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Returnal Stumbles in Early Sales on PC – Data from First Weekend Revealed

A few days ago PlayStation launched one of its exclusive now on PC, return, video game that is only available in PS5 consoles and was very well received by critics.
However, these awards have not done much justice, because it is confirmed that both sales and the number of players have not been the most favorable.

As collected by the media, the Roguelike cutting video game has managed to accumulate a maximum of 7,000 players during its past weekend on the Steam platform.
That means that it has somehow been a failure in terms of copies sold, although it does not exceed Sack boy: Big Adventure, to which it was worse.


It is worth mentioning that there are PC ports that have worked much better, including God of War with around 74,000 users, Marvels Spider-Man with 66,000, Horizon Zero Dawn with 56,000 and Days Gone with 28,000.
That can be made a prediction, which can give high numbers to The Last of Us Part I when it appears.
For now there are no more confirmed games beyond the adventure of Joel and Ellie, but there is a pattern in Sony games launched on the computer, so now that of Ratchet & Clank could now be announced: Rift Apart or Demon Souls.
However, we will have to wait for an official revelation by Sony in an event like State of Play.
Via: VGC
Editor’s note: It is evident that he was not going to do so well, since it is a new saga in PlayStation, so at least it should be appreciated that it was not a total disaster like with Sack boy.
We’ll see how the last of us is going in March.

PS plus May 2022: When are the free

With all the Easter troubles you could always forget that soon the official unveiling of the free PlayStation Plus games of the month May 2022 is pending! If Sony stops at the traditional revelation rhythm, then you should mark the following date in the calendar.

When will the PS4 / PS5 games of May 2022-lineup be revealed?

* Expected appointment: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 *
* Expected time: 17: 30 (German time)
* When are the games available? Tuesday,
3. May 2022 ** (at 12 o’clock at noon German time)

* How is this appointment? The PS plus games are published by default on the first Tuesday of the month. And Wednesday in the week before the revelation takes place. This results in a revelation on April 27 and activation on 3 May for this month. You can then download the titles without additional additional costs if you have paid PS plus membership.

** 17:30 clock is the traditional time of the revelation. In the last few months, there was always Leaks to the new PS plus games in advance. This month, however, there are no leaks of the known sources.

  • Which PS plus games can you download?
    Here you will find the complete PS plus-lineup in April 2022

The highlight of the April 2022 bid is the addictive card game Slay the Spire, which you can watch again in the trailer:

Are there already a leak to the PlayStation Plus games in May 2022?

No, so far not. In the past, the complete lineup has been properly jelly for several times from the French deal site Dealabs, so far nothing has appeared there.

  • Also interesting for PlayStation fans: Just runs a huge sale in PS store with hundreds offered .

If the PlayStation Plus games are released in advance, then we will update this article and inform you immediately.

Now is the German time Community asked: What games do you want yourself for the upcoming PS plus-lineup in May 2022? Write us in the comments!

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