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Tower of Fantasy: Outright Zero, Build and Cocoritter Matrices

Each character has his own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the latter are only skins once the weapon is gotten, they are however fascinating. Cocoritching, with its absolute absolutely no, prefers combat with hand as well as gross damage. Nevertheless, its potential is only revealed with excellent matrices, which can be hard to discover. Do not stress, we give you all our recommendations to make the best feasible use.

Recap Show

Develop and also products for outright no

Abilities as well as progression of the weapon

Stiring up as well as Cocoritter gifts


Build and also products for outright no


2 pieces: rises by 10%/ 12%/ 14%/ 16% treatment capacities as well as care obtained.

4 areas: When you or team participants benefit from care, your assault rises by 12.5%/ 15%/ 17.5%/ 20% for 6 seconds. Only the greatest result at the highest possible level will apply if this perk is acquired numerous times.

Skills as well as progression of the weapon

Cocoritter’s weapon is gelato and also assistance, which implies that it totally exploits this component throughout fights. It has a really low crack rate, which makes it inefficient versus guards. However, its charging price is very high, making it a very useful weapon.

All slices of 10 degrees, you have to utilize unique resources to increase the possibility of a weapon. The greater the level, the much more the cost will certainly likewise be, with new sources to find.

For each replicate gotten, the power of the Cocoritter weapon is enhanced with responsibilities.

Awakening and Cocoritter gifts

If the progression of absolute zero is particularly essential, we must not overlook the fondness with the associated personalities. The last have 6 levels of relationship, offering a character, items of conversation or an easy quality.

Each character has his own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the latter are just skins once the weapon is obtained, they are however interesting. Cocoritter’s weapon is ice lotion and also assistance, which suggests that it completely exploits this aspect during battles. Its charging price is really high, making it an extremely helpful weapon.

How to get infinite resistance wall climbing on Tower of Fantasy

Resistance mechanics in games can make things difficult for the player when he wants to move freely on the map. Fortunately, the newly launched Tower of Fantasy allows you to get infinite resistance while climbing walls. With this guide, we will show How to use the infinite resistance wall climbing for PC users and mobile games to make the most accessible experience.

How to get infinite resistance wall climbing in Tower of Fantasy

The infinite resistance wall climbing trick on Tower of Fantasy gives you the opportunity to raise high buildings or large land. So, to begin, we will see how this feat can do on the PC in this step by step:

* Start climbing a wall.

Press ‘W’ on your keyboard to start your ascent.

* Press the ‘Ctrl’ button.

Obtaining infinite resistance on wall climbs on Tower of Fantasy requires pressing the buttons quickly. Players should keep in mind that the ‘Ctrl’ button makes your character out of the wall, so you don’t do well, you can end up falling.

* Press the ‘space bar’ twice.

This game mechanic allows your character to make double jump and reach higher distances.

* Press ‘W’ to move forward.

The last step is one of the most crucial, since you must join the wall to produce an infinite amount of resistance. As mentioned above, it can fall if it does not do it correctly.

Everything you have to do after this is to repeat these steps while you go up the wall, but try to fall to not hurt your character.

You can see a demonstration of this function in this Reddit publication here:

TOWEROFFAntASY Infinite Resistance Wall Raise Trick

For mobile users, infinite resistance in wall climbs can be done in a similar way without a keyboard. To help with this, here are the buttons that must be pressured in Tof Mobile:

  • climb a wall
  • Touch the ‘jump down’ button
  • Press the icon ‘jump’ twice
  • Position your character forward to return to the wall.

Source: Hotta Studio through resistance wall


With luck, this information helps you. Get infinite resistance climbing walls in Tower of Fantasy . Before going, you can see the additional content of the game looking at the relevant links below and seeing our guides on how to take a screenshot, add friends, erase joint operations battles and change the texts and voice language.

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Where to find strawberries in Tower of Fantasy

Strawberries are culinary ingredients used to prepare various dessert recipes, from fruit cake to strawberry soda with ice and much more. These fruits can mainly can be found on the boundaries of Navia, Crown and Bangees, and they are grouped into groups of three. If you want to cook stunning strawberry dishes, read on to find out where to find it in Esperia.

All Strawberry locations in Tower of Fantasy


Northern Esperia

Contact the strawberry icons above to find out where the entire strawberries are located in the northern part of Espery.

South Esperia

Contact the strawberry icons above to find out where the entire strawberries are located in the southern part of Espery.

How to use strawberries in Tower of Fantasy

Strawberries can be found in small shrubs similar to ThornMatoes. Each bush contains three strawberries , so be sure to interact three times with each to get as many fruits as possible. Strawberries can be found in the Culinary section of the backpack, and it can be eaten raw to heal +2 satiety, +5 percent and 4000 HP. These fruits can also be used in the following recipes:

  • Fruit cake
  • Ice strawberry soda
  • Jam on a toast

Check out our guide Where to find dandelions in Tower of Fantasy to get more ingredients for cooking in the game.

Why are gold, black and red nuclei used in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy-a game with the open world and elements of science fiction and fantasy. It is largely similar to Genshin Impact and includes familiar mechanics, such as gacha and weapons. This is in the form of a core, of which there is gold, black and red. This can make you ask about what to do with gold, black and red nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

What do Gold, Black and Red Nucleus do in Tower of Fantasy?

The colored core in Tower of Fantasy is Gacha Mechanic in which you get characters , weapons and a limited event awards . The type and rarity of the character you receive are associated with the type of nucleus that you redeem. Each type of cores can be used in one quantity or groups of 10 pieces. After a certain amount of stretching, you are guaranteed the best reward with gold and red nuclei.

To use them, open the menu and go to a special order tab here you can switch between what the color of the kernel you want to use for tension. Red is specially attached to the events limited in time, so it is incredibly valuable.


How to get Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Black Nucleus in different ways, which will make it beautiful. general. Here’s how to find Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

Chau-chau * (throw a water core there)
bitumen pit (use fire on it)
Dandelion (stems with three can give you one)
* supply blocks (not always)

How to get a golden core in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Gold Nucleus in different ways in Tower of Fantasy, but most often you will find them naturally while study . Here’s how to find a gold nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Golden capsules with supplies
  • Bosses
  • Achievements
  • Intra-game store (150 dark crystals)
  • Research glasses
  • Chau-chau

  • Puzzles

how to get a red nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

You can get the Red Nucleus in several ways in Tower of Fantasy. Each method requires purchase their intra-game currency or real money or a certain event awards . Here’s how to find Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Buy for 150 dark crystals
  • Box with daily supplies
  • Gift Baskets
  • Developments

Additional information about Tower of Fantasy see is the section in Tower of Fantasy the possibility of cross-processions and cross-play? And how to remove the character in Tower of Fantasy in Pro Game Guides.

Tower of Fantasy: A trailer shows the fight of the Genshin Impact rival

Tower of Fantasy , the A-RPG that seeks to face Genshin Impact this summer is in the middle of pre-registration period. But what interests us today is the combat system that was presented in a trailer.

A battle system full of action for Tower of Fantasy?

If you are here and you don’t know Tower of Fantasy, this is a game that has many similarities with Genshin Impact, since it allows you to embody a character that will be the protagonist. But it also has an invocation system that will allow you to obtain new heroes with which you can explore the world or participate in fighting.

Speaking of combat, let’s take a look at what the game has reserved us in this matter. Like everything A-RPG, you canmove freely with the possibility of chaining basic blows, but also skills. * The particularity of Tower of Fantasy lies in the use of weapons.

  • General attack
  • Dodge
  • Specific ability
  • Combination

In addition, there are well-known specificities of certain games that are present as the different shields, the management of the elements, but also the combined attacks. Here are the details about each of these specificities.

Combined attack *: When the objective of an attack is completely loaded, changing weapons can trigger a combined attack.
Ghost time : Dodge the blow before the monster hit you to activate the ghost time and increase the power of your weapon. Changing weapon triggers a combined attack.
Elementary resistance : Monsters have unique weak points. Activate the correct elementary attack to cause them more damage.
Shield without attributes *: This shield does not resist the elements and has no elementary damage reduction effect. Recommended to use with weapons that point to the weak points of the monsters.
Physical shield *: It is significantly less likely that the physical shield will break with physical weapons when the shield is broken. Elementary weapons can exploit their weak points.

What types of weapons exist in Tower of Fantasy?

Now that you have been able to see a little how the combat system and weapons worked, we will see the different weapons available because although the trailer shows us some, there are others that we have grouped for you. To have a better vision of what awaits you.

  • Chakram
  • Scepter
  • Cube
  • Rifle/gun
  • Bow
  • Hammer
  • Spear
  • Shield and ax
  • Dagas
  • Claymore or sword fish
  • Sword

You should also know that there are three roles in which weapons are distributed. The first is the role of attacker or DPS, the second the tank and healer. In addition to that, you should know that there are four types of damage.


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Flash of lightning
  • Physical

Of course, weapons will be classified by rarity ranging from R to the SSR, but while you wait to discover all this, you can always pre-register if you have not yet done so.

Final Fantasy VII Evaku Lissis to CBT within 2022. RPG for smartphones that distribute FF7 compilation series by chapter

Square Enix announced on June 17 that a closed beta test for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be conducted in 2022. The corresponding platform is iOS/Android. This announcement was conducted in the information program FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Final Fantasy VII Evaku Rissis is an RPG that distributes the compilation series of the same work as Final Fantasy VII. The original Final Fantasy VII is RPG released for PlayStation in 1997. The stage is a star that has a city, Midgal, and a company that uses the magic energy, Shinra Company, which flourishes by magical energy. The protagonist, Cloud, is a young man who claims to be a Soldier, a private soldier. The cloud cooperated with the environmental terrorist organization Avaranti, which opposes the sucking of the magic, and participates in the destruction operation of the Magic Furnace. As he travels around Shinra Company, he is involved in a battle that bets on the fate of the stars. Currently, the remake version is underway as Final Fantasy VII Remake.


The compilation series of Final Fantasy VII is a group of related works depicting the day before and later. The video work Final Fantasy VII Advent Children released in 2005. Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII, which has been distributed for mobile phones since 2004. The action RPG Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII- released for PSP in 2007. Gun action RPG Dage of Cerberus-Final Fantasy VII- released for PS2 in 2006. Final Fantasy VII Evaku Rissis includes at least four works as a compilation series in addition to Final Fantasy VII. Based on the original visuals, the battle scene, etc., the world of Final Fantasy VII is drawn in the chapter and distribution, with a real graphics like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Evaku Rissis will be distributed for iOS/Android. The closed beta test will be implemented in 2022.

Final Fantasy IX: Remake to Kingdom Hearts IV announcement more likely

At the weekend, Square Enix surprised his fans on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Heart’s video game series with news and announcements. Including Kingdom Hearts IV.

So surprisingly, the idea of Kingdom Hearts IV may not have been for some. Because the name of the game appeared next to many more in a leak of the GeForce database.

Kingdom Hearts 4 REVEALED and Final Fantasy 9 REMAKE IS REAL!
Now, since the next part of the series turned out to be true, there is a hope for a remake of Final Fantasy IX, a title that Square Enix has also protected. Also a Remake Final Fantasy Tactics seems possible because the Japanese company “Tactics Ogre Reborn” also has to be legally protected.

It remains to be seen when a possible remake is to be implemented. Because with Final Fantasy 16, Kingdom Hearts IV, ForSpoken, Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 and a potential remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, Square Enix already has any lot of games in development anyway.

Final Fantasy 14 is no longer compatible with Steam Deck

This week, Square Enix launched a new revision for Final XIV_, but is not welcome for Steam Deck users, since the game can no longer be played on the portable system. As part of the update, the Final Xiv_fantasía, Steam owners must have their linked Steam and Square Enix accounts, which forces players to use the Steam initiator. According to the resection posters players who bought a version that is not Steam de Fantasía Final XIV seems to be able to play the game in Steam Deck. Unfortunately, everyone else currently has no luck!

Obviously, this situation is frustrating for the owners of Steam Deck. It seems that the handheld could be an excellent option for PC users, but it is not compatible with all Steam games. In fact, the steam page by Fantasía Final XIV officially lists the game as “not compatible” for Steam Deck. It is possible that that changes in the future, particularly since Gabe Newell has shared the love of him by Fantasy Final XIV many times in the past. Maybe the President of Valve will work with Square Enix to solve the problem!

Fantasy Final XIV launched in 2013, and has established a base of passionate fanatics in the last 9 years. However, the last year in particular has seen an explosion of interest, since Streamers as Asmongold have helped to draw attention to the MMO. At one point, the interest in the game increased so much that it caused problems on the server, which forced Square Enix to temporarily stop new sales. The publisher has plans to continue supporting Fantasy Final XIV for the next decade, with improvements in jobs for game textures, lighting and much more. Hopefully, Steam Deck users can enjoy those improvements for themselves, but until then, they will have to settle for playing on the PC!

Fantasy Final XIV is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

How to fix Final Fantasy XIV on Steam Deck
Have you started playing? Fantasy Final XIV Recently? Are you disappointed that the game currently does not be compatible with Steam Deck? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Free PS5 Upgrade for PS Plus

Square Enix now wants to provide all the owners of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which the role-play over PS plus has provided the opportunity to make a free upgrade to the PS5 version. Previously, this option was only available to players, which also actually acquired the title digital or physically for PS4.

When is the PS5 upgrade ready for the PS-Plus version?

On Twitter Square Enix revealed that already on 22 . December 2021 The upgrade is possible without further costs. The download is then possible via the PlayStation Store. Thus, fans are in possession of a part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. The DLC with the bonus mission around Toughie must continue to be purchased extra. But that was the case yet. For a short time, the Toughie episode Intermission can be purchased with 25% discount in the PS Store.

What advantages bring the PS5 upgrade from Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Behind the PS5 version of the role-playing game hides a typical upgrade for the more powerful console. In addition too much faster charging times, fans may also look forward to improved textures and support for danseuse features. In the graphics settings, there is also the choice between two modes that either prefer the optics or the frame rate (60 fps).

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade now also available for the PC

Last week, the new edition of the role-playing classic was also published in the Epic Games Store for the PC. Here is the Toughie episode directly inclusive. However, the complaints in the last few days caused the title that the title has not been optimized well, and it comes to problems even on powerful graphics cards.

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