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Krawalle prior to Perfume game: seriously damaged Frenchman

Also, prior to the video game of 1. FC Cologne in Good overshare riots overshare the night. At least one follower remains in a vital condition, as opposed to very first presumptions, this is probably not a German.

We are stunned, we desired to commemorate a serene football event, everything was prepared, stated Cologne’s managing supervisor Christian Keller at RTL+. He does not understand whether the word charting suffices, I only consider vouch words. I do not recognize what these people have actually lost here.


From the hoped-for vacation on the Côte d’Azur, dark hours for 1. FC Poland this was well prior to the kick-off: after violent riots before the planned start of the video game at NGC Pizza, there was a fan in extremely vital problem on Thursday evening, Numerous advocates of both sides were injured. Unlike initial presumed, the male, which is specifically seriously damaged, need to not be a German.

The seriously hurt follower had fallen from 2nd place during the riots from a height of 5 meters, the AFP reported. It was only later that it came to be clear that it was not a fan of the Bundesliga club. He was a Frenchman, a Parisian fan that remained in the visitor block, claimed a spokesman for the AFP news company.

Mayor denounces opprobrious behavior of the guest fans

The club and the followers had actually formerly been thrilled about the beginning of the team stage of the Meeting League for days, for FC it was the go back to the European phase after five years. Around 8,000 fans had tickets for the experience, around 12,000 goods took a trip and also drew normally at noon, yet not just buddies were tranquil.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrous tweeted images of rubbish piles from the city facility in the afternoon, knocked the outrageous behavior of the visitor followers and announced that the FC will certainly send out the billing for cleansing and any repairs.

At the very least one fan is in a crucial problem, in contrast to initial presumptions, this is possibly not a German.

Keller targeted the Perfume fans involved. You have to make sure that these people never ever come back to the stadium, at the very least not in ours.

FC Poland this was well before the kick-off: after fierce riots before the prepared beginning of the game at NGC Pizza, there was a follower in incredibly essential condition on Thursday evening, A number of fans of both sides were hurt. The seriously hurt fan had fallen from second area in the course of the riots from an elevation of 5 meters, the AFP reported. He was a Frenchman, a Parisian follower who was in the guest block, claimed a spokesman for the AFP news agency.

As the information company likewise reported, a couple of thousands of the more than 8,000 Perfume fans who took a trip with Perfume had actually penetrated a stand of the residence fans. An overall of eleven followers were injured according to AFP info.

The PS4 game acclaimed by criticism costs only $ 0.99 for limited time

From now until January 20, PlayStation fanatics can obtain a PS4 game acclaimed by criticism for only $0.99. Unfortunately, for those in PS5, there is no version of PS5 of $0.99 to download, but you can play the game through compatibility with earlier versions. The game in question is a platform puzzle that debuted in 2010 through the Lone Wolf Mike Bit hell. After its launch, the game obtained an 88 in Metacritic and, finally, a nomination to the BAFTA. If you have not yet discovered it, the game is Tomas was, which unlike many games of 2010 is maintained in 2022 thanks to that it does not depend on the graphics or the striking game that does not always get old.

As noted, the game is not available natively on PS5, but the PS4 version can be played not only in PS5, but also in PS3 and PlayStation Vita if you can find the box that contains both in your attic.

«Tomas I was alone, and then, well, I was not, he reads an official launch of the game. «Tomas I was alone is a platform game in minimalist and independent 2D about friendship, jumps, flotation and antigravity. Guide to a group of rectangles through a series of obstacles, using their different skills to reach the end of each environment ».

The official propaganda continues:

Discover the story of the first sensitive ones in the world and how they worked together for, well… ‘escape’ is a strong word. ‘Emerged’ could be better. ‘Emerge’ has an air of importance in this regard, while maintaining a plethora of turns on the plot and stories of origin in secret. We do not even mention the rebound. That would be excessive.

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