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PC Games We are looking for reinforcement Webdesigner in Frontend m w d

You dream in HTML5 / CSS, are fully on the pulse of the current design methodology, right now on which device, and bring your own creative ideas proactively into our product design? Then apply now to us! For our team, we are looking for a new web designer in frontend at the location of Nuremberg-Fürth. In our web development team, you will take the key position in visual brand communication with millions of gamers and IT enthusiasts.

You develop the optics of our online appearances in dialogue with graphics and Art Direction
You will enhance and enhance our frontends with your experience in UX / UI and modern design best practices,
You translate mockups from Adobe XD and FigNA to functional HTML templates and SCSS / CSS,
You bring your creative ideas into collaboration with product management and programming directly into the conception, development and improvement of our products and
You work together with our developers in the modernization and optimization of our frontend stacks.

Your profile:

You have a successfully completed university studies or successfully completed training in the field of webdesign / web development, media design / graphic design or computer science.
You bring a relevant work experience in a comparable position.
You have extensive experience in the use of agile working methods.
You have comprehensive knowledge and professional experience as UX Designer in.
Responsive webdesign, HTML5, CSS3 and, if necessary, some JavaScript are familiar terrain. Ideally, SCSS, Sass, Bootstrap and NPM are no foreign words for you. Some experience with WordPress would be desirable, but no needs.
Photoshop and Illustrator Do you rule out of the Effeff, usually will also be wonderfully clear with GIT and understands you properly on the creation of wireframes, prototypes and mockups with Adobe XD or Figema.
The independent control of tasks and projects (organization, planning and obsession of timings) are self-evident for you.
You are and stay open and dedicated to continuous gain and your personal development.
An independent, conscientious, structured and quality-conscious working method as well as extremely good communication skills are in your nature, both in the independent processing of tasks as well as cooperation in the team.

We offer you a great team with sympathetic colleges, which works out of conviction and passion, design free space for workflows, jobs and working hours, adequate payment with attractive achievements and much more! Does that sound exciting for you? Then everything else and the application possibilities:
We look forward to you!

From Simon Fistrich
12.10.2021 at 09:11

The original design of Predator was very different from what came to the screen

Predation is an organic communication where one microorganism, the predator, kills and eats an additional organism, its prey. It is one of a family members of common feeding behaviors that consists of parasitism as well as micropredation (which typically do not kill the host) and parasitoidism (which constantly does, eventually). It is distinctive from scavenging on dead prey, though lots of predators likewise feed on; it overlaps with herbivory, as seed predators and also harmful frugivores are killers.
Killers might actively search for or go after prey or await it, commonly hidden. When victim is found, the predator examines whether to attack it. This may involve ambush or quest predation, often after tracking the prey. If the attack achieves success, the predator eliminates the victim, eliminates any type of inedible parts like the covering or spinal columns, and also eats it.
Predators are adapted and typically very specialized for hunting, with severe detects such as vision, hearing, or scent. Several predatory pets, both vertebrate and also invertebrate, have sharp claws or jaws to grasp, kill, as well as cut up their target. Other adaptations consist of stealth and hostile mimicry that boost hunting effectiveness.
Predation has an effective careful effect on prey, and also the prey establish antipredator adaptations such as advising pigmentation, alarm system calls as well as other signals, camouflage, mimicry of well-defended species, as well as defensive spines and chemicals. Often predator and prey find themselves in a transformative arms race, a cycle of adaptations as well as counter-adaptations. Predation has actually been a major driver of development since at the very least the Cambrian period.

Both Alien Xenomorphs and Predator s protagonist are creatures of the most fearsome with which you do not want to run into a bad day.

Both come from large science fiction franchises, and although we have seen them facing them on the screen in the alien vs predator films there is no doubt that they are very different both because of their appearance because of the characteristics of their species.

Precisely for the different ones that ended up being the two characters, it is curious to discover that one of the original designs that were shuffled for predator was very inspired by the xenomorphs of alien , albeit with an aspect A little more mechanical and less organic.

As explained from Avpgalaxy, while working on the pre-production of predator , the director John McTiernan used an example illustration to explain the special effects artist William Stout What aspect he wanted for the protagonist monster of the.

What happens is that this concrete illustration was a job of h. R. Giger , the legendary special effects artist that design the original alien creature and a good number of science fiction titles, so it was very similar to xenomorphic design.

As a result, Stout s sketches also ended up looking a lot like the monster of alien , being very similar except because the proto design of predator had a very long queue that could extend and join with his head.

Seeing the address that the thing was going to take, Stout managed to convince the director to let him try another more original approach to design without inspiring himself so much in Giger s work, which after a lot of work derived in the Predator we finally met in screen.


Thanks to this change in the design, the protagonist of predator could have the aspect and personality of him, becoming an original character with his own iconic and recognizable design. Although it would have been interesting to see two similar creatures face, of course their on-screen meetings have been more original when having two monsters with so different designs.

Happy Game Amanitas Horror

Design or styling is a creation activity often with industrial or commercial vocation, which can move towards social, political, scientific and environmental circles. The primary purpose of design is to invent, improve or facilitate the use or process of an element that has to interact with a product or a hardware or virtual service. One of the roles of design is to meet needs, solve problems, to propose new solutions or explore opportunities to improve the quality of life of human beings, whether in Western industrial societies (where design was born) or in developing countries (humanitarian design). Multidisciplinarity is at the heart of the work of the designer, whose culture feeds both arts, techniques, humanities or nature sciences.
The design is to distinguish decorative arts, expression appeared in the 1870s as during the fine arts in creating objects of art. Design is linked to technical innovation, mass production, and contemporary aesthetics, while the decorative arts are the artisanship of art, that is to say traditional techniques, at the often ornamental and figurative aesthetics and production per unit or in small series. However, the borders are not waterproof: a Parisian cast iron reverbean of the nineteenth century belongs to the same process as the design because even if it has ornaments, it comes from an innovative technique for the time and it is produced in Number; Similarly, some designers sign small series parts, for the art market, especially since the 1970s. Solicited by marketing since the 2000s, the design is gradually becoming an advertising argument. Design has become wrongly an adjective qualifying a style with simple shapes and a refined appearance. It follows the traditional aspect of style models.
On its artistic part, it rests on a work of the forms reminiscent of that of artistic creation and which can concern both spatial forms (space design, interior architecture), volumic (product design, industrial design), textiles ( Fashion design, styling), graphics (graphic design, graphics) or interactive (interactive design, interaction design, digital design). This work on forms explains the importance of aesthetic considerations in the field of design, but should not mask the equally great importance of the functional, technical, environmental, biological, legal, economic, social and political, or even philosophical, environmental and political considerations. Which are at the heart of the work of the designer, considered as one of the major business of design, with those of the architect or the engineer.

Cranken design is known to be the specialty of Amanita Design (Machinarium, CREAKS). With the Action Adventure Happy Game, the developer is soon trying to horror characters – from Thursday, October 28th, as well known today. Then the title for Windows, Mac and Switch appears. In the style of Little Nightmares or a colorful version of Limbo, a little boy is accompanied by a nightmare at Happy Game and is not only confronted with puzzles, but also psychedelic and bizarre situations. How much (or little) family-friendly fun comes up, the launch trailer implies full of disturbing Stock Footage scenes:

Starfield Details of settlement systems and fractions

Emil Pagliarulo, Design Director The Bethesda Game Studios explores the settlement systems of Starfield with you and delivers new information about the game in a video. Learns new details about the unique environment of Starfield and the factions that are home there. Like the two largest political groups of the populated systems: the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. About the pirates of the purple fleet to the intrepid explorers of the constellation, with which you will start your journey in Starfield, there is much to discover.

It reveals the final design that Aloy will have on Horizon Forbidden West

First time playing Forza Horizon 4!!!
When the gameplay of _ Horizon Forbidden West was first shown for the first time. The controversy was armed by the design of aloy in this new delivery. Many said that the character looked fat and cacheton, and if you were one of those concerned about the design of him, then this new title art should calm down. Guerrilla Games shared a new look at Aloy as part of your cosplays manual, where they explain all the objects you need to disguise yourself as this character. Here we can clearly see how Aloy looks in all the splendor of him, and as you said before, it seems you do not have to worry about. As you saw, aloy looks practically identical to the design I had at Horizon Zero Dawn , although clear, with a lot more detail thanks to the technology of ps5 . Horizon Forbidden West will debut for PS5 and PS4 The next February 18, 2022. Via: Games Guerrilla

Opening of the Creative Support Program in Adener Biennale in Gwangju Biennale

The Biennale of Design (BIO) is worldwide remarkable design exhibition, held continuously since 1964 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as the initial design biennial in Europe.

NCsoft participates in 2021 Gwangju Design Biennale held from September 1.

Gwangju Design Biennale is a comprehensive design exhibition that matches 9 times this year. This year, it will be held from September 1 to October 31, which comes to the theme of ‘Revolution Through Design’.

Yen introduces the activity community projector (Projectory) in the Activity of the Activity in the Encyclopedia through the 2021 Gwangju Design Biennale.

The projectors have the meaning of a laboratory that expands its own project freely. It is aimed at providing opportunities for children to proceed with various projects, and they are constantly challenging and raising their leadership and creativity.

Visitors can identify the establishment of the project and operational philosophy in the exhibition booth, and enjoy the work of children who participated in the Projector. You can also experience projector activity by applying for a dictionary.

The Projo Booth operates from 10 am to 6 pm in Gwangju Biennal Legion (4), and adult participants can participate from 10 am to 1 pm on weekdays.

Digital Showcase 2021 Interview to Music in Fallout with Inon for from 21 00

Almost Useful Warthunder Knowledge 2 (ft. Ash)

An important part of the game design is the music in games. She can create atmosphere to warn of dangers and ensure entertainment on lonely hikes through the wasteland. But how exactly do you fill a post-apocalyptic world like in fallout with music? These and many other questions Bethesda is about the ground with the guest inon, who has already composed for many games of Bethesda Game Studios.

Starfield Short insight into three different places

Bethesda has published three short videos to Starfield in which they introduce you to Design Director Emil Pagliarulo three places that you can visit in this Sci-Fi-RPG.

NHL 21 Be A Pro Part 98 | NEW TEAM In Free Agency!!!
In the first video, the spaceport of New Atlantis , the capital of the United Colonies is demonstrated. The United Colonies are the most powerful military and political group in the game. The city is the home of various peoples and a true melting pot and something like a possible image of our future.

In the second video you can take a look at the amusement city Neon . The platform built by XenOfresh Corporation was actually built for fishing. However, when one pulled a fish with psychotropic properties out of the sea, one quickly realized that one could make much more money with drugs.

And last but not least, there would be Akila , the capital of the Freestar collective. This casual alliance from three different star system systems houses a variety of different individuals who believe in the inviolability of freedom and individuality. To protect against the dangerous Ashta, a crossing of wolf and Velociraptor, walls were built around the city.

Starfield will appear on 11.11.2022 exclusively for Xbox Series X | S and PC and be included from the first day in the Xbox Game Pass.

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