The following entry into the saleté the series of off-road races will cross the next generation, with the announcement of saleté 5 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Salete 5 will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Codemasters developer says it extends the narrative career mode of the series for salette 5, adding more car customization options in the delivered editor. Players will also have more freedom to choose their events in Salete 5 Career mode, thanks to its new nonlinear progression. The proposed vehicles will include strollers, trucks, rock emptors and rally cars.

Throughout Salete 5 In career mode, drivers will be able to turn their new wheels in places ranging from large cities like New York and Rio de Janeiro to destinations further in remote areas of China and Greece.

To guide the drivers throughout their career, the prolific Lots Nolan North and Troy Baker will both make part of the distribution of saleté 5. They will serve as mentors to career mode drivers and will also host a game podcast that presents big names from the game and the race among his guests.

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With the career mode, salette 5 will also propose a number of multiplayer modes, including shared screen races for up to four runners. Codemasters has not yet revealed the complete list of game modes, but indicates that a new “creativity” mode will be on the list, allowing a social game in local multiplayer and online.

It's Time For Some SERIOUS OFF ROAD RACING in Dirt 5

Even with all the new content coming on Dirt 5, it seems that the developers aim to keep it faithful to its roots. According to Director of Dirt 5 Development, Robert Karp, “This game is our tribute: an off-road experience Dirt greater and amplified in a living, stimulating and fun environment.”

Saleté 5 is scheduled for October 2020 on current and next generation consoles as well as on PC. A Google Stadia version is also in preparation, with a launch provided beginning 2021.