In Hogwarts’s Heritage, you can leave yourself or return the mermaid necklace Neruda Robert.
This is what happens in both versions and how to perform the Merely Depths quest, given to you by a student Slytherin.


Leave or return the Maria’s mermaid necklace in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

You will meet Ni rid Roberts for the first time in the Hogwartsagda selling, she gives you a quest in the depths of Merely.
In the mission, a student of Slytherin asks you to dive under the water and get a necklace that the mermaids left her as a peaceful offer.
After receiving the gift of the mermaid, you will be invited to either return the Maria necklace, or leave everything for yourself.
However, as in the quest Hogwarts Legacy Serbia Gob stone, your solution does not matter much.
Both options have the same reward: 180 experience points and the uniform of Terms Liaison.
So no matter what you do, the result will be mainly the same.
However, if you retain the mermaid necklace, Noida Roberts will be upset on you for the potential destruction of relations between water and wizards.
Although it sounds like a big business, it ultimately has no consequences, since there is no system of relations in Hogwarts’s Heritage, and there are no further missions with Neruda.
You won’t do anything with the necklace, so feel free to choose the option that you like best.

How to go through the quest Merely Depths

After talking with Neruda, swim on the water to the marked way point to dive under the lake.
You will see the locked door from the moth as soon as you go out into the cave.
To go through the depths of the murky, use the lighter spell on the web to free two moths in a trap.
Next, use lumps to convey each insect to the door to fix them in place.
The last moth can be found for the tablet in the back of the room, so return to the entrance to take it.

When all three insects are in place, the door will automatically open to open the chest.
Open the treasure to get the mermaid necklace and return it to Neruda.
Now you will be given a choice: leave a gift to Roberts or give it.
After the decision is made, the Merely Depths quest will be completed.
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