Console Gaming Gear Accessories Developer ControlFreekĀ® This gaming lighting equipment gaming light was released. Gaming lights can be constructed by adjusting the color, effect, speed, and brightness with a USB power LED strip that can be attached to PC, monitor, TV, console, desk, wall surface, etc., to construct a customized lighting environment. Gamers can be created by expanding the desk as well as the desk as well as the desk as a gaming space as well as the desk.

The controlled gaming light supports 20 colorful colors and 19 patterns, five brightness, and five speed controls. Easy 3M adhesive bags can be safe and flexible, and can be folded with a flexible, and can be folded at 90 degrees when attached to the angle.

The kit consists of one lighting controller and a connection device capable of extending or reducing the 18-inch (45.7cm) LED strip, strip to a set of strips. The strip can be adjusted to the length of the position to the adhesive space with a constructable length up to 3.6m, and can be safely used using a light emitting diode with low temperature. This allows you to easily and easily set everything you want, such as PCs, monitors, TVs, consoles, desks, and walls.

If the display is directly in the front or side in the dark space, it is often a case where the image quality of the image is flowing away. On the other hand, if you wake up the display by the gaming light, you can improve the glare and image quality.

KontrolFreek Gaming Lights (USB LED Lightstrips) Unboxing & Review!

On the other hand, the steel shelves are acquired, and the controller, which has been successfully landing in Korea last year, is planning to continue the peripheral device for console game users. In December last year, the Control Frick Thumbshots will be expected to continue as a lot of consumers to continue with the new product.

Control Frick Gaming Light starts a 20% discount on the Steel Series Naver Official Store until February 28 commemorating the launch of the new product. More details can be found through the Steel Series Naver Official Store.