TUNIC has come, bringing our screens to the beautiful and small aspiring fox to link in a mysterious world full of riddles to solve and secrets to find. While he may think that he has finished the game when he has defeated the final boss, there is still much to be discovered. Here is How to unlock New Game Plus in tunic and what items will be transferred.

Unlock New Game Plus in tunic

To unlock New Game Plus, you will have successfully overcome the boss’s fight ‘The Heir’ once you have recovered all your powers of hero’s serious.

You can start the fight against the chief, returning to visit the Warp Center, where you can get on the different pedestals to be transported to the different areas of the world.

When I arrive here, you will want to get on the center of the center and press A.

In doing so, you will be transported directly to the sand where you should beat The Heir not one, but twice, where the second phase is considerably more difficult. Make sure you pack these health potions!

By winning The Heir, a brief scene will be played before you see the credits of the game. At this point, a screen of ‘end of the game’ will appear where you can choose to return to the game to find the missing pages of the instruction manual, or start New Game +.

Tunic Review - The Final Verdict

_Take into account that if you do not choose to start New Game + at this point, you must beat the Final Chief again to see how credits accumulate and reach this screen. From our time in the game, there is no option to start New Game + otherwise.

What is transferred to New Game +?

At the beginning of New Game Plus in tunic, you will transfer most of the items you acquired in your first game, less the colored keys and hero’s grave items that you obtained as part of the main story.

This is because these are elements of ‘history’, so to speak, that they are unlocked and used to ‘direct’ where you will go next. If I had all this from the beginning, nothing would prevent you from going directly to the final boss.

That’s all you need to know about New Game Plus mode of TUNIC . To get more tips and tricks, be sure to look for Heir or see more of our coverage on the epic adventure of this headline below.

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