Although many WoW fans are currently discussing WOW: DragonFlight and the 2022 CLASSIC version of Wrath of the Lich King , we are not allowed to look at the everyday life on the live servers. to lose. And while the community of TBC Classic is preparing slowly, but certainly on the final in the Sonnenbrunnenplateau **, the opening of Ahn’qiraj on the program stands in the first season of the championship. Let’s start soon!

War efforts for Ahn’Qiraj

Before the gates of Ahn’qiraj open, the players of all servers – you know the procedure certainly – have a lot of resources farms. However, there are two challenges that Classic Fresh brings: The grind effort is already a real house number already on very well attended servers. However, the population of the championship season is comparatively small. At the same time, the publication rhythm of the phases precipitates very quickly, so it does not remain much time until Naxxramas stands in front of the door.

The Blizzard developers adapt the war efforts for Ahn’Qiraj on the “season of the championship” servers. When the starting signal falls on April 22, 2022 , expect the following adjustments:

  • Overall, only half as many resources are needed as before.
  • The time until the automatic completion of the targets of a war effort begins was reduced.
    • Through this change, Ahn’qiraj’s gates open on all Realms within a month after the start of the event.
  • The repeatable quest “The hand of justice” now grants twice as much call at the breed nozdormus.

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) Classic WoW Guide ???? DUNGEON DIVES

In addition, all adventurers entering the temple of Ahn’qiraj meet the mysterious prophecy of the chaos. She holds additional challenges in the temple for you, if your call is high enough for the breed nozdormus. C’Thun was also relocated to its original, most horrible form. The nightmare old God will therefore challenge you much more than in his original form in Wow (Buy Now) Classic. Basic information on the contents of this Classic phase can be found in our guide WOW Classic: Ahn’qiraj calls, Phase 5 is started – All information about Patch 1.13.5 .

WoW Classic: Season of the Championship – Official Patch Notes for Version 1.14.3

The gates of Ahn’Qiraj

  • For the war efforts now a total of half as many resources are needed as before.
  • The time until the automatic completion of the targets of a war effort begins was reduced.
    • Through this change, Ahn’qiraj’s gates open on all Realms within a month after the start of the event.
  • The call reward for the breed nozdormus from the repeatable quest “The hand of justice” was doubled.
    • _ Comment The developer: There is a well-known error with the display of this reward. The chat indicates that 200 reputation was obtained, the actual amount for the completion of the quest is 400 reputation._

Temple of Ahn’qiraj

  • At the encounter with Prophet Skeram, great adjustments were made.
  • Players are now in the temple of Ahn’qiraj distributed pile of “Treibsand”. If you are interacting with these piles, players nearby get a stackable movement speed bonus (both while riding and walking).
  • Raid groups who defeat Prophet Skeram to get access to the tunnels under Ahn’qiraj, meet the “prophecy of the chaos” and can interact with this mysterious object to get dark whisper and further challenges in the temple of Ahn’qiraj to activate.
    • New mechanics for the prophecy of the chaos are available when players with the breed nozdormus achieve new call levels.
    • If your boss defeats, while you are under the influence of the prophecy of the chaos, you will receive more booty (scaling with the chosen difficulty level).
  • The level of difficulty of basic version of encounter with fan crack to the relentless was adjusted.
    • _ COMTATAR The developer: This encounter has not received new mechanics, but in the future you must interact stronger with existing mechanics. Already in the original_ world of Warcraft und in WoW Classic War this fight comparatively easy comparatively simple in the temple of Ahn’qiraj. Through this change, even the basic version of the fight in the season of the championship would feel more dangerous.
  • C’Thuns Original fearful figure was restored.
    • Complent developer: Due to more frequent inquiries, we have restored the version of C’Thun before weakening in all their mathematically impossible splendor.


Adjustments to materials and occupations

  • Adjustments have been made to certain professions and the availability of many handicraft materials:
    • The requirement of level 60 for alchemists in order to obtain additional items through successful production was removed.
    • Alchimia is still required at level 300.
    • The requirement of level 60 for herbalists for finding Schwarzerm Lotus in high -level herbal deposits was removed.
    • If arcane bars, moon material or supple indestructible bellows are produced, you now get more bars, fabric or bellows.
    • Level 300 is required by alchemy, tailoring or leather processing.
    • The times until almost all herbal deposits were reappeared.
    • _ Commentary of the developers: In many cases, the minimal and maximum recovery times were reduced by half or even more. This change works in combination with the changes that were already made in the season of the championship._
    • Thanks to new knowledge in the development of fishing technology in Azeroth, it is now possible to catch several fire -finish snappers, oily black mouth and stone scale rooms with a single fishing test.
    • More elementary water, elementary earth and elementary fire can now be obtained from the corresponding herbal and ore deposits.
    • There is now a chance that several demonic runes are dropped by creatures such as satyrs.
  • Both in the ruins as well as in the Temple of Ahnqiraj, many more scarabes, idols and box keys can now be preserved.
  • More jewelry and coins can now be obtained from all sources in Zul’gurub.
    • Hakkar now drops a chest with jewelry when it is killed.

User interface

  • New access options such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text have been added burning crusade classic. Here you can learn more about these features.

Fixed error

  • An error in Classic ERA was fixed through which C’thun occasionally used his unpredictable movement animations during the ‘Dark Staring’ ability.
  • A mistake in Classic ERA and in the season of the championship was remedied, through which the plump toilet from Bauer Dalson could not be interacted in the western plague countries and no progress for the quest could be made.
  • A mistake in the season of the championship was remedied through which the mechanics that prevent exploits from instances could be avoided by engineering grenades.
  • A mistake in Classic ERA was fixed to immediately let the Maexxnas ‘fan net’ immediately fall on the floor instead of hanging on the wall.
  • Several improvements on the crotch have been overwhelmed in the quest “The missing diplomat” in the Marschen von Dustwallow, through which the event is less often stopped and quest progress is less often blocked.

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