Release, known for its mobile games, has opened a new studio called Satoshi Studio in Tokyo, Japan. What surprises some is that Yoshihide Satoshi, known for creating Monkey Ball and Yakuza, will be the CEO and representative director.

Satoshi Studio, instead of focusing on the mobile, focus on console games. And according to Ne tease, the Satoshi studio will have Lane authority to manage and create the types of games that are passionate.

A complete declaration was published following this announcement, in the form of a letter from Satoshi to fans on their new official website.

People see their dreams in entertainment.
The people are turning to entertainment to give them hope in life, to appease them in difficult times and to add excitement in happy moments. People are turning to entertainment to give the spark to all kinds of events.

The apparatus for entertainment is the same today as it was in the past.
There are obviously differences between the past and the present in the way the entertainment is consumed, its volume and its speed, but its essence remains the same.
The only way to deliver this essence in the world is that all creators address the works they create with seriousness and clarity while striving to get closer to the ideal.

On one of my goals in this studio is to create an open atmosphere.
This may seem too simplistic goal.
But even the most talented creators can not fully free their capabilities in isolation.
I believe that the first step to create high quality titles and offer the essence of entertainment with a strong motivation starts by creating an open atmosphere in the studio.

This means having open discussions that ignore seniority and hierarchy.
This means not to fear errors while not afraid to correct them, and treat chess as assets. It means not to give up reaching the ideal, and fighting to get closer.
This may seem so simple, but the simplest things can, unexpectedly, to be the most difficult to do, and at the same time the most important.
Satoshi Studio is committed to creating content so that the world can enjoy this atmosphere.

With the freedom of creation of Satoshi, there are great hopes for the future.