Developer from Wattam and Luna, the Independent Studio Funomena is about to close, according to Chris Bratt of the YouTube Channel People Make Games. The latter had already been on the studio for a long time since he recently published a portrait for the least negative of his thinking head, Robin Hunicke.

Ancenne producer of Journey at ThatgameCompany, the one that has often been cited among the influential women of the video games would be far from being the ideal leader, just like Ken Wong of Mountains (Monument Valley) and Steve Gaynor of Fullbright (Tacoma), also nailed to the pillory in this video. According to the testimonials of eight former employees of Funomena, Robin Hunicke is described as someone who can humiliate his employees at the workplace by revealing sensitive and personal information without their agreement, or to make a little too much comments on the appearance, femininity, love love or sexuality of its troops. Apparently important information to explain the current form and sometimes the bad work of this or that employee, according to her.

Presented as a model of tolerance and openness, the co-founder of Funomena mainly maintains a culture of hypocrisy, toxicity and crunch, according to the employees who left the studio largely to no longer have to attend it, neither here nor elsewhere. In addition to having lasted far too long, the development of Wattam would have been held under high voltage due to many creative, economic and marketing disagreements between Robin Hunicke and the designer Keita Takahashi, well known to be The creator of Katamari Damacy. Sony Interactive Entertainment had even disengaged from this project that finally returned to Annapurna Interactive, whose representatives could not (or wanted) do much to improve the situation.

“_The is the instigator of a huge amount of toxicity in Funomena, and caused a significant emotional distress to a large number of employees. It is particularly exasperating when one knows his personality in public, for which it is celebrated as a champion of inclusivity and empathy, but which strongly contrasts with its conduct in the private framework of work. It expresses its frustration about sexism in the industry, but never fails to promote or protect employees.. She tells everyone to take the time to take care of themselves, while organizing projects with an insufficient workforce, in too tight times and whose scope is unachievable. “, Accuse former employees.

Funomena's Robin Hunicke On Spielberg, Sims, And Wattam
A small portrait that caused a reaction of interest on Twitter. “_Diriger is a trip, and often a difficult journey. I am saddened to know that people suffer because of the mistakes I have d1. I’m sincerely sorry. For now, I take the time to talk to people, to focus on the comments that everyone shares and determine the next steps “, she published.

The problem is that the next step for Funomena seems to be the pure and simple closure, even if the Twitter account of the studio suggests a vague hope. “_Funomena was about to get an investment just before the GDC, and we are still actively working to do it. Last week, we have made everyone know that if we could not complete the fundraising, We would be forced to close the studio. We love the development of games, we like to make games and we like to share this with the community. We sincerely hope that we will continue to do so, together “, can we read.