_ Duty: Modern War – – Also known as -duty 2022Supposedly will bring back two controversial functions, one with changes and another without changes. The first refers to the pairing based on skills, which many players know as SBMM. According to the report, SBMM will not go anywhere, but it is being modified and possibly attenuating. However, what is not changing is the dissolution of the pressure groups. The lobbies will continue to dissolve after each match despite the demands of fans otherwise. In fact, not only apparently is on return, but apparently will not go anywhere in the short term.

For those who do not know: SBMM is a pairing system that aims to create a skill balance. Each game and series achieve this differently, but Obligations do this filling games with similar skill players. Basically, it turned the multiplayer mode into a classified multiplayer, and most players hate it, especially those with skills in the game above average, as it means that the days of accumulating huge racks of murders and playing carelessly have finished Less you’re willing to take time. To play with the system.

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SBMM has been the hottest issue in _Obligations – Community in recent years, and apparently, it is not fully falling into deaf ears. According to a prominent _Obligations, Rafaelinfinity Wards has plans to review the SBMM system with this year _Obligations. “Ralph does not say what changes are being made, but apparently, Infinity Ward is making some considerable settings. However, despite this, the dissolution of the lobbies is not part of this adjustment. Ralph states that this is here to stay in the foreseeable future, in all the securities of the franchise.

Unfortunately, for now, the report is full of outstanding details. Of course, as you get more information about Ralph or other sources, we will update accordingly. Meanwhile, take everything here with tweezers.

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