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How to complete the Gone But Not Forgotten Mission in Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2022

Destiny 2 is becoming creepy with the return of the annual loss festival. With a batch of gifts for the guardians to collect them, this year’s event will keep him busy while fighting to win as much spoil as possible before the spooky season ends. As usual at any Destiny event, addressing a specific destination will begin the search line of the event, and this is what you need to know about How to complete the Gone But Not Forgotten mission at Festival of the Lost .

Does the search for Destiny 2’s Gone But Not forgotten have errors? Answered

We are aware of a problem that makes spectral pages not manifest and block the progress of the Gone But Not Forgotten Missions Series. We are investigating.

Be attentive to @bungiehelp to get more updates.

-Help of Bungee (@bungiehelp) October 18, 2022

Just warning, the Gone But Not Forgotten Missions Line has received errors reports that prevent players from completing the mission.

While some players have not experienced this, the vast majority of the Destiny players base has reported a problem with the Gone But not forgotten missions chain. In step 5, players have reported that spectral pages have disappeared. Since then, Bungee has issued a statement and is working on a solution at this time.

Complete the gone but not forgotten mission

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To start the Gone But Not Forgotten mission, go to the tower and talk to Eva Levant. She will give you a mission of several steps that you must complete to be able to participate freely in the Los Lost Festival.

The steps involved in the search are the following:

Talk to Eva to claim your mask of the Lost Festival *
* Go to the tower and talk to Eva. She will give you a mask inspired by Master School of your pleasure. Choose one to advance the search.
Equip the mask of the Lost Festival that Eva gave you
* Open your inventory, and in the section of your helmet, you will see the mask that Eva gave you. Equip it to complete this step.
Talk to Eva in the tower
* Talking to Eva will grant you three spectral pages, a currency form specifically related to this event.
Enter a haunted sector through the node in its director. Once there, complete an invocation ritual. *
* On the right side of Eva there is a small floating tree hologram. Interact with him to start the playlist haunted sector. You can also activate the activity from your director if you are not in the tower.
Convert spectral pages into pages manifested by defeating at least one without head and completing the lost sector
It has been reported that this step has errors.
* Three guardians are placed in a spooky lost sector. The objective is to survive the waves of enemies for 5 minutes, while several headless are invoked. The decapitated are summoned standing in a circle of invocation placed on the ground. After summoning one, collapse it and go to the next.
* After 5 minutes or after defeating 10 beheaded, a final boss will appear. To defeat the boss, he must repeat the previous steps calling the fallen headless, since they will throw pumpkin loads to break the chief’s immunity field. Breaking the immunity field will allow you to harm the boss until they kill him.
* The modifiers of the reproduction list are heavyweight, the weapons of power inflict more damage and there is more Amazon of available weapon, and to ground, where you will receive more damage while you are in the air.

Image source: Bungee through

  • Return to Eva to get more information about her manifested pages
    • Complete the enchanted sector will grant you manifested pages. The pages manifested are made by combining spectral pages on the altar to the right of Eva.
      * Convert its spectral pages into manifested pages
    • As mentioned in the previous step, go to the altar to the right of Eva. You will open the book of the forgotten and have the task of combing the spectral pages to make a manifest page.
      * Talk to Eva in the tower
    • After making a manifested page, return with Eva.
      * Talk to Eva to claim your rewards

That is all you need to know about how Complete the Gone But Not Forgotten mission at the Destiny 2 Festival.
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Automatic terror.
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Final Fantasy VII Evaku Lissis to CBT within 2022. RPG for smartphones that distribute FF7 compilation series by chapter

Square Enix announced on June 17 that a closed beta test for Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be conducted in 2022. The corresponding platform is iOS/Android. This announcement was conducted in the information program FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Final Fantasy VII Evaku Rissis is an RPG that distributes the compilation series of the same work as Final Fantasy VII. The original Final Fantasy VII is RPG released for PlayStation in 1997. The stage is a star that has a city, Midgal, and a company that uses the magic energy, Shinra Company, which flourishes by magical energy. The protagonist, Cloud, is a young man who claims to be a Soldier, a private soldier. The cloud cooperated with the environmental terrorist organization Avaranti, which opposes the sucking of the magic, and participates in the destruction operation of the Magic Furnace. As he travels around Shinra Company, he is involved in a battle that bets on the fate of the stars. Currently, the remake version is underway as Final Fantasy VII Remake.


The compilation series of Final Fantasy VII is a group of related works depicting the day before and later. The video work Final Fantasy VII Advent Children released in 2005. Before Crisis-Final Fantasy VII, which has been distributed for mobile phones since 2004. The action RPG Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII- released for PSP in 2007. Gun action RPG Dage of Cerberus-Final Fantasy VII- released for PS2 in 2006. Final Fantasy VII Evaku Rissis includes at least four works as a compilation series in addition to Final Fantasy VII. Based on the original visuals, the battle scene, etc., the world of Final Fantasy VII is drawn in the chapter and distribution, with a real graphics like Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Evaku Rissis will be distributed for iOS/Android. The closed beta test will be implemented in 2022.

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