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The producer of the next Fatal Fury shares the first details and suggests a new SNK vs Capcom for the future

Good times for lovers of fighting video games. This month we have witnessed news such video games the arrival of Rollback Netcode to Dragon Ball Fighterz, news about Street Fighter 6 and even the suspicion that Tekken 8 is in the plans of Bandai Namco. And now it touches the new installment of Fatal Fury , which hvideo games shared the first details, among which one stands out in special: the way for a player will be the great protagonist and Terry Bogard will not miss the party .

During the Gamescom 2022, Yvideo gamesuyuki Oda hvideo games attended the Twinfinite half, and although he affirms that it is a great relevideo gamese and that is why it will spend time until you can see more because they want to do the perfect things, he hvideo games not hesitated to make it clear that * The singleplayer mode will have more weight than the online multiplayer **, something that hvideo games not usually been so common in the genre for several years. We will have to wait to learn more details.

SNK vs Capcom resists falling into oblivion

For its part, it seems that the mythical franchise that faces the characters of The King of Fighters with those of Street Fighter hvideo games not said its lvideo gamest word , although almost 20 years have pvideo gamessed since its lvideo gamest main installment ( SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos for Arcade, PS2 and Xbox). It hvideo games been Yauyuki Oda himself, producer and designer of the series, who hvideo games video gamessured that is something we all want in the future , referring to a possible new game of the saga.

Although Oda also comments that there hvideo games been no talk in detail with anyone from Capcom in this regard, he hvideo games joked by stating that they will try to make it possible in 10 years, after being video gamesked ironically if we would have to wait two more decades. Finally, he hvideo games not hesitated to affirm that seeing a new installment is one of the most desired things in the community of fighting games.

The villain VS citizen competition game Dragon Ball The Breakers will be released on October 13. CBT in August where you can use Frieza

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment announced on July 21 that it will release the online asymmetric action game Dragon Ball The Breakers on October 13 (Steam version is distributed on October 14). Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One. The price is 1980 yen for the regular version, 2980 yen for the special edition, and 6980 yen for the Asoba Store special edition (all excluding tax).

Dragon Ball The Breakers is an asymmetric online action game based on the world view of Dragon Ball. Players are divided into one Raider, a powerful character such as cells and Frieza, and seven survivors, the general public. The raider is aiming to destroy the survivor, and the survivor’s goal is to escape from the field with a time machine.

Raiders with overwhelming power can evolve by clearing certain conditions, and new skills and special moves can be used each time they evolve. Another feature is that you can blow off some divided fields one by one to reduce the field.


Survivors, on the other hand, aim to collect the startup key scattered in the field and start the time machine. Around the startup system, the battle with the raider will be intense. Survivor has a low fighting power, so it must survive by making good use of various items and skills that appear. However, by gathering change power, it is possible to transform into a super warrior with the power comparable to the raider.

In this work, the regular version is dedicated to download, and the reservation benefits include the transformer Android No. 18 (skill: wall kicking) and the costume Scouter (blue). The transformer is contained in the soul of a super warrior, and the survivor can release its power. In addition to the above contents, Special Edition includes customization costumes, victory poses, and vehicle skins. And the Asoba Store Special Edition includes Cell Shell Figure. The special edition of the Asoba Store seems to be only the PS4/Nintendo Switch version.

Dragon Ball The Breakers will be released on October 13 for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One on October 13 for PC (Steam).

From August 6 to 7, a closed network test of this work will be held. From the previous test, it is said that new elements are newly prepared, such as a new freeza can be used as a raider. In addition, it is implementing the implementation of practices mode, adjusting various game balance, improving matching-related, and improving graphics. The application deadline is until 23:59 on July 31st. You can apply on a special site.

The mythical Pac-Man returns once again with a PAC remake

The iconic Pac-Man will once again return to the news of the video game thanks to a remake of a very special adventure of the mythical comecocos. This hPac-Man World been announced Bandai Namco Entertainment Pac-Man World part of the recent Nintendo Direct Min I that took place this afternoon, frame in which it hPac-Man World been made official Pac-Man World re-pac , an updated and improved version of the platforms Pac-Man World thanks to graphics put up to date and controls with some novelties. And we have a first trailer that you can see on these lines in which, in addition, its relePac-Man Worlde date on PC and consoles is confirmed: August 26, 2022 .

Pac-Man returns with a new remake

Pac-Man World the most veteran players will remember, Pac-Man World is a action platforms that mixes phPac-Man Worldes of jumps with clPac-Man Worldsic labyrinths of the saga, both in 2D and 3D. His plot is Pac-Man World simple Pac-Man World one would expect for a title of these characteristics that bets everything to his jugginess. Thus, Pac-Man returns to his home to celebrate his birthday, at which time he discovers that his family and friends have been kidnapped. He is time to travel to Ghosting Island to rescue his loved ones through six different worlds with his own final bosses.

All this through the most varied playable bets with the possibility of unlocking new game modes and even clPac-Man Worldsic labyrinths of the saga, including the original PAC-Man. They have taken Pac-Man’s family and only you can save her from the ghosts in Pac-Man World Re-Pac!, A totally new remake. Are you ready to satisfy your hunger for adventure? We can read in the Official Description of him.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch on the nextAugust 26, 2022 *.

Dragon Ball Xenoversee 2: Goku Ultra Instinct is the next person in DLC, here is the trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Vous pensiez que Bandai Namco Entertainment en avait fini avec Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ? Think again ! Six ans après sa sortie sur PC, PS4 et Xbox One, le jeu continue de s’enrichir avec l’arrivée prochaine d’un nouveau DLC en la personne de Goku dans sa version Ultra Instinct. Ce choix, c’est le public qui l’a décidé par le biais d’un vote qui avait pour but de designer le prochain personnage jouable, parmi Dyspo, Bergamo, Vegeta GT, C-18 version DB Super et Goku Ultra Instinct. C’est donc ce dernier qui a remporté le suffrage des votes de la communauté et arrivera l’été prochain (ouais, on a le temps). Pas de quoi s’extasier quand on sait que la version Goku Ultra Instinct Maîtrisé est d’ores et déjà dans le roster depuis plusieurs années. Un choix controversé puisque certaines personnes ont constaté que les animations sont exactement les mêmes entre les deux versions de l’Ultra Instinct. Doublon, vous avez dit doublon ? Qu’importe, c’est le public qui a voté, rappelons-le…

“Digimon Savib” for a long time after a long time. Producer comments “I have seen the completion of the completion”

Bandai Namco Entertainment published a new Tizor Trailer of “Digimon Savib” on March 16th. This is a video that has been offended by the Digimoncon for Digimon Concon held on February 27. In addition, archive videos of “Digimon Game Information Q & A Corner” at the same event are also released, and it has been a long time since a long time.

“Digimon Savibe” is the latest work of the Digital Monster series. The boys and girls who got lost in the different world are drawn as a text novel adventure with the monster, and the tactics battle part that fights the monsters of fellows as a unit and fight against the hostile monster. It is said that the choice to be done in dangerous adventure will decide the evolution of the monster to be fostered and change the story.

This work was announced in 2018 and was scheduled to be released in 2019 at that time, but it is postponed to the reason for improving quality. Thereafter, the postponement was overpoured and the fan was made a fans. At present, it is planned to be released in 2022. This time, the video of the producer Hanyu, who answered the fan’s questions, has been released and talks about the background postponement.

Mr. Hanyu first apologize for waiting for a fan to expect this work, and the situation where the follow-up was disrupted for a while. Then, the release postponement is accompanied by changing the development team. It was identified as of 2020 years, but further depressed explanation.

At that time, I thought that I was able to deliver the follow-up to the same year. However, when the material taken over from the former development team was confirmed, it was found that it is not accompanied by the specification of the game, and it is difficult to implement as it is. And it seems that we could not deliver the follow-up by examining the development continuation and time to investigate the situation.

As a result, it is decided to continue development by creating material data under the new development team. The current development situation is at the debugging stage, and it has been found that the completion look was visible. For the release time of interest, I was at the time of the company, so I wanted to wait for a while.

“Digimon Savibe” will be released in 2022 for PS4 / Nintendo Switch. In addition, PC (STeam) and Xbox One / Xbox Series x | S version release are also guided for overseas.

Bandai Namco works on an ambitious home engine

Although Grand Customer of the Unreal Engine Engine, Bandai Namco did not hire Julien Merceron in December 2015 to redo the painting. After Ubisoft, Square Enix and Konami, the French technical director works with the bandai Namco Ponges on this project that should lead in a year.

ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal
As explained by the representatives of the Technology Department of Bandai Namco at the Automaton Media site as part of a sponsored content of recruitment brochure, this engine in preparation for years is designed to give birth to ambitious productions, including in open world. Although adopted the Unreal Engine at the beginning of the previous generation for the last opus of franchises as emblematic as Tekken, Soulcalibur, Ace Combat and Tales of but also new licenses as a vein code and Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco estimates that A corporate company must also have its home technology instead of resting entirely on external technologies. After all, Capcom managed this bet with his Re Engine.

Validated in 2018, the development of this engine still unnamed has started seriously around 2019 with a handful of engineers and technical artists who are now more than 50 on the project, including the Julien Merceron Technical Director, well known for having occupied The same position at Ubisoft, Square Enix as well as on the Konami Fox Engine before joining Bandai Namco in December 2015. But as we can suspect, the development of this technology is not a simple formality and its Production was interrupted in 2020 to be relaunched with a stronger development base and a new language.

His ambition is to be able to support without flinching up high-end open games and games with complex mechanisms. In concrete terms, however, no game is in development with this engine at the time it is and this should not be the case before another year. The idea of ​​Bandai Namco is to develop some of its games (especially the biggest) with this engine, without imposing it as the only solution of the company, which means that some games will always be developed with Unreal or Unity according to their characteristics. For example, the engine will be specially adapted to mobile games, in any case not at the beginning.

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