been able to see a little how the combat system and weapons worked, we will see the different weapons available because although the trailer shows us some, there are others that we have grouped for you. To have a better vision of what awaits you.

  • Chakram
  • Scepter
  • Cube
  • Rifle/gun
  • Bow
  • Hammer
  • Spear
  • Shield and ax
  • Dagas
  • Claymore or sword fish
  • Sword

You should also know that there are three roles in which weapons are distributed. The first is the role of attacker or DPS, the second the tank and healer. In addition to that, you should know that there are four types of damage.


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Flash of lightning
  • Physical

Of course, weapons will be classified by rarity ranging from R to the SSR, but while you wait to discover all this, you can always pre-register if you have not yet done so.

Genshin Impact Specters – Locations, Item Drops, Types

Ghosts are common enemies that look like small floating lamps. They can be extremely annoying in combat due to their elemental resistance and floating nature, which can make it difficult to land hits, especially when using slower skills. However, they drop important materials used to Ascend characters and weapons.

Here’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact ghosts: where to find them, what they drop, and how to defeat them.

All Specter locations in Genshin Impact

Head to the areas marked with the Ghost icon to find the enemies. Some ghosts will only spawn as soon as you get close to their location so looking for them from afar is not a reliable way to find them.

Watatsumi Island

Seirai Island

Tsurumi Island


Three loci

The image above shows the location of the Wraiths at all three Loci in Enkanomiya, in that order: Yachimatahiko Locus, Yachimatahime Locus, and Kunado Locus.

Serpent Guts and Temple of Eternal Night

On the left are the Ghosts in the Serpent Guts, and on the right are the Ghosts in the Temple of Eternal Night.

What do the Ghosts drop in Genshin Impact?

Ghosts drop the following character and weapon materials:

  • Spectral Shell-Dropped by Ghosts level 1+
  • Spectral Heart-Dropped by level 40+ Ghosts
  • Spectral Core-Dropped by level 60+ Ghosts

Ghost levels are determined by your World Level. You must be World Level 6 or higher to always encounter level 60+ ghosts, allowing you to farm their highest level drops.

If you’re struggling to farm Spectral Heart or Nucleus, you can use the Workbench in any city to convert lower tier materials to higher tier materials. Alternatively, Paymon Deals also delivers spectral materials on a monthly basis.

Ghost types in Genshin Impact

Six types of Ghosts can be found in Teyvat and Encanomia:

  • Anemo Specter-Found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.
  • Cryo Spectrum-Found in Encanomia
  • Electro Spectrum-Found in Encanomia
  • Geo Spectrum-Found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.
  • Hydro Spectrum-Found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.
  • Pyro Specter-Found in Encanomia

All Ghosts drop the same materials, so you don’t have to look for a specific item to farm. When fighting Specters, it’s highly recommended not to bring a single-element team (such as a full Geo team) with you, as these pesky creatures don’t take damage from spells of the same element as they do. For example, Hydro Specter will take damage from all elements except Hydro.

Check out our Where to Farm Grim Figurine, Shadow Figurine, and Death Figurine in Genshin Impact guide for more hard-to-find materials.

How to make a Bitov card (basic editing) in the Genshin Impact The Allmighty Arataki Great and Glorious Dromalong Festival

The festival of the Almighty Ara Ata of the Great and Glorious Dramlong is the rhythm-game Genshin Impact, which runs from from June 13, 2022 to July 4, 2022 . During the event, you can enjoy the family with ready-made bits cards, as well as your own bits cards created by you and other players. All the players of the adventure rank 30 and above, who completed the Rito escape plan Part of the Archont quest Chapter II: Act I-the Storn God and the Eternal Evfimia have the right to participate.

how to unlock the event

Having fulfilled the requirements, initiate the event by going into the events of the events and choosing the great and glorious festival of the dramalus of the omnipotent arataki. Click accept the invitation Read the letter ITTO, then select collapse to start the quest of the event. Follow the dialogue until you meet the Arastii gang on the island of Amakan Island to start playing bats.

How to make a base card of bits in the event Rhythm-game of the Arataki gang

The Genshin Impact bite card editor allows you to create your own musical accompaniment variations limited by the songs used in the event. Start by clicking edit the Bitov card under the preferred song to open the editor of the bits. You can use two settings: basic and extended. In this leadership, we will conduct you through the main features of editing .

how to place notes on a bitmap

Click on playback button in the upper part of the screen to start playing music. Then, Press the buttons on the tap zone to enter the notes into the score. This is very similar to how you yourself play the rhythm game, except that this time all the buttons that you press and hold will be implemented in your user bit card. You can edit speed music in the upper right corner to help you place notes on the corresponding bits.

One of the disadvantages of the basic editing function is that you have little control over the placement of notes. If you accidentally click on the button, you can cancel on the left panel, but the music will continue to play until you pause manually. If you need more control over the placement of notes, we recommend using the expanded editing menu.

How to check your Bitov card

Click on Test button in the upper left corner of the screen to start playing the bits card. This will help you evaluate how players will perceive your work. You can test the bits card even during its implementation, but only the notes that you placed will be displayed.

How to save, import and share your bit card

Go to menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select save from the opening list to open the record list. You can simultaneously own two notes (your own bits cards). Do not forget to click save or rewrite. In one of the recording slots in order to save your work, otherwise you will lose it after the release! Keep in mind that the rewriting of the old record will lead to the disappearance of the source file.

You can save work in progress and continue work on it again. To open the current work, click the Import button in the opening list and select your entry.

Meanwhile, you can share your own bits with others. Go to the list of records from the Save drop-down list and click share . Genshin Impact creates General code which others can use to play your work. However, you need to achieve discount (any level of complexity) in the song of the event in order to get access code.

Check out our guidance on how the Genshin Impact the Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival, to improve your rhythmic game process.

Players of Genshin Impact have a big requirement for the developers

Players monensin Impact wish for more than a year other rewards when they complete quests or events successful. Especially at higher levels the gifts were anything but appropriate. Mango shows you the demands of the community.

Since the release of Genshin Impact, for every patch several major events, which should motivate the players to continue log regularly and to gamble.

Such events include, of course, always rewards should recover the additional motivation for the fans. While some events are rather kept smaller and therefore also shed lesser gifts, there are also larger events that accordingly appropriate rewards should give up.

In the past, it is Genshin Impact managed to make players happy with their gifts of events, such as in missing treasures that had ready a pet for the graduates.

However, most of the rewards look always look the same, so the community:

Little veteran
Weapons ores
Little (and small) EP-cards

That was not enough for advanced players, and they want all items other than gift.

Genshin Impact - Returning Users Review | Summons, Rewards And Events!
Genshin Impact is the strangest Geisha game I’ve ever played

Reddit users Laverne wrote a thread due to insufficient rewards by he stated his displeasure (via Reddit). He wrote that Morey, EP-books and weapons ores were indeed sweet, but it can sometimes give resin as a gift.

For smaller events there could be two resin moons and larger events could give the players four resin Mondes.

Avenues Reddit thread collected in a short time more than 8,000 up votes and 600 comments that had more suggestions in stock:

I agree and would even go further and say that they should sprinkle Wanderlust banner Pulls and Prototype boxes in between as rewards.

Chev4r via Reddit

Just this answer reached many people and approval. People think that Genshin Impact distribute hardly draws for the Wanderlust banner. They also consider it appropriate if useless in the banner, next to 3-star weapons, other goodies were also included: Morey, resin or other basic resources.

Other players call for the EP-watering for artifacts that are already isolated in events gave as a gift. Reddit users Ghost 82x thinks this is a great idea:

The progress is, in my experience, to a sudden stop when you reach adventure Rank 55th The predominant reasons are: resin, Morey, hardly Talent books and a few element crystals for the step increase of the characters. Everything feeds somehow mutually exclusive. I’m probably done with the game, 12-3 as soon as I was able to close the wound abyss level.

Via Reddit

The Community agrees to this objection also, and reaffirms Ghosts statement. Once you want to level up the talent of a character, use it at the same material other for 4-5 figures. The drop and the rewards of events should not be able to make up for the current consumption of resources.

Some fans bring to that the daily quests could be more resin and at least as much Tristan that one Geisha banner could make a drawing to a minimum.

Reddit users Osiris goes so far and referred Genshin Impact than most remarkable Geisha game he ever played. Other Geisha Games would provide a daily free overdraft on their banners. Also advertised, rare characters in other games of this type migrate into the default banner. There could be drawn (via Reddit) the heroes with a low probability at any time.

Many other comments under the thread asking for more resin, resources and other important goodies that gets rarely a player at a higher level, as the event rewards.

What do you think of the proposals of the community? Are you of the same opinion, or you come along well with the given resources? Have you perhaps have any other ideas? Writes us like in the comments.

Genshin Impact: All about Patch 2.4 — Leaks, release, banners, Characters

Genhin Impact Codes in November 2021 for Items give you 110 virgin

Genshin Impact distributes promo codes each month and to live events, which give you free rewards. We from Meinmmo list the codes for November 2021 and how to redeem them.

In November 2021 there is 2 promo codes for each of you to redeem:

BSPD3ZRXU985 – 60 virgin and 10,000 MORA
Genshingift – 50 virgin and 3 purple EP cards

If you have already redeemed the codes, you can not pick up the gifts a second time.

If your Amazon Prime has, you can get 2 more codes that will appear across November (via Prime Gaming). Each of you then receives an individual promo code that you can redeem in the game.

How to solve the promo codes

You have two ways to get the rewards of your codes: either you go through the official site of Genshin Impact (via Genshin Impact) or you triggers you directly in the game.

How to solve the codes in the game? If you want to redeem a code in the game, follow these steps:

  1. If you are on the overworld, press the ESC button on the PC or Options on the PlayStation.
  2. Then go to the bottom left of your settings via the gear.
  3. You can then redeem your promo code via the Account option → Coupon Code option.
  4. Pay attention to no spaces before or after the code.

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Expired promo codes

So you do not have to try around wildly because your random codes finds on the net, we have listed all of you all expired codes.

Expired promo codes

If there are new codes for December 2021 and in live events, we bring the article to you up to date.

Genhin Impact: So you get very easily 190 virgin stone for free

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