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Rekkles on Fnatics Disastrous Start to 2023 LEC Season: I Felt At The Mercy Of Upset

The team may introduce some extreme modifications soon, as reports pointed at replacing their head coach, leading later Under, in addition to novice assistance Chuck. The group has yet to announce any roster modification, however.


I can say its entering the best direction, he claimed. Reckless likewise meant roster modifications, although he didn’t specify what they’ll entail especially.

The team started talks with the benched crawler later to establish whether he was going to return to the active roster in Springtime, according to Reckless.

Reckless stated he encountered challenges in both the Wintertime split and the break. [It] was a very negative experience for me, being uncertain, listening to all these things happening behind my back, he added. Associated: Fanatic reportedly readied to select brand-new LEC head train

He answered inquiries from the conversation, opening about his mindset following a disappointing beginning of the period, as well as coming into the LEC Spring Split, which will kick off following month.

Reckless didn’t mean Disturbed leaving Fanatic being a done bargain, however. He said that Fanatic put them both in an uneasy setting and also that something would have to alter for either of them in the future. He didn’t feel the circumstance was resolved.

Quickly after Reckless livestream, Organization reporter Woo loo tweeted that Upset got to a verbal contract with Vitality to join its LEC team in advance of Spring.

He claimed that the break in between both Splits was tormented by strong uncertainty for every single gamer on the roster, that all feared for their placement within the group. This includes himself, who exposed sensation at the mercy of Upset throughout the break.

I informed Fanatic that I needed assurance that Upset wasn’t having fun for them in 2023 because or else, it didn’t make feeling for me to devote., so that’s why I really felt so empty currently when I heard this…. I didn’t really feel angry or unfortunate.

Still, Reckless also revealed hopes as well as resolution ahead of the teams next matches. He said he anticipated to get a new beginning in the Springtime Split which Fanatic currently dealt with fixing their mistakes, covering various elements of their performance such as training, approach, and also a lot more.

Fanatics experienced gamer Reckless opened concerning the tragic start of the 2023 League of Legends competitive period by the team in an unusual livestream previously today.

I informed Fanatic that I required guarantee that Disturbed wasn’t playing for them in 2023 due to the fact that or else, it didn’t make feeling for me to devote…. I didn’t truly feel sad or mad. Reckless didn’t hint at Distressed leaving Fanatic being a done bargain. He stated that Fanatic placed them both in an uneasy position and that something would have to transform for either of them in the future. He didn’t feel the circumstance was resolved.

The LEC Winter Split has actually crowned G2 Esports champions recently, sending them to Aprils Mid-Season Invitational. Now, groups are preparing to return on stage when LEC Springtime Split kicks off on March 11.

One Rising LEC Star Leads League in Kills: 2023 LEC Winter Split

The young star has actually required an excellent quantity of resources throughout the season, leading the LEC with a massive 30.5 percent share of his groups amount to gold. With a heap of gold and lots of assistance from his colleagues, Exact has the ability to carry the weight of bring his squad on champs like Zero, Lucian, and Caitlyn.

Capture SK in action when the season continues on Saturday, Feb. 11.


Exact isn’t the only gamer that has been carrying out well for SK. Mark Maroon van Counsel has actually been quietly performing at a high level, setting up plays and pushing his team into beneficial positions, even though his statistics aren’t eye-popping, and his champ pool isn’t as amazing as others.

Exact presently leads the league in eliminates, average experience difference at 15 minutes, and average creep rating difference at 15 minutes, according to pro League statistics aggregate Oracles Elixir. He is also in the leading 5 for the greatest share of one’s amount to team kills, making him a substantial factor to Asks success.

One shining example that has actually risen from his LEC debut is SK Gaming rookie AD carry Thomas Exact Found, who has burst onto the scene as one of the very best players in his role. The 19-year-old possibility took over as the lead star for the organization this previous split, helping the team finish as a top-three lineup for the very first time since 2015.

The 2023 LEC Winter Split has actually brought a lot of ups and downs for European League of Legends fans and gamers alike, especially with the leagues new format. The shortened routine season has actually pushed the competition to end up being fiercer than ever, and as a result, some diamonds have been forged in the fires of competitors.

Overall, SK has become a fan favorite of the 2023 Winter Split, and a dark horse for a deep run towards a possible LEC championship. The remainder of the pack looks just as difficult, nevertheless, and will require another enormous enhancement from the group as they go into best-of series area.

Aurelion Sol Re-Emerges On The PBE Client: Get Ready For A Whole New Way To Play

League gamers were originally expecting Aurelio Sol to appear in the customer on patch 13.3, but they may have to wait a bit more to be starstruck with the Star Forgers brand-new capabilities and cosmetic. The cosmic dragon is now unrestrained by the three turning stars he initially had, and can roam easily throughout the Rift while breathing fire. However, what players will have to fear the most are his cosmic meteors that will reverberate throughout the map.

Furthermore, League gamers can also expect the Star Forger to showcase a brand-new skin quickly, as Riot previously announced that he will get a brand-new cosmetic in 2023. In the meantime, gamers can have enjoyable watching out for concealed Easter eggs in the dragons new graphics impact. Some League gamers already spotted a Lee Sin in Aurelio Sols supreme when it’s tossed while the Star Forger is using his Storm Dragon skin.


Aurelio Sol arrived at the BE customer, beautifying all League of Legends gamers with his existence– and new abilities. The Star Forger got a make-over and is now headed to the Rift with a new capability package and some surprise Easter eggs in his brand-new visuals.

The cosmic dragon finally revealed himself to all League players after his arrival on Leagues BE, which was initially postponed due to tech problems. After seeing Aurelio Sols new set for the very first time, League players are now able to test him out prior to his last release later on this month.

Lol: 5 things we do in Aram but we wouldnt think of trying in the invoker crack

Aram is the preferred mode for many League of Legends players. Born in the community as a specific modification of personalized games, soon Riot Games began to work to create an official way to play All Random All Mid. This is more than a decade, and Aram continues to seduce millions of players around the world.

However, this game mode has very peculiar codes. You cannot play in the same way as a game in the invoker crack. It is necessary to consider these meetings in a very different way, to the point of to do things that would not occur to us to try on the traditional map of League of Legends .

Find champions that you don’t usually use to practice


I know that there are players who buy a Nilah and play it for the first time in ranked without having read or skills. But most of the players would even think about doing this, or even playing a game with a champion who do not dominate. With a single exception, Aram.

In Aram, everything is worth . That is why it makes sense that it is where you try new champions that until now had not made you tilín. It is even a good way to find characters that you didn’t like so far.

Use an AD champion, but play it AP because there is a lot of physical damage

We have all lived. Miss Fortune touches you as a champion and the first thing you do is review your allies. It doesn’t matter if you have a Kennen, Azir, Maokai and Braum, because you will always think there is too much physical damage. based on this, your determination is as simple as this: I get AP because as physical resistance is bought, we will lose .

And the opposite can also happen, that with Neeko try to acquire attack speed and damage when hitting with basic attacks.

Burning the flash as if it didn’t have cooling

It is an axiom. If I have to play with Blitzcrank or Thresh, the first thing I do is run to the central area of the map, use the flash and throw the hook. It is a superhuman drive that makes me spend the most important invoker spell in League of Legends without knowing if I am going to get something.

But it’s not just that, but we also seek to do things like level plays under the enemy tower, or burn the flash to apply an even more impressive combo.

Buy very specific objects

I do not know if it is the recommended object, but it is evident that there are several objects that are a must. Normally the goddess tears are distributed, either for AP champions or for AD champions, because the fantasy of power in Aram is none other than throwing skills without stopping.

Similarly, I can’t stop buying objects that have damage over time. Liandry and demonic hug are usually in my Build, as well as serious injuries . The objective is to make the rivals never see high life. Although other objects may do more.

Choose Teacher Yi

Many years ago I do not use Master Yi in a game of League of Legends, perhaps since there was that object of jungles that gave almost infinite attack speed. But in Aram… the thing is different. I cannot say no to Yi’s resets on a map that does not offer escape to rivals.

The first moments may be hard, but once you achieve the first decline and with the R activated, you become a meat choppy machine.

LOL: The feared champion in the highest ranges that is harmless to the rest of the players

One of the big problems that Riot Games faces is that League of Legends is not a single video game. It is clear that speaking in strict terms it is. However, all community members know that it is not the same to play your games in the lowest ranges than to do it in the highest area of the qualifying stairs. Neither the strategies nor the champions used are similar and there are characters that can adapt brilliantly to the game style of the most skilled users. It is something that has always happened, but that we have rarely seen as exaggerated as it is happening with Draven .

The champion who fear the best League of Legends players

Draven has always been considered one of the most difficult characters to play all League of Legends . The mechanics of collection of axes allows him to hit enemies stronger and load accumulations to redeem an excessive amount of gold the first time he gets a decline. With this extra income, the departure can be put behind. However, it is enough to make a half error for the rivals to end with him and prevent his passive from making effective. In this way, a champion who needs to get advantages to work is on the edge of the useless.

Most of The shooters work better at the highest skill levels since they all share very marked weaknesses: they are fragile and when a rival reaches their life expectancy, it is reduced to just two seconds. However, and even if they are united by this characteristic, there are few in which these generic features arrive with such an important benefit. In the case of Draven, getting a good survival rate means to do monstrous damage with each basic blow throughout the rest of the game.


The cocktail is already explosive, but to this we must add a couple of additional circumstances. The first is that Play without delivering easy casualties to the opponent depends above all on our good work . If we do not fail when choosing our position and prevent the waves from reaching the tower, it is practically impossible for the rivals to hunt us. In fact, one of the most marked characteristics of the Master, Grandmaster or Challenger games is the least number of deaths. Ultimately we must not forget the circumstances: Draven right now has quite high statistics.

The sum of everything we have said so far has given rise to a very curious situation for League of Legends players. Draven is one of the most prominent heroes in the ranges of Mayormmr . High-level players have real dread for him to the point that, if we only take into account the members of the Master community up, it has been banned in 56.9% of the games and has a victory rate stratospheric in diamond or more (53.2%). For establishing a comparison, in silver he receives vetoes in 14.4% of the clashes and does not win in half of the occasions he appears in the invoker’s crack.

The next League of Legends patch will shyly reduce the excessive power of Draven. However, it seems that this is one of those cases in which Riot Games wants to be more moderate . Although when the champions yield so differently in the different ranges of the game the developer usually acts quite aggressive, they do not seem afraid that the most egotist champion of the whole video game has its moment of glory at this point in the season. It will be necessary to see if in the following versions already pointing to the 2022 Worlds are still equally permissive.

Lol – The copy of Dota that changed the world: this way the success of League of Legends was forged

League of Legends has become one of the most successful video games in history. With more than a decade of work and collections that exceed the one billion euros in an annual way, it has been studied until satiety which have been the keys to Riot Games’s success. We have talked about its launch free of charge, of the lucky moment in which its premiere or the key role of content creators took place. However, all the keys to which we usually pay attention neglect a fundamental aspect that the developers only took into account.

The declaration of independence of Defense of the Ancients

The most widespread belief in the community says that League of Legends is a copy of Defense of the Ancients. However, This approach is wrong . It is true that both video games were very similar, but this is because it was the creators of the original endow who decided to become independent of Warcraft III to create their own independent title. Riot Games signed Steve Feak, nicknamed as Guinso or Steve Macon, known as Pendragon, among other developers who contributed to the explosion in popularity of the most famous mod in history.

Being the genre of Battle Royale much more recent, it is easy to establish a comparison. Brendan Greene (Player Unknown) originally created the Battle Royale mode as a mod that was part of weapon 2 and Dayz, then deciding to make its own video game (Pubg). The story that involves Riot Games, Blizzard and League of Legends has more intermediaries; although parallels are evident . The great keys to success are in the declaration of dependence on a mod that became greater and decided to explore as far as it could get if he worked independently.

The big problems of being only a mod

Still in 2009 and with the launch of League of Legends just around the corner, an employee of Riot Games published an article in Gamasutra (current Game Developer) who explained some interesting aspects of Dota’s development and in which, in which, Above all, he claimed the decision made by what was now his company. He assured that there was a limit on what could be achieved with Defense of the Ancients while linked to Warcraft III. It is true that Blizzard’s game had allowed the creation of the Moba, but now left a roof that was too small .

The aforementioned Steve Mescon, known as Pendragon , explained that the small development team with which he had the game due to the lack of resources prevented bugs from correcting or introducing changes and counted how, on some occasions, the equivalent of the equivalent of the Current PBE was a game among developers in which all heroes were tested at the same time for just a few minutes. There were also limitations in what could be done and what did not, since the memory to which they had access was very limited. In fact, the map and its elements could not exceed 4MB.

Playing Defense of the Ancients was also difficult and not only for its mechanics. The players had to have a copy of Warcraft III that included the expansion The Frozen Throne, get the latest version of the map of Dota being attentive to the website of the creators-that was not easy to continue-and join a game. All this without tutorials or matchmaking tools. In this way, the only efficient way that new players arrive was that someone helped them to cope with this whole process.

These were not even all Dota’s weaknesses. The games had an average duration of 60 minutes, but could be extended until two hours . There were also no elements of progression as there were no statistical records within the game. The developers of Defense of the Ancients simply knew that they had something gigantic in hand that was being held artificially because of what it meant not having their own platform or the fact of not having a work team that could develop the video game in A professional environment.

The key to League of Legends success

Returning to the element that we promised to solve, the keys to League of Legends can be summarized in the phrase Every the good of being a mod without everything bad of being a mod . The founding title of Riot Games was born after having learned for more than four years of everything that was wrong in Defense of the Ancients. When Guinso or Pendragon began working at Moba, they had an enviable experience that allowed them solve them.

League of Legends created his own universe, included very interesting progression systems through the unlocking of characters or the qualifying modes and won in creativity when he separated from Warcraft III. He introduced tutorials, could be downloaded from a website and had a client that was updated automatically and added goals everywhere to not being limited to the 4MB of those available by the Blizzard game . He also established his own life duration and accumulated a much higher amount of data. While now even users can know everything in the game thanks to different platforms, in dumbs the developers balanced everything depending on the opinion of the players.

To this situation it should still be added that the game came just in time to take advantage of all the other factors that allowed it to grow. A lesson that also learned Activision Blizzard that, included a antilol clause with the launch of Warcraft III Reforged . It established that any game mode created by the community in the maps editor would belong to them forever. Excessive, unpopular and motivated by the robbery suffered at the hands of Riot Games (League of Legends) and Valve (Dota2).

LOL – Patch 12.14 PBE: gigantic changes to dragons, herald and controversy with teleport

League of Legends prepares for the introduction of one of the most important patches of the year. Riot Games has announced the first changes that will introduce in the next version 12.14 and has surprised the community with very ambitious adjustments to the game systems . Runes, invoker spells and even the objectives will be modified to boost the games and make each of the monsters much more important. A situation that will greatly affect the competitive game, but also the qualifying games.

The team game gains weight in patch 12.14

The most important adjustments are those that will affect the Herald of the crack and the elementary dragons . The monster located in the upper half of the map will offer local gold, so that all players who are close to the area will distribute 200 currency units, which will make it much more attractive. Dragons, meanwhile, will increase the passive benefits they offer with each load. These epic monsters will also be more resistant so that the equipment is more committed when getting them, although in return they will inflict less damage for each blow.

In addition to these adjustments, Riot Games has also announced adjustments to some champions to balance healing . It is also very important to know that there will still be more adjustments in addition to those announced and that these will be revealed in the next few days. However, from the developer they have considered very important to offer us this first update of the situation so that we know that we are facing patch 12.14.

Regarding Skins and other contents, patch 12.14 will mean the arrival of the second wave of aspects corresponding to the stars guardians. The beneficiary characters will be Akali , Fill , Quinn , Morgana and Taliyah . So far no new content or visual improvements have been announced for other characters and it does not seem that this situation will change. The new version will be launched on July 27 according to the official calendar of Riot Games.

Summary of patch changes 12.14

Now we go with the detailed explanation of the changes, but before we make a quick review of the settings.

Champions changes

  • Nerfs: Aatrox, Kayn (Rhaast) and Yuumi
  • Settings: Wukong and Janna

Changes to objects

  • Nerfs: prohibited idol, ardent censer, mikael blessing, redemption, fluid waters, lunar stone renovator and potions.

Changes to Runes

  • Improvements: sudden impact and pyrolaser
  • Nerfs: bone covering, cookie delivery, conditioning, guardian, renewed forces, sudden impact, temporary, unwavering distortion tonic


Invochizer spells

  • NERF: Teleport and exhaustion



Mario Strikers: Battle League Football im Test

online performance
Since on-line video games were only possible at specific times of our examination phase and also video games might not constantly be discovered there, our online impacts are limited to a couple of played suits. The total efficiency was just strong here, in some games there were some clearly obvious hangers as well as stagnations that we could not observe offline.

. It is likewise, at least for a while.

But one after the various other: with typical football and its classic regulations, Battle League Football has bit in usual. Rather, Mario and also Co

When the last Mario football game appeared, the German champ was still called VfB Stuttgart as well as a fourth World Cup title for Germany believed at most. For a lengthy time, fans of the action-packed plumbing kicking needed to wait on a brand-new component, currently they can finally go back on the lawn versus the virtual pill in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football for the Switch over. And the title is likewise in form, however it hooks in other places.


more happily in it than you believe

Naturally there are likewise the necessary extremely shots that are called Hyper shots in Battle League football and need some skill as well as timing. Of all, you have to gather one of the active spheres that show up on the field from time to time and also then quit 2 arrow in the blue location of a bar after a long stress on the shot trick. And after that an effect whale breaks off, due to the fact that the respective twist leaves a rocket discharged the stack, which hurries into the internet with appropriate timing as well as brings two objectives for ball game simultaneously.

Due to the fact that what might appear like a brainless bolzerei without meaning and mind-and can actually be quite confusing at times-turns out to be a sophisticated enjoyable football ready a long time, which, particularly thanks to some control, more meat on the gameplay-Bone when it at first appears.

Sadly, the keepers rise and fall fairly consistently in between the Champions Organization and the district organization. In some cases they fend off several shots on the portable real estate in a row like a feline, after that once again they let safe shots of range right into the network. This is not a dealbreaker, but it was fairly fired up regarding the examination or another.

Naturally there are normal basic projects such as pass, shot or tackling, with which beginners in particular make the very first suits more than the rounds. It only becomes truly intriguing when you venture right into the sophisticated actions. Shots, as an example, can be set out of antisise, jack strikes or passes manually play in the vacuum.

Wario, for example, leaps onto the round in the high arc with its back, Rosalina initially makes the pill into area and Mario puts an angry autumn back. Nonetheless, the hyper-shots are not only an optical emphasize, however can likewise transform short components with proper implementation, which naturally guarantees matching feeling outbreaks in front of the display in multiplayer matches-we talk from experience.

Hyper, Active!

Every character only has a super shot in supply as well as we also come to Battle League Soccers huge trouble. The Mario-Kick is just before transfer compared to various other Nintendo sports games since in terms of scope. We can assemble our four-man group from simply 10 personalities, as well as also if one of the most popular faces are there, you desire more variation after simply a few video games.

Battle League Football communicates these techniques in easy-to-understand as well as comprehensive tutorials. Yet after that implementing these actions in the hustle as well as bustle of a game calls for a great deal of technique, which screws the discovering contour for a Mario sports game at rather impressive heights. However it is worth remaining on it, since there is barely a better sensation than letting the opposing protection into the gap with a couple of completely timed dual passes and also then leaving the shocked AI goalkeeper with a targeted shot in the corner.

of the kicker brand-new garments

The Strikers Club contends the very least the prospective to make sure long-term inspiration, however right here too, DLC plans with brand-new characters will be vital. There are no other tasks outside of the games due to the fact that there are additionally only five stadiums available online.

The Nintendo kickers differ in six personality values such as innovation, strength or shot. And also they are then plainly visible on the square, particularly in between the beefy agents such as Bowser or Donkey Kong and Flinken whirlwinds such as Toad or Rosalina.

However, these things first intend to be acquired (100 coins per item, each character originally has 20 options) as well as to make money there are just a couple of options offline. The overall of 6 mug tournaments against CPU groups regurgitate 400 coins single Pro Mug, as well as when again just 50 of the gold items flow into the virtual wallet. Nonetheless: If you play through the 6 mugs, you can eliminate the much more challenging variations that bring in a whopping 1,000 coins when winning the cup.

Nevertheless, Nintendo at Battle League plainly intends to push us into the on-line element Strikers Club. As well as their concept is really fairly exciting. We can either sign up with a club or then determine ourselves and afterwards measure ourselves in examination video games or periods and also organizations with other teams to make coins or club chips, with which information of your own home arena can be adapted.

With the brand-new tools, this can also be driven to the extreme. Safety helmets, handwear covers, shoes and vests screw some values up on demand, however let others droop. This makes certain some delight of experimentation, since it can make a difference in a playful way, as the group places with each other.

yellow-red for long-lasting motivation

The title is additionally visually impressive with its butter-soft frame price and numerous loving and funny (jubilee) computer animations. The discussions of the matches with their constantly the exact same intros are rather dried as well as the language samples are repeated rather quickly. An at least fundamental live comment might have been eliminated this notch, but there was only that in the advertising trailer-too poor.

On the other hand, the choice of a single game or a competition stays offline, which can only be played alone or with others in the co-op against CPU groups. A self-compiled cup for exclusively human participants does not exist as well as a job setting or franking mini-games. Aside from the tools, Battle League Soccer uses less than its 15-year-old precursor in offline setting.

This is certainly something that can be defused with future additional web content, yet the question develops as to why Nintendo did not use a larger package here from the start. Since Battle League Football playfully has a great deal on package as well as the vigorous video games are a substantial enjoyable, particularly in the multiplayer.

Below you can check out the Buschi trailer again:

sobering final thought

When the last Mario football video game showed up, the German champ was still called VfB Stuttgart as well as a fourth World Cup title for Germany believed at most. Then carrying out these activities in the hustle and bustle of a video game needs a great deal of practice, which screws the learning curve for a Mario sporting activities game at relatively remarkable heights. Due to the fact that in terms of scope, the Mario-Kick is just prior to transfer compared to other Nintendo sporting activities video games. We can put with each other our four-man group from just 10 personalities, and even if the most well-known faces are there, you want extra variation after simply a few games.

The lower line is that there is a quite moody fun football video game, which in between can be a whole lot of enjoyable thanks to its similarly good accessibility to exactly how lively depth. However, the Mario-Kick runs out of breath fairly rapidly at tool distance as a result of the lean circumference.

It is to be wished that Nintendo will certainly follow up below as rapidly as possible-and do not need 15 years. Because in the existing state, Mario Strikers really feels anything but all set.

We can either sign up with a club or after that determine ourselves and after that gauge ourselves in examination video games or periods and also leagues with various other teams to make coins or club chips, with which details of your very own house arena can be adapted.

Overwatch League, 7 oclock on the regular season of the eastern region

[Blizzard Entertainment Park Ye -jin reporter] Blizzard Entertainment’s 7th Overwatch League eastern part of the Overwatch League will open on the 20th.

The East Regional Season Season Season Company was reorganized at 7:00 pm ahead of the opening of this season.

The first match is the Philadelphia Fusion, which is guarded by the defending champion Shanghai Dragons and the league’s best dealer.

The confrontation between Seoul Dynasty and Hangzhou Spark, scheduled for 10 pm on the 20th, is also noteworthy. ‘TOBI’ Yang Jin -mo, who was once a representative of Seoul Dynasty, debuted as the Seoul team manager.

Of the nine games in the eastern part of the opening week, six games scheduled for Friday and Sunday are responsible for the commentary of Jeong So -rim and Jang Ji -soo. On the 2nd day of the opening, three games will be combined with Kim Jung -min Caster and the Overwatch League professional commentary. In all nine western games, Hwang Kyu -hyung and Hong Hyun -sung commentary catch the microphone.

Overwatch League 2022 Season | Kickoff Clash Qualifiers | Week 3 Day 3 — East

Meanwhile, the 2022 season is attracting attention as the first season to open on May 6 and to be in the early Overwatch 2nd Build.

LOL: How was the old sion? So the champion eliminated that he could kill with his gaze

Zion is one of the fashion champions in League of Legends . The new ways of playing that the community has learned from the streamers rarely give results, making anyone want to have it in his team or face him. The truth is that he is not a very effective champion, but his bane rate does not stop increasing as the days go by and little by little he becomes one of the most hated. What everyone knows is that its new version of it born in ReWork is not even half of terrifying that existing in the game before the relaunch.

The League of Legends champion who killed with his eyes

We still remember the first version of Zion as one of the less attractive champions that Riot Games has created . His skills were the simplest and combined a great power in basic attacks with sick scales of skill power. A very strange combination that has never finished working in the game and that gave rise to a pretty poor character that could not always be played. However, at the time when he was fine or had a favorable confrontation, facing him was horrifying.

To make memory, we will review the skills of the old Zion…

Passive – without pain *: Zion has a 40% chance to reduce 30/40/50 damage less due to basic attacks
Q-Cryptic look *: He terrifies the enemies with their eyes, inflicting 70-300 (+ 90% AP) of magical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

W-Mortal caress *: Zion shields himself 10-300 (+90% AP) Life points for 10 seconds. After 4 seconds, if he is still active, he can detonate the shield to inflict 100-300 (+ 90% AP) of damage in area.
E-Enrabieado *: By activating the ability, he wins 25-65 attack damage. In return, his attacks cost 6-14 life points. While the ability is active, killing a unit increases 1-3 life points permanently. He has no cooling.

Sion - Before the Rework
* R – CANIBALISM : For 20 seconds, Zion wins 50/75 / 100% of life robbe Damage inflicted on nearby allies.

The old sion skills kit was very little inspired. Everything revolved around hitting the rival with basic attacks on the rival. However, there were no tools to reach them beyond a cryptic look that did not fit his skills’s kit either. Are we really going to overlook that a skill says that the enemy terrifies and its effect is stunned instead of “fear“? In short, the champion played running for the enemies after stunning them with the shield put . To all this we must add a passive with a random mechanics that never fits a competitive game.

The bad thing is that in the best times of him the champion was insufferable. He accumulated a lot of life and was unbeatable to 1. He could reach almost 100 attack points during the first level of the game . In addition, the stunning of him applied by clicking on the objective (such as the old Taric) and was impossible to dodge. However, beyond the frustration caused with all the positive points, not even the players who could try League of Legends Classic considered it as one of the best during the first seasons.

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