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Overwatch League, 7 oclock on the regular season of the eastern region

[Blizzard Entertainment Park Ye -jin reporter] Blizzard Entertainment’s 7th Overwatch League eastern part of the Overwatch League will open on the 20th.

The East Regional Season Season Season Company was reorganized at 7:00 pm ahead of the opening of this season.

The first match is the Philadelphia Fusion, which is guarded by the defending champion Shanghai Dragons and the league’s best dealer.

The confrontation between Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark, scheduled for 10 pm on the 20th, is also noteworthy. ‘TOBI’ Yang Jin -mo, who was once a representative of Seoul Dynasty, debuted as the Seoul team manager.

Of the nine games in the eastern part of the opening week, six games scheduled for Friday and Sunday are responsible for the commentary of Jeong So -rim and Jang Ji -soo. On the 2nd day of the opening, three games will be combined with Kim Jung -min Caster and the Overwatch League professional commentary. In all nine western games, Hwang Kyu -hyung and Hong Hyun -sung commentary catch the microphone.

Overwatch League 2022 Season | Kickoff Clash Qualifiers | Week 3 Day 3 — East

Meanwhile, the 2022 season is attracting attention as the first season to open on May 6 and to be in the early Overwatch 2nd Build.

LOL: How was the old sion? So the champion eliminated that he could kill with his gaze

Zion is one of the fashion champions in League of Legends . The new ways of playing that the community has learned from the streamers rarely give results, making anyone want to have it in his team or face him. The truth is that he is not a very effective champion, but his bane rate does not stop increasing as the days go by and little by little he becomes one of the most hated. What everyone knows is that its new version of it born in ReWork is not even half of terrifying that existing in the game before the relaunch.

The League of Legends champion who killed with his eyes

We still remember the first version of Zion as one of the less attractive champions that Riot Games has created . His skills were the simplest and combined a great power in basic attacks with sick scales of skill power. A very strange combination that has never finished working in the game and that gave rise to a pretty poor character that could not always be played. However, at the time when he was fine or had a favorable confrontation, facing him was horrifying.

To make memory, we will review the skills of the old Zion…

Passive – without pain *: Zion has a 40% chance to reduce 30/40/50 damage less due to basic attacks
Q-Cryptic look *: He terrifies the enemies with their eyes, inflicting 70-300 (+ 90% AP) of magical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

W-Mortal caress *: Zion shields himself 10-300 (+90% AP) Life points for 10 seconds. After 4 seconds, if he is still active, he can detonate the shield to inflict 100-300 (+ 90% AP) of damage in area.
E-Enrabieado *: By activating the ability, he wins 25-65 attack damage. In return, his attacks cost 6-14 life points. While the ability is active, killing a unit increases 1-3 life points permanently. He has no cooling.

Sion - Before the Rework
* R – CANIBALISM : For 20 seconds, Zion wins 50/75 / 100% of life robbe Damage inflicted on nearby allies.

The old sion skills kit was very little inspired. Everything revolved around hitting the rival with basic attacks on the rival. However, there were no tools to reach them beyond a cryptic look that did not fit his skills’s kit either. Are we really going to overlook that a skill says that the enemy terrifies and its effect is stunned instead of “fear“? In short, the champion played running for the enemies after stunning them with the shield put . To all this we must add a passive with a random mechanics that never fits a competitive game.

The bad thing is that in the best times of him the champion was insufferable. He accumulated a lot of life and was unbeatable to 1. He could reach almost 100 attack points during the first level of the game . In addition, the stunning of him applied by clicking on the objective (such as the old Taric) and was impossible to dodge. However, beyond the frustration caused with all the positive points, not even the players who could try League of Legends Classic considered it as one of the best during the first seasons.

LOL: Zeu5 is the new monarch in Colombian lands, so the Golden League finished

The national leagues are a great opportunity for players who enter a professional level demonstrate what they are made, yesterday the Golden League’s great ending was held at Colombia , facing Zeu5 Bogotá in Against Braves Rising at a better five to decide the best team in the league.

Pointing as favorites due to the success of past tournaments and with their great performance within this season the team of zeu5 headed by Juan “Jujo” Rodríguez had a weight on top to show that they deserve the title of champion. On the other hand the Brava squad did not come with the best conditions, arriving in fourth place in the table and losing the first game of playoffs before zeu5 they had to come from the lower bracket and defeat teams like King of Goats and Awake Gaming to get his deserved pass to the final.

Onoda Esports vs Zeu5 Bogotá | Golden League Apertura 2020 | Jornada 1-1 | League of Legends
Beginning the confrontation The Zeu5 team took the initiative with a Viktor in the central lane in the hands of Jaime “Zelt” Urbina who managed to put a difficult line to cross, despite the ambush attempts of Alejandro “Athyz” Núñez and prioritize the dragons to try to reduce the difference of gold, however, ZEU5 was infallible in team fights, getting increasing the economic advantage they had, the work done by the support Juan “Ichiwin “Armila was spectacular due to the number of initiations he could survive on each occasion, with all this the team of the Colombian wolves took the first point of the series.

Now starting the second confrontation of the series, Braves Rising I had to seek to take the early advantage in the game, on this occasion Miguel “Kantoshi” Escobar with a FIORA would be in charge of taking advantage at the top of the map but Victor “Keii” Durango with the scourge of the seas would be denied and with the barrel wrapped would cause havoc in the crack, thanks to the control of the jungle that Gustavo proposed “Hexos” Pérez with Jarvan would get to get An early soul of the oceans to close the second game in favor of ZEU5.

Arriving at a third game, it could be the end for brave rising , they took a tryndamere for kantoshi that in a way would it work, however, hexes now with a Volibear I would take the reins and dragons to avoid climbing the rival team, now Felipe “Hobbler” Tobón would be the protagonist of the series with a Zeri that exploded rivals to sparks and thanks to the meat wall It was ichiwin with tahm kench I managed to survive giving his team the Colombian championship.

After a series centered towards only one side the team of zeu5 bogotá is crown again as the monarch of the golden cup **, consolidating its domain within the region, hoping to get more points to get to Promo / relegation and perhaps in the future to see them compete in the Latin American League before teams such as Team Aze or Stral.

LOL: The play of a jarvan to escape the enemy team that caused the comeback of his team

Escape problems in League of Legends can happen in several ways, after all, Riot Games mob champions have different skills, objects, spells of invoker and map elements to move from the more different shapes. A player could use all these tricks to overcome an enemy team and leave alive: he is a true escape master.

The work in question was published in Reddit and shows a Jarvan IV persecuted by Amumu and Ahri . He was on the right side of the map, but he chose to use the hextech portal near the dragon’s area to land on the side of the opponents. What he did not expect was to run with more enemies who would try to hunt him to finish once and for all an incredibly couple game.

Jarvan used the combo E + q of him to cross the wall of the buff blue and meet the gallium and Ahri enemies. He is even trapped by the control of the Claim Champion. He however he uses the flash across the wall, crosses the enemy jungle and ends at the base of the red team, at which he uses the Hextech portal to return to the battlefield located in the wolves. And yes, none of the opponent team thought about waiting there watching everything he had done before.

Using his abilities, he passes between the towers and goes into the jungle by the red top, escaping from gallium who, at this point, was the only one who was still trying to reach him. Mission fulfilled, and best of all? The Jarvan IV team accumulated 1000 gold during that time, equaling the advantage in the game. Often, pursuing an enemy may not be the ideal play, as was the case of this Zeri who practically recreated a scene from Fast and Furious in the loyalty crack.

EASY OP Jarvan Build for Free wins ???? | Jarvan IV Jungle Beginners Guide Season 12 League of Legends
The red team spent so much time trying to get a death that even if they got it, it would not bring a lot of advantage in that state of the game **. Maybe an attempt by Baron, but the fight would be 4v4 with amumu without definitive and many team members without the spells of him.

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