The English week was all like the preference of red-white food.
After WE won 1-0 in the Association Cup at the arch-rival from Wuppertal on Wednesday, the team of coach Christoph Borowski complied with a 2-0 win in the residence game against Sprig Bayreuth on Sunday afternoon.

Herzbruchs take on as a can opener

While the initial section on hafenstraße was extremely tough from the perspective of Borowski, his group appeared of the cabin considerably after the half-time break, which inevitably brought about the not undeserved last rating, the 44-year-old took the game after the last whistle
In an interview with Magenta Sporting activity.
The train had its share in the triumph of the Essene rs, so he brought Guzman Kefir to the preparer of the initial objective from the financial institution.
With his free-kick entrance, the 31-year-old discovered the female broken in the facility of Felix Herzbruch, who apparently scored his head to the lead, however after that made the whole point clear on the microphone: As you can see, I am still a little harmed by the cup game on Wednesday when thought
I can’t do it so well anyhow, he favors to go in and also at the same time he remains in there, said the central defender, whose forehead was given with a grazing injury from the mug video game.
It was his very first goal in the professional area, which was recognizable soon later on at the goal party, concerning which the 30-year-old needed to smile a little in the meeting: I do not understand why-I have actually already scored a couple of objectives right here on Hafenstraße-.
I always run to the primary grandstand. I do not have a rehearsed objective event, stated Herzbruch.

Now I don’t need to pay attention to the shit from him.

Felix Her Herzbruch jokingly regarding the discussion with Christoph Borowski.

The marker for the acting 1-0 note was equally relaxed as in the evaluation of his festivity that his instructor asked him during the week whether he will certainly rack up once again eventually, as Borowski stated ahead of time.
Obviously you are a little tickled by the trainer, heart broken back on the conversation and made it jokingly and jokingly clear: Now I have actually shown it, and naturally I’m actually delighted. Now I don’t need the spunk from him.
Pay attention extra..


The mood benefits the climbers from Essen, that, many thanks to the critical hit by Bjorn Other to 2-0, might prolong to bring about the first relegation area to 8 points.
The next chance to obtain the goal of obtaining the goal of secured midfield by entrance launching. WE will offer itself next Saturday when you are challenged at Erzgebirge AUE (2 p.m., live! At twist).