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FIFA 22: Mini video games in Volta Arcade

FIFA 22: Volta Arcade offers entertaining mini video games

With mini video games of really various types, FIFA 22 ought to additionally come to be much more enjoyable and amusing from large settings like FUT.
* For the launch of the video game there were 8 mini video games in Volta Arcade.
* These are called: Völkerball, Nightclub Lava, Football Tennis, Quick Strike, Group Keepaway, Wall Ball Elimination, Corner Shuffle as well as Target Galley.
The miniature games are a vivid mix of partially very widely known video games, such as those taking place in school sporting activities.
The focus on football and the common FIFA implementation creates a fascinating brand-new aspect, which is not just ideal as a secondary work of settings such as the gamer job.

German charts: Sniper Elite 5 stays the procedure of points

Last week, Sniper Elite 5 made an excellent begin in the German Games charts, explored by GfK Entertainment.
The techniques shooter is currently linking to these solutions, since it continues to be the measure of points on Xbox Series and also PS4.
He only needs to provide the lead on the PS5.

Here Lego Celebrity Wars takes over: The Skywalker Legend the helm.
Sniper Elite 5 slides to the fourth place.
There are no modifications in the top settings of the various other positions: The agricultural simulator 22 makes its rounds on computer, Grand Burglary Auto V Premium Edition plays on Xbox One, Pokémon Ultrasonne appears to be working on the button from 3DS and also Nintendo Switch Over Sports.
New magazines are not reported.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football im Test

online performance
Since on-line video games were only possible at specific times of our examination phase and also video games might not constantly be discovered there, our online impacts are limited to a couple of played suits. The total efficiency was just strong here, in some games there were some clearly obvious hangers as well as stagnations that we could not observe offline.

. It is likewise, at least for a while.

But one after the various other: with typical football and its classic regulations, Battle League Football has bit in usual. Rather, Mario and also Co

When the last Mario football game appeared, the German champ was still called VfB Stuttgart as well as a fourth World Cup title for Germany believed at most. For a lengthy time, fans of the action-packed plumbing kicking needed to wait on a brand-new component, currently they can finally go back on the lawn versus the virtual pill in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for the Switch over. And the title is likewise in form, however it hooks in other places.


more happily in it than you believe

Naturally there are likewise the necessary extremely shots that are called Hyper shots in Battle League football and need some skill as well as timing. Of all, you have to gather one of the active spheres that show up on the field from time to time and also then quit 2 arrow in the blue location of a bar after a long stress on the shot trick. And after that an effect whale breaks off, due to the fact that the respective twist leaves a rocket discharged the stack, which hurries into the internet with appropriate timing as well as brings two objectives for ball game simultaneously.

Due to the fact that what might appear like a brainless bolzerei without meaning and mind-and can actually be quite confusing at times-turns out to be a sophisticated enjoyable football ready a long time, which, particularly thanks to some control, more meat on the gameplay-Bone when it at first appears.

Sadly, the keepers rise and fall fairly consistently in between the Champions Organization and the district organization. In some cases they fend off several shots on the portable real estate in a row like a feline, after that once again they let safe shots of range right into the network. This is not a dealbreaker, but it was fairly fired up regarding the examination or another.

Naturally there are normal basic projects such as pass, shot or tackling, with which beginners in particular make the very first suits more than the rounds. It only becomes truly intriguing when you venture right into the sophisticated actions. Shots, as an example, can be set out of antisise, jack strikes or passes manually play in the vacuum.

Wario, for example, leaps onto the round in the high arc with its back, Rosalina initially makes the pill into area and Mario puts an angry autumn back. Nonetheless, the hyper-shots are not only an optical emphasize, however can likewise transform short components with proper implementation, which naturally guarantees matching feeling outbreaks in front of the display in multiplayer matches-we talk from experience.

Hyper, Active!

Every character only has a super shot in supply as well as we also come to Battle League Soccers huge trouble. The Mario-Kick is just before transfer compared to various other Nintendo sports games since in terms of scope. We can assemble our four-man group from simply 10 personalities, as well as also if one of the most popular faces are there, you desire more variation after simply a few video games.

Battle League Football communicates these techniques in easy-to-understand as well as comprehensive tutorials. Yet after that implementing these actions in the hustle as well as bustle of a game calls for a great deal of technique, which screws the discovering contour for a Mario sports game at rather impressive heights. However it is worth remaining on it, since there is barely a better sensation than letting the opposing protection into the gap with a couple of completely timed dual passes and also then leaving the shocked AI goalkeeper with a targeted shot in the corner.

of the kicker brand-new garments

The Strikers Club contends the very least the prospective to make sure long-term inspiration, however right here too, DLC plans with brand-new characters will be vital. There are no other tasks outside of the games due to the fact that there are additionally only five stadiums available online.

The Nintendo kickers differ in six personality values such as innovation, strength or shot. And also they are then plainly visible on the square, particularly in between the beefy agents such as Bowser or Donkey Kong and Flinken whirlwinds such as Toad or Rosalina.

However, these things first intend to be acquired (100 coins per item, each character originally has 20 options) as well as to make money there are just a couple of options offline. The overall of 6 mug tournaments against CPU groups regurgitate 400 coins single Pro Mug, as well as when again just 50 of the gold items flow into the virtual wallet. Nonetheless: If you play through the 6 mugs, you can eliminate the much more challenging variations that bring in a whopping 1,000 coins when winning the cup.

Nevertheless, Nintendo at Battle League plainly intends to push us into the on-line element Strikers Club. As well as their concept is really fairly exciting. We can either sign up with a club or then determine ourselves and afterwards measure ourselves in examination video games or periods and also organizations with other teams to make coins or club chips, with which information of your own home arena can be adapted.

With the brand-new tools, this can also be driven to the extreme. Safety helmets, handwear covers, shoes and vests screw some values up on demand, however let others droop. This makes certain some delight of experimentation, since it can make a difference in a playful way, as the group places with each other.

yellow-red for long-lasting motivation

The title is additionally visually impressive with its butter-soft frame price and numerous loving and funny (jubilee) computer animations. The discussions of the matches with their constantly the exact same intros are rather dried as well as the language samples are repeated rather quickly. An at least fundamental live comment might have been eliminated this notch, but there was only that in the advertising trailer-too poor.

On the other hand, the choice of a single game or a competition stays offline, which can only be played alone or with others in the co-op against CPU groups. A self-compiled cup for exclusively human participants does not exist as well as a job setting or franking mini-games. Aside from the tools, Battle League Soccer uses less than its 15-year-old precursor in offline setting.

This is certainly something that can be defused with future additional web content, yet the question develops as to why Nintendo did not use a larger package here from the start. Since Battle League Football playfully has a great deal on package as well as the vigorous video games are a substantial enjoyable, particularly in the multiplayer.

Below you can check out the Buschi trailer again:

sobering final thought

When the last Mario football video game showed up, the German champ was still called VfB Stuttgart as well as a fourth World Cup title for Germany believed at most. Then carrying out these activities in the hustle and bustle of a video game needs a great deal of practice, which screws the learning curve for a Mario sporting activities game at relatively remarkable heights. Due to the fact that in terms of scope, the Mario-Kick is just prior to transfer compared to other Nintendo sporting activities video games. We can put with each other our four-man group from just 10 personalities, and even if the most well-known faces are there, you want extra variation after simply a few games.

The lower line is that there is a quite moody fun football video game, which in between can be a whole lot of enjoyable thanks to its similarly good accessibility to exactly how lively depth. However, the Mario-Kick runs out of breath fairly rapidly at tool distance as a result of the lean circumference.

It is to be wished that Nintendo will certainly follow up below as rapidly as possible-and do not need 15 years. Because in the existing state, Mario Strikers really feels anything but all set.

We can either sign up with a club or after that determine ourselves and after that gauge ourselves in examination video games or periods and also leagues with various other teams to make coins or club chips, with which details of your very own house arena can be adapted.

Horizon Call of the Hill integrates everything I enjoy in VR

Annika Bavendiek

So what do we get? No Aloy as a protagonist, but warrior Ryas as well as a full Horizon bundle: climbing up, archery, crafting, the totally free explore of an actually attractive post-apocalyptic world-even under water-and obviously powerful mechanical design. |* That seems like a rather appealing mix for me.

When Guerrilla Games showed us Horizon Call of the Hill for the first time in January, it looked actually amazing on the one hand, on the other hand, an entirely different concept controlled me: This is certainly extra look than be. This problem is currently fizzled out after we have actually seen more of the PSVR 2 game on the State of Play.

After a number of efforts to walk in online reality, Annika actually obtained into the virtual reality video gaming with the Oculus Pursuit 2 at the beginning of the year. Because after that she has been haplessing via her house with the headset on her head and has fun. In order to broaden the virtual reality experience, it has time out of mind thought about the Playstation VR 2, which suggests that Horizon Call of the Mountain is stone’s throw.

__ @annika908.

The State of Play trailer not only reveals that the game has come to be more prettier compared to the teaser, but also that my Rail shooter was unproven. Due to the fact that the gameplay revealed at the very least recommends that Call of the Mountain is really a complete ready the PSVR 2 headset. Which is not a matter of training course, as shown, for instance, Up until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Due to the few secs in the first teaser trailer, which revealed a ride in a watercraft from the very first individual viewpoint, Call of the Hill looked like a rail shooter, in which most likely only the makers are similar to the Horizon name would. Naturally, this was not verified at the time, however the plain possibility alone, I may have to automatically most likely to machine hunt on a festival, dissatisfied me. When I saw via the new trailer exactly how much I was undoubtedly wrong with the video game, I was all the better.


The good news is, but not a Rail shooter.

the excellent virtual reality dish?

Why? .

| Factor No. 1: I love to play on my Oculus Mission the climb 2 to experience the adventure of dangerous climbing in elevation. The scenes from the Horizon trailer quickly advised me of it and also at the very least promise comparable feelings.
Reason No. 2: to aim and fire in the virtual globe as well as rationally feels a lot more genuine than simply with the controller in front of the tv. Be it like in onward , where everyone needs to rest when billing my weapons, or VR games like Holopoint, they allow me deeper right into the video game. As well as that, just with a bow and bow, is a desire for me, due to the fact that I such as to spend my spare time in the real world.
| Reason No. 3:
The mechanical design, exactly how could it be otherwise? Already in No Dawn and Forbidden West I am impressed by the mechanical dinosaurs, but in virtual reality you will definitely cover it once more. When I alone think of Jurassic World: Apatosaurus on the mission, which suggests that I could experience the size and also majestic kind of dinosaurs so humbly, then I don’t even need to know how it takes me when a lengthy neck Leave.

Now I am absolutely full of anticipation of encountering the machines in Call of the Mountain. Up until after that, climbing, shooting and outstanding in the VR video games stated, although sadly not in a proficient mix, as I anticipate from the Horizon-VR game.

As well as certainly there is the fact that the Horizon world itself is amazing, looks rather as well as virtual reality video games merely offer you a really unique experience, regardless of what name is on it.

No Aloy as a lead character, however warrior Ryas and also a complete Horizon bundle: climbing up, archery, crafting, the totally free check out of a truly pretty post-apocalyptic world-even under water-and of course effective mechanical engineering. Factor No. 2: to intend and fire in the online globe and also logically really feels a lot more real than simply with the controller in front of the tv. Be it like in onward , where every person has to rest when billing my tools, or Virtual reality games like Holopoint, they let me deeper into the video game. | Reason No. 3: The mechanical design, just how could it be otherwise? When I alone assume about Jurassic Globe: Apatosaurus on the mission, which suggests that I can experience the size as well as impressive type of dinosaurs so humbly, after that I do not even desire to recognize just how it takes me when a lengthy neck Stroll away.

Korean Soul Lake Project Lelic New Play Video Release

The latest trailers of the Korean Soul Lake Game have been released.

The trailer of , which is being developed by the domestic developer ‘Project Cloud Games’, was created to commemorate the B2B booth of ‘2022 Play Expo’, which was held from 12 to 15. Park In -hyuk, CEO of Project Cloud Games, said he participated in the event to find and talk about the publisher.

Currently, Project Relic has completed about 20% of development, and has been delayed since 2023 to 2024 under internal decisions since the last interview. The trailer said it was produced to show the story, exploration and battle that aims at.

22 Million Cloud Gamers! New Report Details the Future of Cloud Gaming - The Nerf Report

For example, through exploration, it collects various information and stories, and targets the boss’s weaknesses and special gimmicks. In this trailer, a scene of causing a big damage to the boss’s attack was induced by a bomb with a bomb.

If you want to know more about Project Relic, please refer to the last interview article.

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Odin Taiwanese performance satisfaction, speeding up the global market

Kakao Games announced that it will accelerate its global attack with the evaluation that Odin: Bala Rising (Odin) is satisfactory.

Foreign Minister Wu tells CNN Taiwan is
Kakao Games announced on the 3rd and 2022 earnings announcement conference calls about Odin’s launch of Taiwan. Odin achieved sales of 50 billion won in 30 days of Taiwan. Kakao Games said that it is about 70% of the initial indicators in Korea, and it is more than twice as expected considering that the Taiwanese market is 50% in Korea.

Kakao Games said that it will accelerate the overseas market based on the good achievements of Taiwan. In fact, despite the fact that it was an IP that was not recognized at all, the Taiwanese market stood out, so it was determined that it would be able to achieve its quantitative sales in other regions. Kakao Games said, “I thought Taiwan’s launch was a litmus test paper for Odin global expansion. Odin’s overseas expansion schedule will be released later.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games announced the direction of operating the company, saying it will continue to invest in IP and web 3.0 and methus to enter the global market.

PS plus May 2022: When are the free

With all the Easter troubles you could always forget that soon the official unveiling of the free PlayStation Plus games of the month May 2022 is pending! If Sony stops at the traditional revelation rhythm, then you should mark the following date in the calendar.

When will the PS4 / PS5 games of May 2022-lineup be revealed?

* Expected appointment: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 *
* Expected time: 17: 30 (German time)
* When are the games available? Tuesday,
3. May 2022 ** (at 12 o’clock at noon German time)

* How is this appointment? The PS plus games are published by default on the first Tuesday of the month. And Wednesday in the week before the revelation takes place. This results in a revelation on April 27 and activation on 3 May for this month. You can then download the titles without additional additional costs if you have paid PS plus membership.

** 17:30 clock is the traditional time of the revelation. In the last few months, there was always Leaks to the new PS plus games in advance. This month, however, there are no leaks of the known sources.

  • Which PS plus games can you download?
    Here you will find the complete PS plus-lineup in April 2022

The highlight of the April 2022 bid is the addictive card game Slay the Spire, which you can watch again in the trailer:

Are there already a leak to the PlayStation Plus games in May 2022?

No, so far not. In the past, the complete lineup has been properly jelly for several times from the French deal site Dealabs, so far nothing has appeared there.

  • Also interesting for PlayStation fans: Just runs a huge sale in PS store with hundreds offered .

If the PlayStation Plus games are released in advance, then we will update this article and inform you immediately.

Now is the German time Community asked: What games do you want yourself for the upcoming PS plus-lineup in May 2022? Write us in the comments!

Horizon 3 Presented by PlayStation Leaker

According to a new rumor of PlayStation, a new third Horizonte The game is in Sony and Guerrilla Games plans, which is not very surprising considering the popularity of the franchise. In addition to this, the rumor affirms that the next spin-off of virtual reality: _ Calling from the horizon of the mountain_ – it is only the beginning of the expansion of the game universe. However, before this happens, Horizonte forbidden west is supposedly obtaining more content in the form of expansion, although it seems that this content can become its own independent online game on the line of monsters_ hunters.

«Horizonte will be a trilogy and its universe is already expanding with a spin-off of virtual reality and more to come,” is read in the rumor, which comes along the way to go leaks. »An independent online game is planned or an expansion. Probably something similar to world from monster hunters. Sony considers horizon one of the main franchises of PS at this time.

Based on this rumor, Oops Leaks transmits the news that the guerrilla shooter Game that has been rumored for a long time is run by an ex arco Iris six siege guides. According to the filter, the game has a focus on electronic sports and has been developing for three years. Interestingly, the filter has received contradictory information about the game, with a source that states that it is a socom game and the other that is set in the horizonte universe.

The Timeline of Horizon: Forbidden West and the Hidden Clue to Horizon 3
«Competitive shooting game (hero?) With focus on electronic sports. Three years in development. Arco Iris six siege drivers involved. Here my sources differ, an affirms that is a new Socom game, the other says it is set at the Horizonte Universe. Soon we will discover what it is true ».

The rumor is completed with the affirmation that Guerrilla Games zona to kill The series is “dead”, which is aligned with previous rumors that we have heard here and there. Said all this, everything here is a rumor. None of this has been confirmed, and even if everything is completely accurate, it is also subject to change.

At the time of publication, Games Guerrilla nor Sony or anyone related to either of them has commented on any of this. It is unlikely that this will change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more PlayStation coverage, click here.

PS plus: Do not worry, the PS5

Who owns a PS plus subscription and a PS5, can access a whole range of high-caliber blockbusters from home and without additional costs, you can download and play them. Now, however, a lot on the PS plus model changes and there are three new gradations with different prices and content. Which, of course, raises the question of it, which then actually happens with the PS Plus Collection for the PS5. Now we can give all-clear: it stays in the subscription.

The PS Plus Collection for PS5 remains in the cheapest variant

That’s why it’s time: To launch the PS5, another incentive has been created to subscribe to PS plus. Anyone who has both get access to 20 mega hits for the PS4 from Sony. These include, for example, absolute top titles such as Bloodborne, God of War, Uncharted 4, Last of Us Remastered, Persona 5, Resident Evil 7 or Days G1. You read more in this Twitter content article:

__144 __7

PS Plus Collection for PS5

List of all 20 free games & all info


PS plus in new: Recently we know that PS Plus and PS Now go go together. This means that there will be only the three different PS plus variants. With different content and prices. In the one who costs the most, for example, PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles are also in there. All information can be found in our great Twitter content overview:

__285 __9

PS Plus Revolution Official:

All information about the new subscription service for PS4 / PS5 (exclusive)


And the PS Plus-Collection? If you are now – like many others – what’s from the PS Plus Collection, or if it stays and if so, in which level, then we can give all-clear. You can continue playing the 20 PS4 games on PS5 if you have the cheapest subscription. The PS5 Collection will be part of PS plus Essential in the future. This has confirmed Sony against IGN:

Recommended editorial content

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Quick fix for PS5 PS+ issues
Link to Twitter content

PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium then include the games anyway. At PS Plus extra are even around the 400 ps4 and PS5 games. Who puts on PS plus Premium, also gets PS3 titles in streaming and PS1, PS2 and PSP games. Only PS Vita titles seem to be completely missing. Everything that is already known about the 740 titles is already known.

How do you find the new subscription model of Sony? Would you have thought that it is so running with the PS Plus Collection for PS5?

NFL: Colin Kaepernick trains before scouts and sends clear embassy to interested teams

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has as announced at the half-time of the Spring Games of Michigan in front of NFL scouts to talents that are admitted to the draft. He then had a clear message.

After the public workout, which was obviously held under the guidance of Michigan-Head coach Jim Harbaugh – Kaepernicks first NFL coach at the San Francisco 49ers -, Kaepernick voice with reporter Jeanna Trotman from the local station wxyz: “It went here to show that I can still. This is one of the questions that will be asked to my agent again and again. So it was our goal to show all that I still play and the ball can still throw the ball. “

Kaepernick also set up a message to the 32 teams of the NFL: “I can help you to shape a better team, I can help you win games.” Kaepernick also acknowledged: “I know that it just does not give up my situation that I would come back as a starter somewhere. But I also know that I will be able to work on it and prove this very quickly.”

In the direction of the interested teams Kaepernick finally said, “More than anything else, I would like to go in to a workout, put me with you to a table and discuss how I can help you to make your team better.”

Previously, Kaepernick had already trained college players from Michigan during the week and spent time with them. Quarterback Cade McNamara was impressed by the former Niners-QB: “I was a 49er fan since I grew up in Reno. So at that time I always saw coach Harbaugh at the 49ers and Cape was always the QB,” McNamara remembered and went Fort: “I trained with him a few times this week. He still has a rocket arm and can throw the ball hard. He was always extremely respectful to me.”

Colin Kaepernick: Harbaugh makes Kaepernick on the Honor Captain

Harbaugh had threaded the action and Kaepernick as honor captain to the Spring Game of Wolverines to Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, better known as “The Big House”.

Kaepernick played last in 2016 in the NFL and protested with his knees during the national anthem against police violence against black. After the season he became free agent and was then committed to no more team.

In 2017, Kaepernick then filed a claim for illegal agreements against the NFL, which apparently decided not to challenge the quarterback due to its peaceful protests. The NFL requested to dismiss the action, but the competent court rejected the NFL of this application. In 2019, both sides agreed on a confidential comparison and Kaepernick pulled his action back.

Colin Kaepernick throws in front of NFL scouts at Michigan's spring game
In the same year he stopped a public workout, which did not lead to the desired result due to appointment problems with scouts. In the past few weeks, meanwhile, the voices of players of the NFL, who require a plow caevernicks. Among other things, Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett expressed itself and also trained privately with the quarterback, which documents that by video on social media.

Pete Carroll: Kaepernick “Has Second Chance deserves”

Lockets coach Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks meanwhile spoke about Kaepernick recently. Carroll said, “Does this guy earn a second chance? I think so.” Carroll, however, surprised: “Somewhere. I do not know if this is or where it would be. I do not even know if that will be in football, I just do not know.”

After the departure of Russell Wilson, the Seahawks had a place in the squad free, even if they stressed just repeatedly that Drew Lock was now her starter. The latter, however, was already in the past few years at the Denver Broncos without overwhelming competition on the bank.

Kaepernick was originally a two-round chip of the San Francisco 49ers from Nevada and makes 69 games for the niners. In 2012 he became the starter for Alex Smith and even led the team to the Super Bowl, which was lost against the Baltimore Ravens.

Overall, he came to more than 12,000 yards, 72 touchdowns and 30 interceptions, and above all shone with his dynamics, which made him with the legs to a dangerous weapon. A capability that is quite in demand in today’s NFL.

Articles and videos about the topic
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Colin Kaepernick: Statistics for the 49ers

Season |
Games |
Pass Quote (percent) |
Yards |
Touchdowns |
Interceptions |
Rushing Yards |
Rushing TD

2011 |
3 |
60 |
35 |
0 |
0 |
-2 |
2012 |
13 |
62,5 |
1814 |
10 |
3 |
415 |
2013 |
16 |
58.4 |
3197 |
21 |
8 |
524 |
2014 |
16 |
60,5 |
3369 |
19 |
10 |
639 |
2015 |
9 |
59 |
1615 |
6 |
5 |
256 |
2016 |

12 |
59.2 |
2241 |
16 |
4 |
468 |
Total |
69 |
59.8 |
12,271 |
72 |
30 |
2300 |

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