Escape problems in League of Legends can happen in several ways, after all, Riot Games mob champions have different skills, objects, spells of invoker and map elements to move from the more different shapes. A player could use all these tricks to overcome an enemy team and leave alive: he is a true escape master.

The work in question was published in Reddit and shows a Jarvan IV persecuted by Amumu and Ahri . He was on the right side of the map, but he chose to use the hextech portal near the dragon’s area to land on the side of the opponents. What he did not expect was to run with more enemies who would try to hunt him to finish once and for all an incredibly couple game.

Jarvan used the combo E + q of him to cross the wall of the buff blue and meet the gallium and Ahri enemies. He is even trapped by the control of the Claim Champion. He however he uses the flash across the wall, crosses the enemy jungle and ends at the base of the red team, at which he uses the Hextech portal to return to the battlefield located in the wolves. And yes, none of the opponent team thought about waiting there watching everything he had done before.

Using his abilities, he passes between the towers and goes into the jungle by the red top, escaping from gallium who, at this point, was the only one who was still trying to reach him. Mission fulfilled, and best of all? The Jarvan IV team accumulated 1000 gold during that time, equaling the advantage in the game. Often, pursuing an enemy may not be the ideal play, as was the case of this Zeri who practically recreated a scene from Fast and Furious in the loyalty crack.

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The red team spent so much time trying to get a death that even if they got it, it would not bring a lot of advantage in that state of the game **. Maybe an attempt by Baron, but the fight would be 4v4 with amumu without definitive and many team members without the spells of him.