In a world where you change rapidly, the game industry progresses at the speed of light, and it is for everyone to determine which is a game that suits you. I want to know the information of the new game right now while facing the budget and the time to play. It is explosive speed play repo for such a case.

This time, I will introduce the contents that I am worried about by playing FRESH START CLEANING SIMULATOR , which was developed by Chicken Launcher and started early access on Steam on October 12, 2022.

What is Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator

This work is a great natural cleaning simulator that regains green on a devastated land while cleaning the rubble and pollution covered in the miniature garden. Water discharge and suction ** are cleared in a mysterious gadget with both functions, so we will clear each level of episodes one by one.

A game where a red father with a beard overall goes to the tropical country in a portable tank or a vacuum cleaner, and a game in which his brother’s green color sucks a ghost with a vacuum cleaner . I imagined the image that I broke.

The reason why the world was rough was also the cause of post-apocalypse, and I was convinced that there was a battle element, but it was a relaxing development without the time limit. The main is to blow away hard sediment and mud, suck, revive dead trees, or clean them anyway. Unfortunately, this work does not support Japanese at the moment **.

relatively rough weakness cleaning

It seems to be terrible, but this work does not support Japanese , so you will play the whole story in English. Therefore, I took a little time to learn the basic operation, but there are almost no difficult factors, so if you get used to it, there is no problem. Sprinkle water from the tip of the nozzle with left-click , and inhale with right-click **. Usually, these two can be solved, so the rest is the game of imagination.

When you start the game, you will immediately go to the tutorial stage. A huge mud pond is sucked out of a drop, and the earth and sand that seals the road is dissolved by discharge. The water in the tank cannot be wasted because there is a limit, but it can be replenished with mud because it is the same water. However, since the amount of water is small, the water supply is basically performed in the inexhaustible beautiful pond and sea .

Then, if you sprinkle the earth and sand by applying water, it will change to junk , and if you collect it and put it in a device like a press machine, convert it to a very cute coin with the leaves of the leaves. He gave me.

At first glance, if you do water in the same way on grass and trees that seem to have died, you will quickly grow and get additional coins. You can purchase upgrades, such as enhancing the performance of water discharge vacuum cleaners, increasing item slots, and visualizing dead items.

The percentage at the top left of the screen represents the greening rate ** of the stage, and rises by clearing sediment and blooming trees and flowers. The purpose of this work is to recover the lost nature at the same time as cleaning, so it is a rough goal to close this number to 100 % as much as possible.

As the gauge increases, the cut scene is gradually entered, the greenery of the stage increases, and the ecosystem such as animals returns. When clearing, you do not need to make 100 %, but be careful if you do not increase nature key items .

You should just beg for the rain and do all the chestnuts

The first stage was quite modest, but in the main story following the introduction, the flattery brown sediment is rising around immediately after the start. The quests that are directly related to clear are also displayed in a quick list, and all of this must be cleared up.

I was able to grasp the meaning because it is a relatively simple arrangement of English, but it is safe to clean while cleaning because they are all the elements I hear for the first time. It was a tutorial that the road was blocked by earth and sand, but the key items required to achieve the quests are buried, so I will look for them.

There are so many places to clean up, so I upgraded the vacuum cleaner with the accumulated coins. The most troublesome part is the part of cleaning the earth and sand with water and growing plants, so I thought the middle bud icon would work on the tree, but it was just a sonar.

Thanks to that, detection function has been unlocked, but it is not necessary to aim for a greening rate of 100 %. If you select the icon of the leftmost nozzle, all parts related to water will be enhanced, so let’s first hold down around the nozzle. At the second point, choosing a tank to increase the capacity of water may help you work.

The icon like a water discharge to the right of both ends is a St. Legalize sprinkler , which automatically water and suck when installed. It sounds strong, but because of its short range, it can only move in a very narrow range, and only one can be placed. Furthermore, since it discharged from the lower position as a pitcher of women’s baseball, it seems that if there is a step, it will not reach the target.

There are still parts that are still early access, but at present, tasks such as sediment spreading on the whole side cannot keep up. The nozzle enhancement is also subtle, so at least three times are more powerful. That way, I think that you can enjoy cleaning with a good rhythm, but there is no possibility that this work expresses the reality of real sediment is like this . 。

Contrary to the appearance, a solid theme

According to the release article of this work, delicate issues such as nature protection and endangered species are the subject. There is no doubt that the process of this work, which cleans the dirty world, is exactly the intense thoughts of such developers.

The animals and environments that appear on each stage change, and there are also meaningful developments such as pandas, turtles, and whales trapped in the cove. In particular, on the later stage, there was a situation called Koala **, which was hit by a big fire, so I felt too current and complicated.

The world map is also the real world itself. I’ve seen Koala’s news video from the Australian forest fire and brought to the hospital, but it’s painful to see a similar sight in games. Fortunately, this work was able to save Koala because the player could intervene directly as a game, and there was just a vacuum cleaner with water.

Since Australia is a southern country, I have heard that the fire is caused by a 40-degree scorching sun, but it also affects the deforestation. Plastic floating in the sea is also human, and forest logging and dam construction must be a man-made disaster from animals.

When I thought it was a common simulator, this work was a work that made the developer’s serious wishes and thought about the global environment.

The author knows the problem of global warming and plastic garbage, so I am careful not to properly divide burning garbage and non-burnable garbage. No matter how bad the environment destruction is, you will not be able to live with a polar bear in the mountains of Canada, and you are studying environmentally friendly technologies in parallel. It may be a good idea to start with such a natural small contribution, such as sorting of garbage and saving electricity.

FRESH START CLEANING SIMULATOR is undergoing early access to Steam.

Title: Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator
Model I played: PC (Steam)
Release date: October 12, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 2 hours
Price: 1,010 yen