It will take tens of hours at least to complete God of War Ragnarök, and you can do this with the most luxurious visuals worthy of a true God of war, as it will be possible to customize the appearance of items, i.e. you can equip the item with Best attributes for your build, but with the look you want.


During a Question and Answer Session on Santa Monica Studio’s official Discord, combat designer Minor Seth confirmed that the game includes a transmit system. If the term does not talk to you, be aware that this implies being able to equip the equipment of your choice, with the statistics and bonuses you prefer, while making it look like another piece of armor .

As its predecessor, God of War offers the possibility to forge many pieces of armor, improve them in order to favor different game styles or adapt to various situations.

There are different styles, some show the muscular body of Rates, not covering much. Others use heavy and ornate armor, for example, for a slightly more chivalrous look. It also gives the illusion of being better protected.

These transmit options should not apply to weapons for obvious reasons for game mechanics. Having the leviathan ax functioning as the chaos blades would be at least disturbing.


No photo mode at release

Most surprising is the absence of an increasingly present way, especially in PlayStation 5, the famous photo mode. It allows you to create beautiful wallpapers or stake your virtual exploits in a beautiful way.

It is also a natural complement to transmogrification, as giving Rates a beautiful combination of armor pieces also makes you want to share the result with your friends. But as in the previous game, he will not be present when the game is released on November 9 on PS4 and PS5 . We will have to wait for an update.