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Get the Phoenix Pen at Hogwarts Legacy – Learn How with the Gear Update System!

The Gear update system includes several beast materials that can improve your offensive and defensive strategies for battle.


While some resources are relatively common, others are much more difficult to find due to the rarity of certain creatures.
So, if you want to enhance your outfit sets, here are how to get the Phoenix pen at Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you get the phoenix pen at Hogwarts Legacy?

Players can get the free phoenix pen when completing the Phoenix Rising mission and raising the creature in the Vivarium. To begin
The Nab-Sack and The Loom to trigger more animal-related missions.
Eventually, you will see a reference point for the Phoenix Rising mission and determine the location of the burning creature.
After capturing the beast, you can take it back to the Vivarium of the Men.

Or, players can use the beast feeder to satisfy the hunger of mystical being automatically.
From there, you will see a notice to collect the phoenix pen:
Image Source: Avalanche Software through
You can collect more phoenix feathers every 25 minutes, as long as the animal nutrition meter is satisfied.
Then, witches or magicians can use the material with a delighted loom to improve or add a feature to their equipment.

Can you buy Phoenix feathers at Hogwarts Legacy?

Phoenix Feathers can be bought at Hamlet Shop Ronald in the Beecroft region for 700 galleons.
However, the resource cannot be found in the general store, Brood and Peck, in Hogsmeade, and there seems to be other areas that contain this article.
Players can also acquire various magical creatures materials from these establishments, such as Digital Feather, Nearly Fur and Toad Warts.
That is enough for our guide on how to get a Phoenix pen at Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including our explanation on Phoenix reproduction capabilities.
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Here Are All The Rewards You Can Get From World of Warcraft Trading In February 2023

The trading item in wow is active.
We show you all the benefits that you can get in February 2023
The trading position in World of Warcraft went reside on February 1, so that all players can now begin earning dealerships in order to unlock interesting, cosmetic benefits.
We reveal you all benefits that you can open in February 2023 which are waiting on you in the trading position.

trading item-range for February 2023.

Divine horse
Classification: Mounting animal
Costs: 900 car dealerships
Anger of the fire lord
Category: Tran smog (weapon-maids).
Expenses: 750 dealer.
Classification: battle pet.
Expenses: 750 dealership.
Ensemble: clothes of the saber-rattling Rumanian.
Classification: Tran smog (armor set).
Costs: 650 dealership.
Shattered empty pointer.
Classification: Tran smog (weapon-staff).
Expenses: 500 dealer.
Shoulder belt of the infiltrator.
Classification: Tran smog (back).
Cost: 250 dealership.
Shoulder girdle of the representative.
Classification: Tran smog (back).
Cost: 250 dealer.
Splitter frozen tricks.
Category: Tran smog (weapon-dagger).
Costs: 200 dealers.
Longbow of the azure-blue balance.
Category: Tran smog (weapon-sheet).
Expenses: 200 dealerships.
Wars hammer of the narrow.
Classification: Tran smog (weapon-two-hand dispute piston).
Costs: 100 dealerships.
Rose-red nuancing bouquets.
Category: Tran smog (arm rails).
Costs: 100 dealerships.
Ensemble: Rose-red gap of the vagabond.
Category: Tran smog (armor set).
Expenses: 100 car dealerships.
Ensemble: Roster ornamental council of the hiker.
Category: Tran smog (armor set).

Costs: 100 car dealerships.
Stinky bouquet.
Classification: Tran smog (subordinate).
Costs: 100 dealers.
Stunning war clay.
Classification: Tran smog (back).
Expenses: 75 dealer.

perk item in February.

Ashlar, herald of dawn.


Category: Mounting animal.
Costs: not for sale.
If you should have the optimum of the dealer trials in February, is opened.
What if you can’t buy everything you desire?
Given that the retailers are very minimal per month, it is difficult to buy all things on a monthly basis.
But that is not bad, because items can come back at a later date.
It is especially crucial that you can save an item every month.
When the offer is renewed monthly, this item does not fly out of the range.
You can conserve an item from February for around March and purchase it there.
Makes use of it if there is something that you definitely want, however you can only raise the sellers next month.

The best items for creating Live A Live in the background

In the background of the head of Live A Live there are craft mechanics. Players can visit Caveman Crafter to combine objects in powerful equipment and weapons. This is a useful additional moment in the chapter, and it can really be useful.


What objects is best to create in the background of the head of Live A Live?

Players can find the best items for the manufacture of Person and Gori, listed below. In order to avoid spoilers, only these two characters will be listed. To obtain more detailed information about the subjects that you can create, players can visit this guide .


laughing mask * (headdress)-dried skins + animal horn or fang of the beast
Quick spear (main weapon)-stone knife + stick or bone
Armor of a wild heart (part of the body)-dried skins + stone knife
* rude groups (foot-rush)-animal horn + hard rock


Cathedral of animal leather * (headdress)-bone + skin
SHOCHA (a piece of body)-the main item for craft. Gori cannot wear anything else.
rude groups (foot-rush)-animal horn + hard rock

How do you work in the background of the head of Live A Live?

To create objects in the head of the backstory in Live A Live, players need to find cave artisan . He is located in the lower left room in the Bolshoi Corridor near the beginning of the chapter. Players need to leave the starting room and go left. This will lead them to a large room depicted above. Following the red arrow marked in the image above, the players will lead to Crafter.

interested in other useful manuals on Live A Live and want to know more? Check How to create objects in the background of the head of Live A Live? In professional game guidelines!

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