The declarations of Tez2 are sustained by a current report by the Kotaku magazine, which likewise wishes to have found out from both remasters.

On top of that, the studio was continuously linked with possible remasters to both open world standards GTA 4 (2008) as well as Red Dead Redemption (2010 ). As the expert Tez2, which is normally proper with his declarations on projects from Rockstar Games, just recently reported, Rockstar Games is claimed to have determined to quit the new editions of GTA 4 and also Red Dead Redemption.

In the previous few months, the rumor has actually been flowing that Rockstar Games is not only working with a Playstation 5 and also Xbox Series X/S-upgrade to the Western hit Red Dead Redemption 2.

projects clearly not yet completely off the table

Resource: Kotaku

As not named sources are stated to have actually confirmed to Kotaku, those in charge of Rockstar Games determined to put the remaster on GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption on hold, to make sure that they are totally on the deal with GTA 6 to concentrate. While Tez2 speaks that the brand-new versions were worked with, Kotaku reports that the rest of the remaster has not yet been made a decision.

Sadly, it is still unclear when GTA 6 is to be unveiled or perhaps released. Recently, rumors about a presentation this year made the round, yet the entire point has not yet been formally verified.

Further reports on GTA 6, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4.

This indicates that both projects will be taken up again when GTA 6 has been finished and released. The Sources of Kotaku likewise stated that one hoped that the Grand Theft Automobile: The Trilogy-The Interpretation, which was happily and technically disappointing, was largely neglected till the launch of GTA 6 and also no adverse impact on the Sales of the new descendant will have.