Roland Emmerich belongs to the German filmmakers, which also had their breakthrough internationally and whose works are staring stars from all over the world. However, while his catastrophe films are appealing to many fans with their spectacular staged end-time scenarios, critics are mostly skeptical to them.

At Moonfall, Emmerich’s latest work, which is refurbished from the German cinemas from 10 February , fans and critics are some of them. Since February 4, the film can be seen in some international light-mentioned houses and the first fans as well as some critics have already shared their opinion on Moonfall. Metacritic has not been a rosy picture so far.

The ratings of Moonfall on Metakritic

Currently, Moonfall at Metacritic is only a lousy critical scope of 38 at a total of 36 reviews, while the user score creates it with 11 reviews at least a generous 4.4 . Critics complain that Moonfall is not more than one “joint of cliché” _ and _ “wasted time” _ and call Emmerich’s latest prank _ “chaotic” _ and _ “hollow” _.

Как появились ГИГАНТЫ ФРАНЦИИ. Противостояние Титанов

Even users who have made their effort to put their cinema experience into words are dissatisfied. One writes, he had _ “physical pain” _ have to suffer during looking, another criticizes the _ “poor execution” _. Again another has been disappointed despite low expectations: _ “I did not expect anything from Roland Emmerich. I mean, who does that still after all this time?” _

At least in terms of user reviews Moonfall but still has the chance, if not exactly to the stars, then at least come out of the lower half. Anyone looking at Emmerich’s filmography on Metacritic will quickly notice: in critics, the disaster director never lands, but fans have enjoyed one or the other film of him.

Emmerich’s Other Works on Metacritic

Namely, other of his more famous films differ in critics and user evaluations. For example, The Day After Tomorrow comes in critics only to 47 points , fans gave average at least 6.6. Also the Midway published 2021 had to leave in a critic rating of 47 springs, but received from fans a 6.1 .

If you go alone after evacuation, but Emmerich’s films on Metacritic can not find masterpieces. It remains exciting, where Moonfall will ultimately be classified as soon as it is on us from the 10th of February in the cinema . The premise around the moon, which is pulled down from our smartphones, is likely to lure at least some in the cinema.

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