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FPSs new work, Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide, starts on November 30, scheduled for release on November 30

Swiss indie game developer Pat Shark announced that it will release the FPS game PC version on November 30.

On August 24, he introduced Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide at Game Scom in Cologne, Germany.

The game company plans to conduct a series of technical tests and beta tests before launch to provide high-quality works to players. Players to participate in the test can be found on the homepage .


Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide is a four-member co-operative shooting game in the background of the Urban Tertium in the Atoma of the worldview. The player must be followers of heresy interrogation and cooperate with party members to conduct a mission to investigate the plague and corruption that prevailed in Tertium Hive.

It is a game that is receiving a lot of attention from the player, such as the top 10 steam steaming lists. This game not only enjoys melee combat based on its predecessor, Burnine Tide, as well as the pleasure of ranged FPS. In addition, the player can choose a variety of jobs and enjoy the voices of different characters, customization options, and special skills depending on the choice.

It is currently in advance on Steam, and you can make a reservation for the basic version (44,000 won) or the edition version (66,000 won).

Does the topic work in Steam Deck work? The 2nd Barrett Philias Dark Market NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE

The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK on sale from Valve. Two weeks after the start of the reservation, many people may have actually picked them up at Bitsummit before. However, can Steam Deck be able to play a topical work that is clearly compatible with stress without stress?

This series project answers such questions. At STEAM DECK, we will hit the spotlight every week from the latest topical works to past popular works, play on Steam Deck and review or review without problems. In the second edition, we deliver two Barrett Philan’s Dark Market and NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE. How is the potential of the 2D work?

What is Barrett Philia’s Dark Market?

This work will be the 18.5th work of the barrage shooting Touhou Project Series, which is most of ZUN’s work production. (Works with decimal points are called Gaiden, and there are more than 20 actual works at this stage).

The player becomes a normal wizard, Marisa Kirisame living in Gensokyo, and goes to find out the cause of the development of the dark market. We will make full use of all abilities cards to solve the incident while making money. Of course, the flashy barrage is alive, even though it is GST. It is a game that allows you to play the pleasure of passing through the gaps of the dots in a short time.

The Steam Deck compatibility of this work is the status of currently investigating.

There is no help for the genre… but the battery has good

First, launch the game, the screen display setting screen will be opened. I selected and started Borderless Window Dot by Dot (Recommend) at the top. Even if you try to play and play other items, you have returned to the library screen, so it seems that other screen display settings are not possible at present.

And the game screen is actually displayed, but it is not displayed on the entire screen, but there is a blank space on the left and right. This work is a so-called vertical shooting genre, so the display of the screen is very different from a normal game, and because of that, it seems that Steam Deck has not been able to support it neatly.

Therefore, if you actually play it, you will need to be quite close. In the genre of barrage shooting, a tremendously narrow gap, which is directly linked to the failure of one dot operation. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely at the character that the character that you operate is opened, but due to the shrinking screen, it is displayed quite small even though it is a large LCD screen as a Steam Deck portable machine., My eyes are quite tired.

In addition, since the upper part of the character has been cut or the display space is not set well, some items cannot be read. There are quite a few fatal places, so if you can respond to the official DECK in the future, I would like you to improve it.

However, this work has a shorter play, so if you take a detailed eye break, it will not be a problem to play. In addition, there is no discomfort in the operation feeling, so it can be said that it is possible to avoid one dots.

Another good point is that the battery is about 35%in the default setting. You can play for about 3 hours, so you can go shopping anytime on the go.


This work is a multi-ending ADV that depicts a life with a strongly approved girl (transcendent Watasen-chan) aiming to be the strongest Internet angel (distributor). The unique air drawn in dot paintings, the most surprising mechanism and development, and the scenarios and characters that pierce people living in modern times are attracting topics while incorporating modern slang and Internet trendy material. It is a smash hit that is accepted not only in Japan but also all over the world, which has sold more than 500,000 unusual ADV games.

The Steam Deck compatibility of this work is the status of currently investigating as well as the Barrett Philan’s Dark Market.


Mouse + keyboard work is inevitable…

This work assumes operation with the basic mouse. Therefore, in Steam Deck, you can choose to operate with the mouse pad on the right or touch panel directly. However, it does not play on a large monitor, but to play with a small LCD (although it is bigger than ordinary portable game consoles), just clicking one item can be a light stress.

Mouse pads are quite responsive, so the mouse cursor often goes too much. Then you can touch it directly with the touch panel, but the place you want to touch and the actual game screen touched one finger are off, so it is completely useless. Since the operation on the left stick cannot be done by default, it is difficult to select the item you want to choose.

In addition, there is a scene in the game where characters are entered, but in that case, you have to put out the software keyboard and enter it. The keyboard itself will come out if you press the steam button+x at the same time, but if you do not know that, you will not be able to proceed in the first place, so if you recognize it as a text input location, the software keyboard automatically automatically the software keyboard. I wanted you to put it out.

In addition, this work is a place where some characters are cleared as well as Barrett Philia’s Dark Market, so I want you to fix that as well.

Other than that, it is possible to play the game without any problems. In particular, there was no place where the freeze or screen display was strange. Battery consumption is about 45%1 hour. In the case of the outer or pilgrimage to the sacred place, it is up to Pa to live with the best life with the best time to kill time.

2D’s work has a battery consumption.

I reviewed it in a row in a row. This time I played with a 2D work, but unlike the previous 3D work, it was impressive that the battery was quite good. Therefore, if you want to carry Steam Deck outside and play various games, you may want to choose a 2D work and play. Anyway, you can play with Steam Deck because of the 30,000 games that exist on Steam.

PS5 Helldivers seems genuine and its advertisement could be unavoidable after filtration of a trailer

If you intend to get ready for this announcement, you can have a look at the 3rd Helldivers evaluation that claimed in his verdicts: Currently there are couple of much better methods to have enjoyable with our buddies in the design of the old college .

Helldivers premiered in 2015 with favorable reviews From computer Gamer they direct out that this is not the very first filtration related to the video game. Geforce Now’s renowned retreat currently included the shooter amongst his forecasts. At the moment none of the agents included in their advancement has actually spoken. Helldivers got to PS4, PS3 and also PS Vita in 2015, with a posterior computer best that converted it, to the flooding of current premieres with Days Gone and also Horizon: No Dawn ahead, in among minority releases distributed in compatible by suitable component of the hardware producer.

All this makes us hypothesize with a presentation more than near the title, although the non-presence of the Japanese company in the Gamescom 2022 is a handicap.

It appears that a brand-new video game has actually leaked early. For a couple of minutes, yesterday customers were able to see in networks a quick development of a trailer of Helldivers 2, the new installation of a cooperative dual stick shooter authorized by Arrowhead Game Studios under version of PlayStation additionally available on PC.

It is not understood much concerning this development, however the video let us see its globe in a mix of gameplay and also kinematics developed under the graphic engine of the video game caught on PS5 , additionally showing at the starting the PlayStation Studios logo. There are likewise two expressions where the audience is prepared for a danger.

video DISCOR

We already have an official server! An area where you can speak directly to the magazine’s editors, take part in competitors, get gifts or merely have an excellent time with various other individuals. Do not think about it anymore as well as join our neighborhood.

Sign up with the video disharmony

LOL: The feared champion in the highest ranges that is harmless to the rest of the players

One of the big problems that Riot Games faces is that League of Legends is not a single video game. It is clear that speaking in strict terms it is. However, all community members know that it is not the same to play your games in the lowest ranges than to do it in the highest area of the qualifying stairs. Neither the strategies nor the champions used are similar and there are characters that can adapt brilliantly to the game style of the most skilled users. It is something that has always happened, but that we have rarely seen as exaggerated as it is happening with Draven .

The champion who fear the best League of Legends players

Draven has always been considered one of the most difficult characters to play all League of Legends . The mechanics of collection of axes allows him to hit enemies stronger and load accumulations to redeem an excessive amount of gold the first time he gets a decline. With this extra income, the departure can be put behind. However, it is enough to make a half error for the rivals to end with him and prevent his passive from making effective. In this way, a champion who needs to get advantages to work is on the edge of the useless.

Most of The shooters work better at the highest skill levels since they all share very marked weaknesses: they are fragile and when a rival reaches their life expectancy, it is reduced to just two seconds. However, and even if they are united by this characteristic, there are few in which these generic features arrive with such an important benefit. In the case of Draven, getting a good survival rate means to do monstrous damage with each basic blow throughout the rest of the game.


The cocktail is already explosive, but to this we must add a couple of additional circumstances. The first is that Play without delivering easy casualties to the opponent depends above all on our good work . If we do not fail when choosing our position and prevent the waves from reaching the tower, it is practically impossible for the rivals to hunt us. In fact, one of the most marked characteristics of the Master, Grandmaster or Challenger games is the least number of deaths. Ultimately we must not forget the circumstances: Draven right now has quite high statistics.

The sum of everything we have said so far has given rise to a very curious situation for League of Legends players. Draven is one of the most prominent heroes in the ranges of Mayormmr . High-level players have real dread for him to the point that, if we only take into account the members of the Master community up, it has been banned in 56.9% of the games and has a victory rate stratospheric in diamond or more (53.2%). For establishing a comparison, in silver he receives vetoes in 14.4% of the clashes and does not win in half of the occasions he appears in the invoker’s crack.

The next League of Legends patch will shyly reduce the excessive power of Draven. However, it seems that this is one of those cases in which Riot Games wants to be more moderate . Although when the champions yield so differently in the different ranges of the game the developer usually acts quite aggressive, they do not seem afraid that the most egotist champion of the whole video game has its moment of glory at this point in the season. It will be necessary to see if in the following versions already pointing to the 2022 Worlds are still equally permissive.

Evil West: Magazine held off as well as new appointment

Nothing has transformed in the system technique. Versions for PS5, Xbox Collection X/S, PS4, Xbox One as well as Computer (by means of Steam) are still to be sold.

The publisher Focus Entertainment and also the developer Flying Wild Hog have postponed the publication of Evil West. After the firms have so far assumed that the title had the ability to release the title on September 20, 2022, there is currently talk of a launch on November 22, 2022.


permanent memory looked for

In the thinking, the designers assure that they operate at high pressure to understand the desired vision of Evil West as well as to fulfill your expectations. However the title shows up on five systems, including several generations of consoles. Offering the game to the video game is important to provide the gamers not just good but additionally irreversible memories.

To make certain that the video game is tiring its complete capacity, we have decided to postpone Evil West’s around the world publication on November 22, 2022, said Focus Enjoyment and Traveling Wild. We comprehend that video game delays can be frustrating, but it is a needed step to offer every person the finest experience.

The team thanks for your continuing support and persistence. And one is bewildered by the extraordinary response that the game has thus far learned through our trailers and the demonstration that several of you used the Pax East.

Further reports about Evil West:

In the thinking, the designers ensure that they function at high pressure to recognize the designated vision of Evil West and to meet your expectations. In Evil West, players slip right into the duty of a representative that is one of the last boxers of a secret vampire hunter institute. You can locate out even more about the video game in our Evil West introduction .

In Evil West, gamers get on the function of an agent that is just one of the last competitors of a secret vampire hunter institute. After a lethal threat, the protagonist encounters the job of dealing with the bloodsuckers and also sustaining individuals in their struggle for their survival. You can learn more about the video game in our Evil West introduction .

Bloody action in the main gameplay reveeal trailer | offered the new job of the Darkness Warrior maker-Trailer & Information and facts | Intermediate sequences and a lot of activity in the brand-new gameplay video clip

Further records on Evil West.

Cult of the lamb – just how to care for your followers

Let us enter into it and find out which parts of this game are components of life as well as what parts of this game they cut through their adversaries. You should ensure that you are prepared as much as feasible prior to you dive into this title. Allow’s find out just how to keep your Cult participants happy and also do whatever you can to give you the appreciation you should have.

cult of the lamb maybe exactly what you were looking for if you want the happiest little cult. In equal components of city contractors as well as rouge lite, you need to weigh up the time between helping your follers, your confidence, as well as the cutting and also dice of your means via different beasts, whom you encounter in the cursed landing. What do you have to do to make you happy?

How to keep your cult in the cult of the lamb

You are prepared to assist in your brand-new people if you go into the game after a short tutorial section. You will find that the world around you is barren, yet with a little love and also care you will certainly soon have the ability to have one of the most successful cult ever before. Take these ideas right into your heart as well as begin working with making one of the most enjoyable as well as wonderful cult there is!

take your time to find resources

On your method to the cursed country, you have the choice of selecting a various means after completing a level, with the opportunity of combating versus more monsters, trying to find various sorts of sources or adding a brand-new trailer to the crew. Ensure what is going on to make sure that you can pick the proper way as well as all in your brand-new city happy.

While the main attraction of the game is to indoctrinate as lots of advocates as possible, you need to additionally ensure that you have sufficient resources to assist you make everybody happy. While you can get your supporters a little playing for timber, stone or various other types of food, you additionally need to make certain that you additionally add to the usual good.

Make a lot of food

You should make certain that you do not function with a vacant tummy if you want to keep your good friends and also fans happy. Prepare Various recipes enables you to go out right into the world longer, to deal with more challenging adversaries and also gather more things without having to return. It is one of the most important things you can do in this game to have lots of food all set.

Occasionally you even get odd questions for a dish, which indicates that you unlock much more food for your fans, which can be practical Enhance your count on you . You need to make certain that all of your measuring gadgets go to a high point prior to you take place a lengthy trip to make sure that you don’t have to worry that your fans are dead, ill or anything in between.

develop an outbuild as quickly as feasible

The villagers have to use the bathroom as well as they are not terrified to do this where and whenever they want. If you accidentally cooked something that does not match you, you can rapidly mess up your entire town, so you have to take the time to remove your crap.

See to it you build a few outbuilding can save you a great deal of time, particularly if you have a long journey right into the world in front of you. If you leave your town in condition for as well long, your fans can get ill, which will certainly leave you behind for some time without assisting hands. You don’t require much to sources, so it is among one of the most effective things you can do to make sure that a tidy village is a happy village.

Focus on Follower-Perks when brainwashing

As you move with this game, you will find various bumps routines that you can do, which provides you the opportunity to give some remarkable accomplishments to keep your citizens happy or offer you the possibility To dispose of one that might create some troubles over time. You can see all possible details about what you can do and also whether you support or hinder your progression if you bring brand-new advocates to your cult.

These are just a few of the opportunities of just how you can have the most effective cult of perpetuity, however if you need additional tips, have a look at our section Cult of the lamb guide Where you will have the ability to Vliese for the prompt unlock Just how can you waste a long time with Knucklebones as well as even ways to ranch for added commitment to make your fans happier than ever before. If you intend to have a cult that consists exclusively of a particular animal species, you will certainly figure out how you will certainly be able to do so Switch over off all follow-up forms free !

If you want the happiest little cult, then cult of the lamb perhaps exactly what you were looking for. Let’s find out just how to maintain your Cult participants happy and also do whatever you can to offer you the appreciation you should have.

Cult of the lamb is offered on August 11, 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Collection X | s, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, MacOS and also PC.

Acknowledging a little lazy as soon as possible can be a wonderful method to identify whether these trailers earn an area in their cult or whether they need to eliminate them as soon as possible. If you have a person, that’s all unfavorable you could intend to use your ceremonial forces to end your life promptly to make sure that you don’t have to assume concerning the negative impacts that you could be subjected to if you can have long in your group.

Take these pointers into your heart and begin working on making the most delightful as well as entertaining cult there is!

Prepare Various recipes enables you to go out right into the globe longer, to battle more challenging opponents and collect more objects without having to return. Make certain you construct a few outbuilding can save you a whole lot of time, particularly if you have a long journey into the world in front of you.

Survival game storms Nintendo Switch

In the Nintendo Eshop, an exciting survival game sneaked into the top 6. The jungle adventure leaves hits like Minecraft and Luigi’s Mansion in the Switch charts-probably also because of the massive discount, because the game is currently available for less than 3 euros.

Thanks to a massive discount, the game Green Hell has settled in the bestselling charts of the Nintendo Switch. In the tricky open-world survival game you have to fight your survival in the Amazon rainforest **-and you can currently secure the game in the Nintendo eShop for only 2.49 euros-so you save at purchase 90 Percent.

Click here for Green Hell in the Nintendo Eshop!

Green Hell: Survival hit becomes a bestseller

Green Hell puts your will to survive and your survial skills on the test. In the open world of the rainforest you have to defy many dangers such as fatal animals or infections . Poor nutrition, exhaustion and loneliness are also among the threats of the jungle. To protect yourself, you can craft and better accommodations as well as tools and weapons.

Usually the game at the Nintendo Switch costs 24.99 euros, but you can currently snap it for 2.49 euros -no wonder that the game ranks 6th on the bestseller charts.

Nintendo: Big names in the Switch charts

With Green brightly, a game that is rather unusual for the Nintendo console grabs the sixth place. Another dark survival experience can be found in 10th place- This War of Mine: Complete Edition . The depressing war simulation is even reduced by 95 percent and costs only 1.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros.

On the other hand, it is at the top of the Switch sales charts. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and Nintendo Switch Sports Grab the two top positions, while the Legacy Edition lands 3rd place.

Is the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch worthwhile? We tested them for you in the video:

Sildillia: Das Nestchste SC

In this function, Sildillia appeared periodically last period (9 professional goals), as soon as in the starting eleven. In the very first fifty percent of the season versus Leipzig, Lukas Kübler, which was changed by FC Metz in 2020 to the Freiburg football institution. Regular Jonathan Schmid had actually been missing for a long period of time due to the fact that of Covid-19, just in January another right-back can be found in the individual of the equally 20-year-old Hugo Siquet, a minimum of a remarkable 4.5 million euros from Criterion Liège.

This summer season, Sildillia in the meantime has passed this duo for now, although of program he still needs to improve in some areas. Now it’s time to practice a few things: flight balls, flanks and likewise the mentoring of the colleagues, said Streich, for example. A flank has actually currently led to the first marker point of the French U-20 global. Sildillia prepared the important 1-0 by Michael Gregoritsch at the FCA. After preliminary problems, the athletic 1.86-meter man likewise supported defensively, was committed to the attack game and also had one of the most round get in touches with in the SC group at 61.

He does it properly in training, fairly calm and present. He has to bring his aggressiveness and also header on the pitch, stated coach Christian Streich in mid-July concerning the 20-year-old, whom he had progressively functioned as a right-back.

renovation to the cup game

Now it’s time to exercise a few points: flight rounds, flanks and additionally the training of the colleagues, said Streich. In addition, Noah Weißhaupt, U-20 international at the DFB, came in the 2 competitive games previous as a Joker and 10 times in the past game year.

A great second competitive appearance of Sildillias after being replaced early in the cup game in Kaiserslautern for the Kübler, which was reduced down in the thigh because of a muscular tissue injury. In this game he occurred inaccurate and occasionally risky. Now Siquet as well as Schmid, who did not even make it in the 20s squad this period, need to employ even more behind the following emerging SC skill.

Last season, the currently missing U-21 international Kevin Schade (20, structure after abdominal muscle mass surgical procedure) had actually briefly caused a sensation. Additionally, Noah Weißhaupt, U-20 worldwide at the DFB, can be found in both affordable games previous as a Joker and ten times in the previous game year. The triad had actually just been advertised to the SC team with three other very own plants in the summer of 2021.

Regular Jonathan Schmid had been missing out on for a long time because of Covid-19, just in January another right-back came in the individual of the just as 20-year-old Hugo Siquet, at least an impressive 4.5 million euros from Requirement Liège.

What is the Trello link for One Piece?

One Piece Game is a Roblox game that is largely inspired by a popular manga turned into anime, One Piece. As in most large Roblox games with thousands of devoted fans and active users, the developers created an official Trello. This Trello is designed to help players understand the basics of the game, as well as cover the aspects of the game, which simply could not be lit somewhere else.

Each section of the game is divided to ensure an unhindered research process, as well as clear information about when updates appear, as well as what they include.

link Trello to the game One Piece

This is a link to the official Trello from A One Piece Game:

Trello is a problem management system that allows users to compose and change tasks to provide all members of the community with useful and updated data. In most cases, the information presented on Trello can be more detailed and personal than all the information found on similar pages Fandom or Wikia combined.

You will have access to things like cards, quests, devilish fruits, NPC and much more!

These cards can also be used to develop games, which makes Trello A One Piece Game a great place for players, moderators and developers!

To find out more about Roblox, read One Piece game codes-Beli and fruit discharges! (July 2022) only in professional game guides.

Lol – The copy of Dota that changed the world: this way the success of League of Legends was forged

League of Legends has become one of the most successful video games in history. With more than a decade of work and collections that exceed the one billion euros in an annual way, it has been studied until satiety which have been the keys to Riot Games’s success. We have talked about its launch free of charge, of the lucky moment in which its premiere or the key role of content creators took place. However, all the keys to which we usually pay attention neglect a fundamental aspect that the developers only took into account.

The declaration of independence of Defense of the Ancients

The most widespread belief in the community says that League of Legends is a copy of Defense of the Ancients. However, This approach is wrong . It is true that both video games were very similar, but this is because it was the creators of the original endow who decided to become independent of Warcraft III to create their own independent title. Riot Games signed Steve Feak, nicknamed as Guinso or Steve Macon, known as Pendragon, among other developers who contributed to the explosion in popularity of the most famous mod in history.

Being the genre of Battle Royale much more recent, it is easy to establish a comparison. Brendan Greene (Player Unknown) originally created the Battle Royale mode as a mod that was part of weapon 2 and Dayz, then deciding to make its own video game (Pubg). The story that involves Riot Games, Blizzard and League of Legends has more intermediaries; although parallels are evident . The great keys to success are in the declaration of dependence on a mod that became greater and decided to explore as far as it could get if he worked independently.

The big problems of being only a mod

Still in 2009 and with the launch of League of Legends just around the corner, an employee of Riot Games published an article in Gamasutra (current Game Developer) who explained some interesting aspects of Dota’s development and in which, in which, Above all, he claimed the decision made by what was now his company. He assured that there was a limit on what could be achieved with Defense of the Ancients while linked to Warcraft III. It is true that Blizzard’s game had allowed the creation of the Moba, but now left a roof that was too small .

The aforementioned Steve Mescon, known as Pendragon , explained that the small development team with which he had the game due to the lack of resources prevented bugs from correcting or introducing changes and counted how, on some occasions, the equivalent of the equivalent of the Current PBE was a game among developers in which all heroes were tested at the same time for just a few minutes. There were also limitations in what could be done and what did not, since the memory to which they had access was very limited. In fact, the map and its elements could not exceed 4MB.

Playing Defense of the Ancients was also difficult and not only for its mechanics. The players had to have a copy of Warcraft III that included the expansion The Frozen Throne, get the latest version of the map of Dota being attentive to the website of the creators-that was not easy to continue-and join a game. All this without tutorials or matchmaking tools. In this way, the only efficient way that new players arrive was that someone helped them to cope with this whole process.

These were not even all Dota’s weaknesses. The games had an average duration of 60 minutes, but could be extended until two hours . There were also no elements of progression as there were no statistical records within the game. The developers of Defense of the Ancients simply knew that they had something gigantic in hand that was being held artificially because of what it meant not having their own platform or the fact of not having a work team that could develop the video game in A professional environment.

The key to League of Legends success

Returning to the element that we promised to solve, the keys to League of Legends can be summarized in the phrase Every the good of being a mod without everything bad of being a mod . The founding title of Riot Games was born after having learned for more than four years of everything that was wrong in Defense of the Ancients. When Guinso or Pendragon began working at Moba, they had an enviable experience that allowed them solve them.

League of Legends created his own universe, included very interesting progression systems through the unlocking of characters or the qualifying modes and won in creativity when he separated from Warcraft III. He introduced tutorials, could be downloaded from a website and had a client that was updated automatically and added goals everywhere to not being limited to the 4MB of those available by the Blizzard game . He also established his own life duration and accumulated a much higher amount of data. While now even users can know everything in the game thanks to different platforms, in dumbs the developers balanced everything depending on the opinion of the players.

To this situation it should still be added that the game came just in time to take advantage of all the other factors that allowed it to grow. A lesson that also learned Activision Blizzard that, included a antilol clause with the launch of Warcraft III Reforged . It established that any game mode created by the community in the maps editor would belong to them forever. Excessive, unpopular and motivated by the robbery suffered at the hands of Riot Games (League of Legends) and Valve (Dota2).

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