Secretity is an important element of Sniper Elite 5, which makes weapons with a silencer absolutely necessary and deadly option. The next leadership will help you find a silencer weapon, muffle and muffler, as well as subsonic ammunition in Sniper Elite 5.

A weapon with a silencer will allow you to choose goals from a long distance, without warning the nearest enemies. At the same time, remember that weapons with a silencer are still heard to a certain extent depending on its brand and settings.

How to get a weapon with a silencer in Sniper Elite 5

You need to look for weapons with a silencer in the game. They can only be found, but not unlock, and in Sniper Elite 5 they are called “found weapon.”

Usually they are found next to a dead enemy or kept in a safe place with patrolling guards. Arsenal and numerous shelters of snipers scattered on cards are the best places to search for weapons with a muffler.

Understand that you cannot add weapons with a silencer to your inventory or take it to the next mission. They can only be used for the duration of the task or mission.

They also do not recharge and become useless after ammunition ends. The only option is to throw them to the ground to free your hands. You can get rid of weapons with a silencer by simply switching or scrolling your weapon.

The biggest advantage of weapons with a silencer is that it is available at the very beginning of the game. Later, you can find silencers and muffler to modernize your own weapons.

How to unlock a muffler/muffler in Sniper Elite 5

You can unlock various devices during the game, such as shops, trunks and silencers. You can unlock the silencer using the workbench in the basement of the castle in the second mission “Employed Residence”.

During the mission, go down the stairs to the right of you in the castle. Follow the path leading to the entrance to the arsenal. Kill two guards guard the weapons, and enter.

You will find a workbench right in the middle. Use a workbench to unlock the muffler along with other improvements.

Sniper Elite 5 How To Unlock Suppressor For Sniper Rifle Gun
Now open the menu and view the settings of the weapon you use. You will find a muffler. Attach it to your weapon.

How to use a workbench for weapons settings

The workbenchs are one of the main collection items in Sniper Elite 5 and are located in strategic points, such as shelters during missions.

In total, in every mission in the game there are three layouts. These three types are a pistol for a pistol, a workout for a submachine gun and a rifle for a rifle.

To determine the workbench, look for a Nazi flag or red flag on it. As soon as you approach the workbench, a pop-up option will appear on the screen, which allows you to press this button on the controller to use the workbench.

Depending on the type of workbench that you use, the screen will have the opportunity to configure a specific weapon. For example, if you use a workbench for a pistol, he will show you how to configure a gun.

Select the weapon you want to configure and then select the settings icon on the right. This will open a menu showing various parts of the weapon that can be configured.

You will see the opportunity to configure the trunk, barrel, store, butt and receiver. At the beginning of the game, you will not see all unlocked investments. They will be opened as the game is passing. The castle on the right side of the investment will be transformed in the field that you can note if you want to configure this specific investment.

The menu will show you the pros and cons of the settings using a specific application. For example, if you choose a muffler Maxin 1910, the pros will be quieter, and the cons of it reduces the stability of aiming.

How to unlock subsonic ammunition in Sniper Elite 5

You have already learned to find weapons with a silencer and unlock mufflers for your own weapons. Sniper Elite 5 also has subsonic ammunition to further reduce the noise of your shots.

Subsonic ammunition is available much earlier in the game and help you in secrecy, while you are still looking for a nozzle. Like the muffler, subsonic ammunition will also allow you to maintain silence when shooting from a rifle.

At first you can collect subsonic ammunition only from dead bodies. Later in the game you can unlock the type of ammunition after the completion of the “Factory” task and add it to your constant inventory for each mission.

You can load subsonic ammunition into your weapon by pressing L1 if you use PlayStation and LB if you use Xbox. If you want to change various types of cartridges with a silencer during the mission, you can press R1.

When you have subsonic ammunition, you will instantly return to standard ammunition, so follow the remaining cartridges.