A new update for battle 2042_ apparently will solve some of the fundamental problems of the game. _ Battle of Battle 2042_ was criticized by critics and fans at the time of launch due to the fact that it was plagued by mistakes and other problems. While that is certainly a problem, many games that are sent in this condition have something worth under the surface. Sadly, Battle of Battle 2042_ was a disaster even at a basic level, in large part thanks to his poor design of maps. The maps were too large, too open and were overcrowded with vehicles, which was quite disappointing since historically the series had presented incredible maps that balanced all these things easily.

The BIGGEST Map in Battlefield History
For some, it did not matter if all the mistakes were arranged, because the maps remained, but it says has confirmed will change some of the maps in battle 2042_. Renovation and Kaleidoscope will be updated in the first season, while the rest of the launch maps will be updated in the second season. The objectives will move to reduce the gaps, more coverage will be added and the land will be adjusted to break the lines of vision, and there will be better ways towards the objectives so that the players do not roam aimlessly. In the same way, the objectives will be given more a purpose with B1 in Kaleidoscope become a military post with barbed wire. In the modes of 128 players, the attack vehicles in all categories will only have 2 units available at the same time and reuse times for attack and helicopter vehicles will increase in the next update. You can see some of the changes in the following image.

EA will also monitor the comments and examine the role played by things like specialists in Battle 2042_. These are the most significant changes that will be made in battle 2042_ and can infuse some hope in the future of the game. It is expected that the next update of Battlefield 2042 has hundreds of corrections. Many saw it as a lost cause, given that the game would have to be changed in its essence to be saved. It seems he says he can be really willing to make that happen, which is quite surprising given the effort and money he may require. However, it could bear fruit, as it could restore some trust in dear franchise. Whether all this works or not in the way it says probably expects that it is to be seen, but it is wonderful to see it.

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