Intrepid Studios works with Ashes of Creation on a Sandbox PVP-MMO, which is created in Unreal Engine 5 . Whether this can still work according to New World? And will that work in Unreal Engine 5 all? In this ambitious project, you can already ask yourself if the is self-confidence, or maybe a little size spirit .

Ashes Of Creation Unbelievable Character Customization

In the latest developer update, the developers show that they could raise the quality of online role-playing games to a new level. The character creation was the great highlight of the developer livestream, the fans and followers more than 40 minutes of material and conversations about features like a detail system that superimposes textures, individual facial adaptation functions and the decal- feature, with the player scars and tattoos Install a generally free manner , offered.

Character Creator on a new level

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In the video above you see how your scars, eyes, the nose and much more in the elaborate Character Creator of Ashes of Creation customize and even wrinkles can be positioned by sliding regers so that you can make a person pretty precisely precisely. You can guess at which twitch streamer has oriented the developers at minute 28:30? The result is amazing and puts everything in the shadows in the character creation, which we know from MMOS so far.

In the LiveStream, it was also talked about how the individual peoples of AOC will be different in their architecture and appearance, there was a short studio update on some newly set department heads, plans for competitions around the character creation were briefly mentioned and there were The usual questionnaire with the players. How do you find the Character Creator of Ashes of Creation? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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