As Fall Guys sees an increase in the number of players since he left for free in June 2022, Internet users ask for official gifts to show their love for Mediatonic. So good news , there are new stuffed animals to buy and we present them in this article.


The madness of Fall Guys resumes

Fall Guys, that it was already a great success when it was launched thanks, among other things, to the enthusiasm of many streamers. After a downstream period, the game broke a new record during its free second release on June 21, 2022 on new platforms. In just two weeks, Mediaatonic’s title registered 50 million players!

While some lucky influencers were able to receive packages full of sweets and falle guys stuffed animals when it was launched to the free-to-play format, players can also now acquire these faithful representations of the colored beans.

Fall Guys: the different stuffed animals

With prices ranging from $ 12 to $ 25, you can find some Fall Guys stuffed animals on Amazon:

  • Original blue (new): completely blue stuffed with a crown-24,99 €
  • Hot dog (new): stuffed teddy with hot dog-24.99 €
  • Fairycorn (new): Unicorn disguised-€ 24.99
  • Chickn (old collection): teddy disguised as chicken-12,99 €
  • Soda (old collection): teddy dressed as soda-12,99 can
  • ORIGINAL PINK (Old Collection): Fully pink collection with a crown-12,99 €
  • Original Yellow (old collection): totally yellow stuffed with a crown-12,99 €

  • Paloma (old collection): teddy dressed as dove-12,99 €

You can buy the new official stuffed animals directly at Amazon. To know if they are official or not (online or in store), you just have to look at the packaging: the stuffed animals are contained in a blue and pink pack with the Fall Guys logo as in the image below: