V Ringing has a customizer system in which players can create their own private servers or play on public servers. In this leadership, we will explain how to configure the selected V Rising server, configure the parameters and a list of commands.

Since the game is intended for a multi -user game, the presence of its own dedicated server for playing with friends sounds very interesting.

How to configure the dedicated V Rising server

In V Rising, you can either configure the allocated private server locally or place it on a third -party service. V Rising has two PVP modes: one for 4 players, and the other for 2.

You can choose the mode to your liking. However, on private servers, the sizes of clans and the maximum dimensions of the players can be changed to your taste.

Below we have listed all the steps to set up the dedicated V Rising server.


  • Requirements for the server v Rising
  • How to create V Rising server
  • How to run the V Rising server
  • How to configure the V Rising server
  • How to join the V Rising server

  • How to protect your V Rising server using backup copies

Requirements for the server v Riding

To install V Rising Server, you will need the following system characteristics.

  • Launch Windows 10 or Server 2016+ and 64-bit version
  • 5 GB places on the disk for the game files.
  • A quad -core processor with at least 2 full/physical cores.
  • 16 GB of memory

How to create V RISing server

First, create the “C: VringServer” folder. After that, download SteamCMD for Windows and remove the contents of the SteamCMD download to the previously created VRISNGSERVER folder. Create a file with the name “FetchServerfiles.bat” and insert the following lines into it:

@echo turned off

Launch “” Steamcmd.exe + log in to the user password

+Force_install_dir “C: VrisingServer” +App_update

1829350 Confirm +Exit

Save and run the file to get the server files from Steam.

How to run the server V Ringing

After you perform steps to create, you can continue and start the server. To do this, create a StartServer.bat file and insert the next line into it.

Launch “” VrisingServer.exe -log

Save and then start the file. At the first launch, it will take some time to load it.

How to configure the V RISING server

V Rising - How to Make a Dedicated Server on Windows

As soon as your dedicated V Rising server is launched and launched, you can configure it in accordance with your needs. Changes in the configuration are stored in the Serverhostsettings.json file, in which there are the following settings:


“Name”: “My V Rising Server”,

“Description”: “This is a role server”,

“Port”: 27015,

“QueryPort”: 27016,


“McConnexededadmin”: 4,

“Savename”: “World1”,

“Password”: “Super -secret”,

“ListonMasterserver”: True,

“Auto -Office counter”: 40,

“Auto -Caves”: 120,

“Gamesettingspresset”: “Standard PVP”


You can change the maximum number of users, administrators, passwords and other parameters from this configuration file by opening it in a notebook.

How to join the V Rising server

After setting up the server, you are almost at the target! Now start the game and go to the game section. From there, select the “Online game” section, where there is an option “Find the server”. Find your server by name, and then join and enjoy!

How to protect your V Rising server using backup copies

Do not forget to save a backup copy of the saved games of your server so that in the case of any type of event you do not use the progress of your server. To access the saving file, go to the next place on your computer.


And often make backup copies of the Save folder in another place on your computer.

Location of the game settings file V Rising Server

The game settings file V Rising Server is the following way:


How to change the settings of a private game server

To change the settings of your private server, follow the above path and find the file “Servergamesetts.json”.

This file contains all the necessary information related to the server settings. However, before editing this settings file, make sure that no one is currently on the server, since changing the file, while someone is on the server, can damage files for them.

When the server is empty, right -click the Servergamesettings.json file with the right mouse button and open it in a notebook or notebook ++. Now make the necessary changes and save them. The next time you run the server, it will work with updated settings!

list of commands V Rising Server

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