Now the fans of Taylor Swift can rejoice, knowing that there is a whole puzzle game for them with words. From wine to despair, all texts Taylor Swift – an honest game in this game in Gadayku.

Taylord inspired Wordle?

Since the name, in fact, is a set of Taylor and Wordle words, it is not surprising that TayLordle was created directly under the inspiration from Wordle. The Holy Swift podcast created the game in 2022 for other fans of Taylor Swift, who liked Wordle, but who wanted to play something narrower. The game uses the same mechanisms and layouts as in the original game Wordle.

How to play Taylord

Taylordle is quite simple to play, especially if you are a fan of Taylor Swift. All words that are used daily Taken from lyrics Taylor Swift and capture from the main songs. All Words vary from four to eight letters . Players get six chances correctly guess the word, getting Yellow tiles for the correct letter in the wrong place and green tiles in the correct position . Here are some good words of Taylord, differing in the length of the letters (depending on the day):

  • I love
  • Suit
  • Wine
  • Empty
  • Smile
  • Style
  • lovers

  • Heaven

Taylordle 10 | Wordle, but make it Taylor | How to play | Today's word
* Cry
* dream
* Romance
* Message
* Sadness
* Disaster

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