Codemasters officially has the release date F1 22 , the new part of the Formula 1 series, announced. The game should be on 1. July 2022 For the PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and the Xbox One come to the market. As part of the announcement, a first teaser trailer was shown, which advertises with large sets such as “The future is here” or “wagen of the next generation“. Gameplay or other valuable material can not be seen. It is a pity, among other things, because Electronic Arts had advertised the days before the Reveal of F1 22 EXTRA with a countdown on its own homepage. The Reveal is accordingly in Punctio material rather mau. But at least some features and innovations have been officially confirmed.

F1 22: Reveal teaser for the new F1 game of Codemasters

VR and Rolex in the new Formula 1

In addition to the Bolids of the current Formula 1 season 2022, Hobby-Schumis should also drive on new routes such as the Grand Prix Course in Miami. In addition, it should first be in the series VR support , at least on the PC. Just second is a feature that fans have wished for years for the franchise. The sprint races, which are since 2021 part of the formula 1 sports, should also be mapped in the game. With “Immosphere Broadcast Options” you also advertise with Codemasters, similar to the case of the new F1 manager game. The mode “F1-Life” was also confirmed. This is a mode of action in which the player or the player should be able to unlock clothes, cars and other accessories to get closer to the “Glitz and Glamor” of Formula 1.

Old in a new guise

Well-known modes such as “myteam“, career mode or splits screen mode are also back at the start. Incidentally, those who pre-ordered the “Champions Edition” may play three days earlier and also receives a F1-life starter pack, icons for my team mode and 18,000 pitcoins. To what extent the new regulations of Formula 1 will influence the driving physics and accordingly the gameplay, remains to be seen first. But even in our editors, there are more a desire for revolution, instead of Rolex.

Source: EA

From Simon Hoffmann

First Look at EA's F1 22 Game! THE LEAKS WERE RIGHT! - F1 2022 Announcement
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