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Nintendo Switch bargains on Black Friday: Whatever you should already understand

At Black Friday 2022 you can most likely once again anticipate all sort of appealing offers for the Nintendo Switch. We’ll tell you right here currently what you require to know concerning the deal celebration of the year.

As a Nintendo switch fans, you can when again expect strong offers in November 2022. The Black Friday drops on November 25th this year, however as in previous years, the deals on Amazon, MediaMarkt as well as other shops will most likely go on the internet much earlier. Right here you will certainly find useful suggestions to plan for the pre-Christmas deal time.

Nintendo-Switch deals: video games, joy-cons as well as console package

In recent times there has actually been various bargains of Black Friday at different dealerships. To name a few things, Console bundle with the Nintendo Switch Lite were used , but individual video games were additionally sometimes considerably reduced-especially for button followers, this is a special celebration, nevertheless, discount rates for Nintendo hits are not especially frequently offered.

The Nintendo Switch bargains were available from several dealers in the past-both Amazon and MediaMarkt, Otto and Saturn have provided packages, gaming consoles, devices such as joy-cons and video games ** around the Black Friday at minimized rates. On top of that, digital bargains were also readily available in the Nintendo eShop. It is not yet known which offers are waiting on you this year-but we will keep you as much as date with the ideal deals at this moment.

Do you already understand these 11 expert suggestions for the Nintendo Switch?

Black Friday: So you can get ready for the button supplies

  • So that you are planned for the Black Friday as best as possible, it deserves developing a shopping list ahead of time **. In view of the substantial mass of offers throughout the buying occasion, it is or else too very easy to shed track.

  • If you wish to go searching around the Black Friday, particularly at Amazon, is a prime registration all the same. You can attempt the solution cost-free of cost for 30 days if you are not yet a member.

Click on this link for Amazon Prime!

The Black Friday falls on November 25th this year, however as in previous years, the bargains on Amazon, MediaMarkt and also other stores will probably go on the internet much earlier. The Nintendo Switch deals were offered from numerous dealerships in the past-both and MediaMarkt, Otto and Saturn have actually provided bundles, consoles, accessories such as video games and also joy-cons ** around the Black Friday at lowered rates.

At Black Friday 2022 you can possibly once again anticipate all kinds of appealing deals for the Nintendo Switch.

  • You can always locate all the top bargains around pc gaming in our overview article for Black Friday.

Rogue light x chess x shotgun! Approach the charm of “Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate”! [Play in Digebo! ]

“Play in Digebo!” Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver a strategy game “ Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate ” with a rogital element and a shotgun element to the chess element.

This work was distributed by PUNKCAKE DELICIEUX on Steam on May 12, 2022. Punkcake Delicieux is an indieveropper established by France’s game designer Benjamin Soulé and Rémy Devaux. He is active mainly in ITCH.IO, and has been developing at a high pace under the concept of “making a game that no one has seen every month.”

ITCH.IO has already released nine works, including this work. Earlier, I introduced the Rogue Light Survival Building Sim “Stacklands”, which is a concept like the developer SokPop Collective. It is wonderful that both developers have a good originality, despite short -term development.

This work is a tune -based strategic game based on chess. The work has been completed in 72 hours in the “Ludum Dare” tournament in a short period of time. Moreover, the work was selected as the highest award. Certainly, if you can develop at this pace, you can do it once a month.

Chess is the most famous board game in the world, which can be said to be the “king of the board game world.” Many people know the rules, so many PC games based on chess have been released.

Famous is “ Battle chess ” released by InterPlayentertainment in 1988 in Amiga. The rules are chess, but frames fight with animation. After the release, it was ported to various platforms, so I think many people have played. “ Battle Chess 2 ” based on Chinese shogi was also released in Amiga in 1990. However, this person was not very popular because the Chinese shogi itself was a minor (although Chinese shogi is also interesting).

By the way, my favorite chess -based game is “ Warhammer 40,000: REGICIDE ” where the character of “Warhammer 40,000” fights. It was released on Steam by Hammerfall Publishing in 2015. Basically, it is a chess, but it is quite chaotic, such as shooting remotely with guns and throwing grenades. This work also has a shooting element with a shotgun.

The chess -based game with similar atmosphere and color to this work includes “ Pawnbarian ” released on Steam on September 24, 2021 by J4NW. The purpose is to destroy the enemy on the board in a game with rogue and deck build elements. I am playing in the middle time because I can play quickly in a short time.

Although there are parts that are similar in concept in this work, it seems that using a “shotgun” as shown in the title is also sold. Let’s play what kind of chess game it is!

Take a shotgun in your hand!

There are two games: “ Slone Mode “, which captures all 12 stages to regain the throne, and “ endless mode “, which can keep playing endlessly until the game over. Endless mode is released after clearing the slone mode. This time, let’s go in slone mode.

By the way, the difficulty of the game is five levels from “Easy” to “King”. Although it depends on the difficulty, it is easy to have a few enemies, and in addition to the low enemies, there are many shotgun bullets. Games with this kind of rogue element are easy even if it’s easy, so it’s good at first.

Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate (Full Version) - Rogue-chess with a shotgun! ????

Before the game starts, there is a little story explanation. The protagonist is the evil Black King who does the only luxury. His miniature gradually moves to a high -paying and durable workplace, which is not a white company White King .

Black King was betrayed by his wife, Queen, and was hijacked by the White King. Rather than reflecting on Black King, he goes to revenge alone with a shotgun……. Well, the game starts with a motivation that is self -employed, or a grudge. It is very difficult to empathize, but I will play for the time being.

Game screen. It looks like a Retro game as if you were conscious of a retro game, and it looks like a CRT TV. It feels like playing an old PC game.

It’s a game play, but basically two players do. Whether to move the black king (black frame at the bottom of the image) or release the shotgun. It’s a shotgun, but where you shoot, you have to do aim yourself. The shotgun has a flight distance and a scattered size (angle) of bullets, and these values are corrected by choosing the stage (described later).

I tried to release the shotgun, but it didn’t reach the enemy at all. The performance of the shotgun is displayed on the left of the chess board. Currently, power 4, flight distance 3 to 5 squares, spread angle 57 degrees . You need to get closer to hit.

Although it is a black king movement, only one square is advanced to eight -way squares with the same movement as the chess king. Because it is a turn -based, the enemy’s frame moves when this moves, but not all enemies move all at once, and it is determined that it works after 〇 turn. The frame that moves on the next turn will shake slightly left and right. It is better to think carefully before moving.

By the way, the movement of the enemy’s top is the same as chess. If you do not know how to move the chess, hover the mouse cursor to the top, and the explanation will appear on the left of the chess board. The image is the movement of the night (horse frame). Also, the hourglass mark under the display of the movement is the meter of “How many more turns will the frame move”. If you look at this, you can grasp the movement of the frame, so you can play without any problems without knowing the rules of chess at all.

Leave the shotgun!

In a shotgun, the farther the enemy’s distance, the more the bullet spreads out and the more powerful. Conversely, if you shoot from a close range, you can hit all bullets. In the image, it was shot to an enemy one square, so it was dealt with 4 damage, the current maximum power. It is less wasteful to pull as much as possible.

If you defeat the enemy, you may get a soul card. If you use this, you can move the same as the enemy. The image is a bishop soul card. Bishops are the same as the “corner” in Japanese shogi, and they proceed diagonally in any square. It is a good idea to use it for withdrawal when you are surrounded by enemies.

The remaining number of shotgun bullets is displayed on the left side of the chess board. The shotgun can load two bullets at once. After two shots, you can reload by moving. Let’s clear the stage before the shotgun bullets run out.

And the shield mark on the right side of the shotgun bullet is the Black King life. It will be damaged if the enemy’s frame can be moved to the position where the black king is in the enemy turn. Please note that if you are surrounded by enemies and you will not be able to move, you will get a lot of damage at once. It’s a so -called “checkmate state”

If you defeat the enemy King on the board, the other enemy’s frame will be destroyed at that time and the stage will be cleared. This area is the same as chess. It would be one measure to actively aim for enemy king from the beginning.

A bonus selection after clearing the stage, which is familiar in Rogue Light Card Games. In this work, there are two choices. The bonus lasts until the end of the game. However, it is a specification that gives a bonus not only for yourself but also to ** enemies.

For example, according to the option below, the own camp (black card) is “ range+2 “, but the enemy camp (white card) also “** pawn (soldier, move one step. Instead of reducing the weakest frame), the night is +1. It is an effect that continues to the game over, so if you do not think carefully and select it, it will gradually become more severe.

Queen, the biggest enemy in this work. You can move as many squares in either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction. Speaking of Japanese shogi, it is a cheat move at the level of “Is it such an ant?” Be careful not to be hunted down.

The attack means is not the only shotgun. Just like chess, it is also possible to take the opponent’s frame. After taking it, you can throw it away and hit the opponent. In the image, I take the night and throw it into the queen.

The final stage is also in front of you. The enemies have also increased considerably. Let’s mobilize the skills we have cultivated so far and survive. If you can really defeat the White King, please play with your own hands.

Chess Base Log Light that can be played casually! And a shotgun!

This work is a game where you can play quickly in a short time, like “Pawnbarian”. You can play without any problems without knowing chess, not to mention chess. It is interesting that you need to choose while thinking ahead, as the bonus of the stage clears the enemy and allies.

In particular, what I liked in this work is an exhilarating attack method, such as letting a shotgun or catching and throwing an enemy. Turn -based games tend to be weak in terms of “exhilaration”, but with the idea of “shotgun”, you can enjoy repeated play without suffering. Currently, there is no Japanese support, but if you can read the options for clearing the stage, I think you can play without any problems. If you like chess or want to play an exhilarating rogue light, please try this work.

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