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Game specialist Nets Games, Lord of the Ring: Start of War Pre Reservation

[Data provided: Net’s Games]

Digital Entertainment Game Company ‘Netease Games’ (Netease Games) is a jointly developed mobile game with ‘Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment’, I released it.

‘The Lord of the Ring: The beginning of the war’ is attracting a lot of popularity after launching in North America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. In Korea, it will be launched on April 14, and receives a pre-reservation by April 13th. When you apply for a pre-reservation, you will pay 100% compensation to the game progress.

This new work is a British artist J.R.R.R. With a mobile 3D strategy simulation game developed by the Mobile 3D strategy simulation game that is developed as a Mobile 3D strategy simulation game that is developed by the Prince of Tolkin ‘s Fantasy novel’ Ring ‘, it is possible to enjoy the battle of various environments with the king of the rings such as Roklaus, Aragon, Kim Lee,

As a strategy simulation genre that must take the territory of the other person and protect my territory, the user must choose one of the 10 camps that govern the Midmith of the Rings. The Human Gondor is a set of GonDor (Gondor), “Rohan Will Answer” (Rohan Will Answer “(Rohan) as a member of the Rohan Will Answer (Rohan), Lothlorien, a symbol of Elves, a Lothlorien, Erebo (Erebor) is representative.

It is also possible to play a game play for conquest and destruction, not the world peace, starting with evil camps. Angmar (ANGMAR), which is dominated by Ork, is the fortress of Saruman, which was the main background of the movie 2, and Mordor (Mordor), which is the fortress of Saunuron, the fortress of Saunuron.

In addition, there was also a new forces such as the virtual North Kingdom Arnor (Arnor), the meaning of the indigenous land of the Middle East, and the meaning of the “noble land”. In the original, the activity for the prosperity of the original camp in the game that could not be seen.

The Lord of the Rings (2002) - The final Battle (Of The Hornburg) - Part 1 [4K]

Major heroes in the princess of the rings were also reproduced. The main characters such as Roklas and Aragon, Kim Lee, Galtimf, Ewin appeared as a hero commander, and the fallen white wizard, Saruman, a luster (Lurtz), and the king of Magician, who appeared as a intense impression as an oak bowl. The Witch-King (such as the hero), which represents the camp of evil.

‘The Lord of the Ring: The beginning of the war’ can be seen in Google Play, App Store, and One Store.

After Pandemic Behom Heins returns to the OSC

The Bremen Oberligaist OSC Bremerhaven has to look for a new coach. In the course of the ongoing criticism of the head coach, this, according to several media reports, voluntarily cleared its place.

Violent criticism after pandemic velocity

What happened? Last weekend, HEIR is supposed to position himself in a video that was later broadcast on the club’s Facebook channel, as a vaccine and have held the Corona pandemic. In addition, he would have intentionally infected with Corona to be able to hold a gee ken status to the conditions applicable in sports. The club was critically criticized according to the pandemic reluctant statements of the exercise leader. Hans was then abandoned by the OSC Bureau and apologized in public. However, a release of the coach did not seem to draw the skylotherist.

WHO says omicron variant could change the course of the Covid pandemic

In order to counteract further criticism in the club, Hans now revealed voluntarily from his office. A successor is still unknown. Until further notice, Vice President and Co-Trainer Bjorn Boning will take over the job on the page line.

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