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Matthias Sammer: Robert Lewandowski is entitled to respect

The truth that Lewandowski meets his ex-club in the premier course of all locations is fantastic, stated Sammer-Genauso like the battle of Borussia Dortmund versus Manchester City with Erling Haaland. The BVB is looking ahead to looking back.

Sammer even does not desire to exclude a march of the five German groups in the round of 16 of the Champions League. At Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and also Bayer Leverkusen, he was for certain, said Sammer. At the Europa League champion Eintracht Frankfurt, he wishes that you can do it. It is a hefty team. If you take this ecstasy and also interest with you, a surprise is possible.

He can not understand if he is not welcomed in a friendly manner, highlighted the previous Munich sports supervisor. Lewandowski wrote as well as did a remarkable thing background at FC Bayern. He likewise damaged some documents from Gerd Müller, no one would certainly have believed this feasible. According to Sammer, this must be the emphasis.


Ex-European champion Matthias Sammer appeals to the justness of Bayern followers when the goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski returns to Munich. He is entitled to that, said Sammer at a visit of Prime Video clip.

FC Bayern: Sammer sees FCB as a favorite on CL title

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Ex-European champion Matthias Sammer appeals to the fairness of Bayern fans when the goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski returns to Munich. He is worthy of that, stated Sammer at a consultation of Prime Video. Sammer even does not desire to exclude a march of the five German teams in the round of 16 of the Champions Organization. At Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen, he was for sure, stated Sammer. Despite the successes, the group is not complete, but motivated, Sammer applauded the Munich.

At FC Bayern, in spite of a tough group with FC Barcelona as well as Inter Milan, he is no anxious. BVB specialist Sammer also remains to have so much confidence that they continue to survive the team phase.

He sees his ex-club FC Bayern as a leading fave on the title in the premier class. Regardless of the successes, the team is not complete, however influenced, Sammer praised the Munich.

The group stage of the Champions Organization starts next Tuesday.

FC Bayern Munich – Reading press conference: Nagelsmann via Lewandowski, Mazraoui and Gravenberch

Julian Nagelsmann continues to expect the allegedly willing world footballer Robert Lewandowski near Bayern Munich. “He is quite normal in my planning,” said the coach on Friday at the press conference and referred to “The contractual situation”: Lewandowski is still tied to the record champions until 2023.

According to media reports, the 33-year-old is supposed to leave Munich and want to switch to FC Barcelona this summer. “The club’s attitude and mine is known,” said Nagelsmann – sports director Hasan Salihamidzic had emphasized several times that the exceptional striker would not be submitted before his contract end.

“Robert trained very well, I was very satisfied, he also scored a few good goals and will be in the starting eleven,” said Nagelsmann with a view of the last game of the season at VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday.

He has to do without the sick Corentin Tolisso and Marc Roca. “Standing now they will not ride,” said the coach that the announcement that Josip Stanisic will appear from the start. Kingsley Coman is missing in red.

Nagelsmann also spoke about the championship celebration on Sunday at Munich Marienplatz. The Bayern coach will “not escalate”.

Nagelsmann also commented on the rumors about Noussair Mazraoui and Ryan Gravenberch. “At Mazraoui we are on the home stretch. We didn’t have to do a mega persuasion. He has burned to play for FC Bayern. We need these players. I am happy when such a player comes to us,” he said and pushed about Gravenberch : “On the other topic, we are everything else on the home stretch.”

Lewy wants to go: These strikers could inherit him from Bayern

FC Bayern: Press conference with Nagelsmann for reading

Das it was from the press conference with Julian Nagelsmann.

Julian Nagelsmann about Joshua Zirkzee: “This is more of a topic for Hasan. He has played a very good season and has a very good goal rate and is certainly interesting for some clubs. We will see what happens. We have No decision has yet been made in one direction or another. “

Julian Nagelsmann about the town hall balcony and his song selection: “I didn’t know that I had to start a song. I haven’t worried yet. It is not really exhausting and a bit cloudy through The events. The time sequence with four celebrations also takes some getting used to. It is not quite as emotional as I hoped for. But I’m looking forward to the fans, but I will be a party if I have several titles. Would be inappropriate if I escalate because I won a title. “

Julian Nagelsmann about Kingsley Coman: “He has an incredible character. A great social responsibility for teammates. Especially as a good connecting player for his French teammates. For example at Upamecano, when he was with him when it was difficult. It is important for the team and the cabin. I have a great connection to him. In one against one, he is one of the best players in the world with a nasty hook. He worked on his hit rate this season. He is one of these differences that we need. The three games he got are tough. “

Julian Nagelsmann about Mazraoui and Gravenberch: “ through is not yet anything. We are on the home with Mazraoui. We didn’t have to do a mega persuasion. He has burned to play for FC Bayern. I need these players. I need. I am happy when such a player comes to us. With the other topic we are everything else on the home stretch. “

Julian Nagelsmann about complaints from Robert Lewandowski in the Polish media: “He did not complain. He said that it was translated wrong. He has two flanks less than last year. He is with 150 attempts by the players Most shots on the goal in the Bundesliga. Anthony Modeste is in space with 102 shots. That is 50 more shots. “

Julian Nagelsmann about a veto about Lewandowski sale: “I am the wrong man for that. This is always an interplay with Brazzo, Oliver Kahn and me. I’m not an elevator.”

Julian Nagelsmann on the video band: “She is installed. She was there for test purposes and I found the quality to be good. It is important to give feedback straight away what the player does on the pitch. We also have one New camera system. “

Julian Nagelsmann about talks with Robert Lewandowski: “I speak to him more often. It is no more than usual. I have a good exchange with him. I don’t have to refresh what I said last week.”

Julian Nagelsmann nochmal über die jungen Spieler: “Zu Josip Stanisic: Er wird morgen beginnen und eine Chance erhalten. Er ist ein sehr verlässlicher Spieler, der immer solide seine Leistung bringt. Du weißt, was er bringt. Die meisten Spiele, die er gemacht hat, hat er gut gemacht. Die Konkurrenzsituation ist groß, das weiß er. Zu Paul Wanner: Er ist 16 Jahre. Da ist es für mich zu unruhig gewesen in den letzten Wochen. In der U23 darf er nicht spielen. In der U19 war es nicht so, dass ich mit meinen Ohren geschlackert habe. Der Anspruch muss sein, immer der Beste zu sein. Er gibt Gas und bemüht sich. Es gibt aber keine Hektik bei diesem Spieler. Ich hatte gesagt, dass ich den jungen Spieler mehr Zeit geben wollte. Das ist wegen den Mainz-Spiel und der Dynamik etwas anders geworden.”

Julian Nagelsmann nochmal über Marc Roca und Correntin Tolisso: “Beide haben im Training gefehlt, weil sie krank sind. Stand jetzt werden sie nicht mit nach Wolfsburg fahren.”

Julian Nagelsmann über die neue Saison : “Nach der WM gibt es kein Füsse hochlegen, sondern geht es sofort in der heißen Phase weiter. Da bedarf es Überlegungen, was auch den Kader angeht. Wir werden mit Hasan zusammensitzen, um alles durchzusprechen.”

Julian Nagelsmann weiter: “Es ist nicht selbstverständlich, Bayern zu trainieren. Die Spieler wollen immer wieder Feedback haben. Ich kann aber sagen, dass es einen nervigeren Bayern-Trainer in der neuen Saison geben wird. Ich werde mehr coachen.”

Julian Nagelsmann über seine erste Saison: “Gefallen hat mir die Hinrunde über weite Strecken, obwohl wir eine schlechte Vorbereitung hatten mit vielen Jugendspielern. Wir haben dann mitreißende Spiele abgeliefert. Taktisch haben wir herausragende Spiele gemacht. Missfallen hat mir die Konstanz in der Rückrunde. In der entscheidenden Phase waren wir nicht mehr so im Flow aus vielen Gründen. Auch mein Corona-Ausfall war für mich ungewöhnlich, weil ich nie Spieler verpasst habe. Auch der Ausfall von Spielern wegen Corona hat uns Körner gekostet. Wir sind in allen statistischen Werten besser geworden als in der letzten Saison – bis auf die Chancenverwertung.”

Julian Nagelsmann über Robert Lewandowski : “Er hat sehr gut trainiert, er war sehr engagiert und tolle Tore gemacht. Er wird in der Startelf stehen. Die vertragliche Situation ist bekannt. Über alle andere Dinge gebe ich keine Auskunft. Das könnt ihr Robert und Hasan fragen. Die Haltung vom Klub und meine Haltung ist bekannt.”

Julian Nagelsmann bedankt sich zu Beginn bei den Medienvertretern und für die gute Zusammenarbeit.

Julian Nagelsmann ist da, die PK beginnt.

FC Bayern: Pressekonferenz mit Nagelsmann heute im Liveticker

Vor Beginn: Als Appetizer vor der PK eine Leseempfehlung: Der Kollege Sebastian Mittag meint in seinem Kommentar zur Lewandowski-Saga: Jetzt wird sich zeigen, was Hasan Salihamidzic kann!

Vor Beginn: Außerdem stellt sich die Frage, welche Spieler fit für den Saison-Abschluss gegen Wolfsburg sind. Bekommt neben Niklas Süle auch Corentin Tolisso, dessen Vertrag wohl nicht verlängert wird, ein Abschiedsspiel?

Vor Beginn:**** Robert Lewandowski wird den FC Bayern spätestens 2023 verlassen, wenn sein Vertrag ausläuft. Ein entsprechender Bild -Bericht deckt sich mit Informationen von Julian und GOAL. Der Stürmer hat den Verantwortlichen des deutschen Rekordmeisters seine Entscheidung in der vergangenen Woche mitgeteilt. Wie reagiert Nagelsmann auf den Schock?

Vor Beginn: Hallo und herzlich willkommen zur Pressekonferenz des FC Bayern München mit Trainer Julian Nagelsmann. Los geht’s um 12 Uhr.

FC Bayern München: Pressekonferenz mit Julian Nagelsmann heute im Livestream

Ihr könnt die Pressekonferenz heute auch im Livestream verfolgen. Der FC Bayern stellt diesen kostenfrei parat.

Hier geht es zum Livestream der Pressekonferenz mit Julian Nagelsmann.

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???? Wie bewertet Nagelsmann seine erste Saison in München? | Pressetalk vor VfL Wolfsburg - FC Bayern

Bundesliga: Table before the 34th matchday

Square |
Team |
Sp. |
Tore |
Diff |
– —
1. |
Bayern Munich |
33 |
95: 35 |
60 |
2. |
Borussia Dortmund |

33 |
83: 51 |
32 |
3. |
Bayer Leverkusen |
33 |
78: 46 |
32 |
4. |
RB Leipzig |
33 |
71: 36 |
35 |
5th |
Freiburg |
33 |
57: 44 |
13 |
6. |
Union Berlin |
33 |
47: 42 |
5 |
7. |
Cologne |
33 |
51: 47 |
4 |
8. |
Hoffenheim |
33 |
57: 55 |
2 |
9. |
Mainz 05 |
33 |
48: 43 |
5 |
10. |
Borussia M’Gladbach |
33 |
49: 60 |
-11 |
11. |
Bochum |
33 |
36: 49 |
-13 |
12. |
Eintracht Frankfurt |
33 |
43: 47 |
-4 |
13. |
Wolfsburg |
33 |
41: 52 |
-11 |
14. |
Augsburg |
33 |
37: 55 |
-18 |
15. |
Hertha BSC |
33 |
36: 69 |
-33 |
16. |
Stuttgart |
33 |
39: 58 |
-19 |
17. |
Arminia Bielefeld |
33 |
26: 52 |
-26 |
18. |
Greuther Fürth |
33 |
27: 80 |
-53 |

FC Bayern apparently on Haaland until the end

FC Bayern Munich has apparently still had hopes regarding an obligation of Erling Haaland until the end. As the bild reports, Bayern are said to have believed in their chance until last weekend.

According to this weekend, Bavaria’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic received the final cancellation for a possible move to Munich until this weekend.

In the meantime, there is said to have always been “intensive exchange” between Bavaria and Haaland. Previously, the paper had already reported that there was a meeting between Haaland and Salihamidzic in its villa in early March. At that time, the still Dortmund was to treat his injury in Munich.

Salihamidzic had made a clear position on the personnel on Sunday. “We will definitely not commit him,” said Salihamidzic after the 2-2 draw against VfB Stuttgart on Sunday.

Bayern’s CEO Oliver Kahn had let it sound out last month that Haaland played a role in the transfer considerations. “I think we would not do justice to our job if we didn’t deal with such a young striker,” said Kahn in mid -April in the doppelpass on Sport1 and added: “Of course he is a very excellent striker and a highly interesting player for them Future. But these are financial dimensions that are outside of our ideas. ” The “Haaland package” is “very far away from what we imagine,” added Kahn.

Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund announced the move from Haaland to England in the summer on Tuesday.

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The Story of Erling HAALAND - Powered by 442oons
* The Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN – register now!

At Bayern, Haaland could have inherited top scorer Robert Lewandowski, whose future is still uncertain despite his currently running until 2023. The Bavarians had recently emphasized that they wanted to keep the Poles definitely, but the negotiations lasted. Even the rumors on possible successors are said to have caused upset at Lewandowski in the past.

FC Bayern | Press voices for bankruptcy in Mainz: a master unworthy

On Saturday, the FC Bayern, which was already a master, picked up a bloody nose in 1: 3 (1: 2) in Mainz. The desolate idea of the Munich team caused a huge media echo. The German presses at a glance:

Kicker: “Julian Nagelsmann had assured with a lot of will to win at FC Bayern this week. […] Nothing could be seen on Saturday in Mainz, only the aluminum prevented an even higher bankrupt of the FCB, in which nothing was right from the spot. “

Bayern Munich 1-3 Mainz 05 | Match Review & Reaction

more: notes and individual criticism on the flop performance of FC Bayern

NTV: “The main party follows the master party: Bayern Munich had to accept a huge mood damper after the first show after the title gala. The team of coach Julian Nagelsmann lost the gamey, insignificant game at the strong FSV Mainz 05 after a completely disappointing performance With 1: 3 (1: 2). “

Image: “A master is unworthy! As soon as the title is sagged, the record champion goes 1: 3 bathing. Bavaria shows a bloodless, passionate, temporarily listless kick in Mainz. This unworthy appearance: Since there is nothing more for Mainz, at least no distortion of competition can be accused of them. “

RTL: “FC Bayern suffered the fifth season of season in the Bundesliga after a little masterly appearance. who offered a disappointing performance. The record champion never found his game against stormy Mainz. “

tz: “That was not masterful: FC Bayern loses the away game at FSV Mainz 05 only 1: 3 (1: 2). Jonathan Burkardt, Moussa Niakhaté and Leandor Barreiro scored the goals for the Rheinhessen A fourth or even fifth goal could have added. “

SPIEGEL: “The tenth championship in a row was brought in by FC Bayern, in Champions League and DFB Cup he no longer plays a role this season: the away game in Mainz was a chance, especially for some substitute players To prove competition. But that went wrong. “

FC Bayern in the DFB Cup mercilessly effective

Football women of Bayern Munich have easily reached the semi-finals around the DFB Cup. The German Champion declined Bundesliga competitor FC Carl Zeiss Jena in his stadium with 9: 1 (5: 1).

Klara Bühl (9th, 39th), Jovana Damnjanovic (25th, 37), Lina Magull (42.), Saki Kumagai (55.), Viviane Asseyi (83.) and Maximiliane Rall (88th) met for the in All matters superior favorites. Added to this was an own goal by Any Adam (77.). Also an own goal of Hanna Glas (40th) led to the Jena Honor Hunter.

The Bavaria women, who lasted in 2018 in a DFB Cup final and in a penalty shooting were inferior to the VfL Wolfsburg, did not expect any doubt about the first minute who will go from the square as a winner. The Munichers worked against frightening weak Thuringians, in which some important players could not reveal for Corona infections, opportunities in the minute. Only Jenas Torfrau Inga Schuldt was thanks that the pause guide of the guests was only 5: 1.

Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Bayern München 0-1 | Highlights | Matchday 24 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Even after the break, the Bayern women, where coach Jens Scheuer, were superior to superior. However, the opportunity recovery left to be desired.

FC Bayern Trainer Nagelsmann indicates vaccination at Kimmich and Co

The Bavaria of Munich (Fußball-Club Bayern Munich E.v., [Keep in mind 1] Pronounced/ FuːSbalˌklʊp Ban Mining/ In German and officially) is a specialist sporting activities’ entity of the city of Munich, Germany. It was started on February 27, 1900, by eleven gamers led by Franz John. It is just one of the most prominent clubs worldwide, is recognized for its specialist football section, which takes part in 1. Bundesliga. Furthermore, it contests its celebrations as a local considering that 2005 at the Allianz Sector, commonly denominated in German Schlauchboot -Trade. Inflatable boat, for its type —, which has an ability of 75 024 viewers, the twelfth among larger in Europe.
Because its beginnings to the advancement of football, a multideporting character acquired really quickly and developed numerous various other self-controls — which some were vanishing with the move of the years. The monitoring of the group is the responsibility of a subsidiary of the Club called FC Bayern Munich AG, which considering that 2002 is under the direction of the Exfutbolista Karl-Heinz Rumenigge, which handles the financial heritage and the tasks at the Allianz Field. 75.1% of the funding of this anonymous company is from the club, the other 24.99% is separated among the firms Adidas AG, Audi AG and also Allianz SE.
It is one of the most laureate club in the background of the Bundesliga, with 31 mulberry titles consisting of the 1932 German champion — when the event was not yet under its present unified format. It is additionally from the Cup and the supernova of Germany -Poses 20 and 9 prizes respectively.
At the worldwide degree, Bayern was 3rd — with a less ballot than Manchester United — in the political election of FIFA’s 4th century club, while in the research accomplished by the IFF HS to establish the ideal Club of the 20th century, he occupied The Ninth as well as 5th setting worldwide as well as Europe respectively. Also, it is among the five teams that has gained the right to protect the European Mug home, and uses the Multiple Tournament Champion Difference — to win back to back In 1974, 1975 and also 1976-. It is also among the three groups to achieve the triplet and win, furthermore, the World Cup Clubs in the same year [Keep in mind 2] -Juventus of Turin, Ajax de Amsterdam, Manchester United as well as Chelsea is the other 4 clubs that have won the 3 great competitors; The Champions League, the European Mug and the UEFA Mug-. In addition, along with Barcelona, they are the only European clubs to win twice the continental triplet, and also the only 2 clubs in the globe in Win the Sextuplets.

In the maximum European club tournament, the Champions League, Bayern has played an overall of eleven last, and also is 2nd by historic classification and rating in this event. When it comes to dominated titles, it is the third team that has most times won the Champions Organization with six prizes, matched with Liverpool and also behind Actual Madrid with thirteen, and also Milan with seven. Furthermore, because of the globe victories of 1976, 2001, 2013 and 2020, belongs to the group of the only twenty-nine clubs on the planet that have actually won the highest possible football club championship worldwide. Being the German club with even more international titles conquered.
At the sports degree, the Bavaria team keeps a competition with a number of clubs. In Germany, the rivalry is given by Russia Dortmund-IQUIPO versus one of the most current disputes in the video games called Her Classier —, with the 1860 Munich — with which he contests the Munich Derby —, Stuttgart -with the one that disputes the Suddenly —, and with the Hamburg -with the one who contests the games called the North-South Top -. Consequently, his great historic European opponent is Actual Madrid. Both clubs are the ones that have actually played most and also more triumphs they have in the Champions Organization and maintain the longest rivalry. All this rivalry is summarized in the European classic.
Economically, the Association is one of the best success in the globe: in 2020 the Bayern was positioned in the fourth location in the position of the world’s largest earnings clubs prepared by the private company Deloitte. While in 2017, the Bayern ended up fourth on the listing of the most beneficial teams of Forbes publication.
Since November 2019, the Organization included 4532 Official Fans clubs with an overall of 358 181 registered members, and additionally has 293,000 companions, that make it the sports club with the largest number of companions on the planet.

National player Joshua Gimmick and the other skeptics at Rekordmeister Bayern Munich will be apparently vaccinated. This indicated coach Julian Nagelsmann.

We’re in the right direction, said the 34-year-old in the welt on Sunday on this topic, We may soon be able to add act days.

Corresponding media reports, Bavaria last did not want to comment. However, national coach Hans Flick announced such a decision Gimmicks.

Nagelsmann had finally let you look through that the information of Spot and Goal have already been done (first) vaccinations at Serge Gnabry and Jamal Musial are correct. In addition to the two and Gimmick, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Michael Nuisance were unaware.

Key player Gimmick had missed the league classic in Dortmund (3: 2) because he had to be quarantined after a positive Corona test. I do not have that concern anymore, said Nagelsmann to ask if he feared a renewed failure from the same reason.

Wenger & Desailly respond to Nagelsmann's Bayern appointment | beIN Exclusive with Arsene Wenger
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In terms of vaccination, he supplemented: To comment in detail, the player is the player. In any case, I can say that I am confident that we will not be so many negative points of contact with the topic in the future.

Haaland madness at BVB

Three days after the out of the Champions League, Borussia Dortmund has returned to the Bundesliga in the comeback from Erlang Haaland to the trail.

After a convincing performance, the DFB Cup winner at the VFL Wolfsburg came to a deserved 3: 1 (1: 1) and thus celebrated a successful general rehearsal for the league summit against Bayern Munich. Joker Haaland caused his resolution for the decision (81.).

He missed us in the last few weeks. He is a weapon, said Julian Brandt at Sky about the Sturmjuwel from Norway. Three days after the out of the Champions League near Champions Leagueing Lisbon, BVB was also in front of Haaland’s return on course. We had to show a reaction after the game on Wednesday. We did that, said Eyre Can.

Although the guests were already in the second minute by Out Warehouse in arrears. However, in the 35th minute, the Westphalia managed by an Eyre Can transformed foul feet of compensation. Donnell caused the leadership with a flat shot from the distance (55th) — then Haaland came.

After his cattle muscle injury at the hip bubble Haaland had barely sat down on the replacement bench, because his team was already behind. After precise crossing of Ride Baku, VFL Goal Eager was successful.

Wolfsburg after the lead under pressure

Haaland Record!  | VfL Wolfsburg - Borussia Dortmund 1-3 | All Goals | Matchday 13 – Bundesliga 2021
The team of coach Marco Rose did not come from this early residue. The Lower Saxony was powerfully under pressure in the subsequent period and already Thomas Meunière (12th) and Captain Marco Reus (26th) could have been ensured for compensation.

This succeeded by CAN with a sovereign punitive impact. Maxence Delacroix had previously brought Zeus too. Davao Per van, as already in the Champions League for traverse keen Castles (Covid-19) between the poles, had no defense.

At this stage, the Coach Florian Krefeld team was at best to set small needle tiles and relieve their own defensive. The Dortmund Gate did not seriously danger until the half-time whistle, Rural Wolfsburg’s national player Lukas Mecca fell only through a yellow card in the first 45 minutes.

Haaland comes, looks and meets

The second half started how the first game section had come to an end. The BVB urged a second goal and had in the 48th minute bad luck, when Nico Schulz hit only the left post. Seven minutes later, it made paint better.

Only after this residue, the wolves became more courageous, but more than an optical field superiority did not come out at first. Krefeld asked his proteins unmistakably to offensive attacks, but it was really dangerous in the penalty area of ​​the West Germans.

Cheering, on the other hand, branded in the citizen BVB fans when Haaland entered the field in the 73rd minute. Paint the 21-year-old scorer. Only a few seconds later, the Scandinavian came to his first goal shot, then he scored his tenth goal of goal.

FC Bayern Munich The press conference with Julian Nagelsmann before the game against the Sc Freiburg in the live ticker

Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas claims André Villas-Boas, born October 17, 1977 in Porto (Portugal), is a Portuguese football trainer.

In front of the Bundesliga duel with the SC Freiburg (Sat., from 15.30 in the LiveTicker) Julian Nagelsmann will face the questions of the press. We accompany the Bayern PK here in detail for you.

This article is updated continuously.

FC Bayern: The press conference with Julian Nagelsmann in the LiveTicker

Before starting: Personnel looks much better at the German recordmaster. Many long-term injured ways are back, only substitutekeepers Sven Ulreich remains with a ribbon tear in the knee.

LIVE ???? Pressetalk mit Julian Nagelsmann vor FC Bayern - SC Freiburg | Bundesliga 11. Spieltag
Before starting: The SC Freiburg is the only unbeaten team in German professional football to Munich. So you may be curious with which tactics of the Bayern coach wants to leave his team to start.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the press conference with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann before the game against the SC Freiburg on the 11th matchday of the Bundesliga.

FCB: The PK before the game against Freiburg in the LiveStream

As usual, FC Bayern offers a free LiveStream for pressing news. On you can live live and track the PK in re-live.

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Bundesliga: The current table

| Team | Sp. | S | U | N | Goals | Diff. | Pkt.

1 | FC Bayern Munich | 10 | 8 | 1 | 1 | 38: 10 | 28 | 25
2 | Borussia Dortmund | 10 | 8 | 0 | 2 | 27: 15 | 12 | 24
3 | SC Freiburg | 10 | 6 | 4 | 0 | 17: 7 | 10 | 22

4 | Bayer 04 Leverkusen | 10 | 5 | 2 | 3 | 23: 16 | 7 | 17
5 | 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 10 | 5 | 1 | 4 | 14: 10 | 4 | 16
6 | 1. FC Union Berlin | 10 | 4 | 4 | 2 | 15: 15 | 0 | 16
7 | VfL Wolfsburg | 10 | 5 | 1 | 4 | 11: 12 | -1 | 16
8 | RB Leipzig | 10 | 4 | 3 | 3 | 21: 10 | 11 | 15
9 | TSG 1899 Hoffenheim | 10 | 4 | 2 | 4 | 19: 15 | 4 | 14
10 | Borussia Mönchengladbach | 10 | 4 | 2 | 4 | 12: 13 | -1 | 14
11 | 1. FC Cologne | 10 | 3 | 4 | 3 | 15: 18 | -3 | 13
12 | Hertha BSC | 10 | 4 | 0 | 6 | 11: 23 | -12 | 12
13 | VfB Stuttgart | 10 | 2 | 4 | 4 | 15: 19 | -4 | 10
14 | VfL Bochum | 10 | 3 | 1 | 6 | 8: 18 | -10 | 10
15 | Eintracht Frankfurt | 10 | 1 | 6 | 3 | 10: 15 | -5 | 9
16 | FC Augsburg | 10 | 2 | 3 | 5 | 9: 19 | -10 | 9
17 | Arminia Bielefeld | 10 | 0 | 5 | 5 | 6: 16 | -10 | 5
18 | SPVGG Greuther Fürth | 10 | 0 | 1 | 9 | 7: 27 | -20 | 1

FC Bayern Toppm ller feels Nagelsmann s trust

Dino Toppmöller can not complain about lack of appreciation of his chief Julian Nagelsmann.

After a Corona infection for the time being missing head coach of FC Bayern Munich familiarizes all its assistants fully – in the intense, constant exchange they stand thanks to digital conferences anyway.

Thus, after the failure of Nagelsmann at the sideline at the 4-0 on Wednesday in the Champions League against Benfica Lisbon, for the first time in the football Bundesliga in the home game on Saturday (15:30 / SKY) against the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Toppmöller together with give the remaining coaching team the commands from the bank.

How Will FC Bayern Play Under New Coach Julian Nagelsmann? | Analysis
The longtime Hoffenheim coach Nagelsmann had returned to Munich in a separate ambulance flyer from Portugal and had in domestic isolation. It s the circumstances correspondingly good , the fully vaccinated 34-year-old had betrayed in a first reaction. The leadership of his star ensemble sees Nagelsmann in the best hands anyway.

Toppmöller replaces diseased Nagelsmann at FC Bayern

I think you were a very good head coach yourself and you know that. That s why I guess it all the more that you support me with your expertise and continue to contribute to the successes , in a few weeks ago in the podcast of Bayern of Toppmöller FC Bayern and praised his incredibly fast comprehension and own creativity .

The son of the former BundesligaTrainer Klaus Toppmöller, together with the other assistants Benjamin Happiness and Xaver Zembrod, is further requested first. Julian can rely on responsibility as a head coach and felt one s trust. This is a great feature of him, said Dino Toppmöller on cooperation that began in the summer of 2020 at RB Leipzig. Under Nagelsmann you could move a bit far free . In addition, the boss is a human catcher. He can delight people, always has good sayings in stock and is a gifted joke narrator, Toppmöller said laughing.

Julian gives the guidelines and principles, and we are also able to realize a bit, Zembrod, who also brought Nagelsmann from Leipzig before this season.

Praise at the temporary boss made it from Nagelsmann itself and also from the team. Toppmöller has it great, the whole coaching team is not only a person who then represented the Julian as a chef coach, said Nationaltorwart Manuel new still in Lisbon. We always work all together, all are in the meetings and have a great deal of sympathy. They have all done well together.

New before 300. Bundesliga victory

New is after his 100th Champions League game for FC Bayern before the next impressive brand. With a threesome against the TSG, he would be able to celebrate his 300th victory in the Bundesliga – so far only the current Munich board leader Oliver Kahn (310) has broken this sound wall.

Lisbon has worked successfully – then it can go against Hoffenheim around the former Münchner Nachwuchtzoach Sebastian Hoeneß on the sideline, right?

They came into walking without a question, said the nephew of the long-standing Bavarian Patrons Uli Hoeneß and had to accept a corona failure in offensive player Christoph Baumgartner. We still go to Munich and try to annoy the Bavarians and to ask them from problems. In the past season, the even at home on 4: 1 – in the second leg on the Isar, the FC Bayern also revealed with 4: 1.

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