The hack suffered by Riot Games continues to say the talk.

If at the beginning the League of Legends developer revealed that he has received a redemption request for the LOL source code and more resources, now the value of this extortion attempt, which was $10 million (approx. R $53 million),
As well as other hacker demands, they came to public.
This information comes from the US Vice website, which obtained access to the ransom letter sent by hackers to Riot Games.
According to the report, the message also contained a link to a group from Telegram, through which developer employees could negotiate with hackers.
Vice members entered this channel and found users with names that match Riot workers names.
Check out the full note below:

hacker claims

Possible consequences

If on the one hand it is impossible to estimate the degree of veracity of what hackers claim in the message, on the other the consequences can be easily imagined.
Even from the assumption that there are lies about the simplicity with which they have achieved this operation, after all, it would be strange to praise the difficulty of performing it, it is likely that other malicious people try to hack Riot after that.
The studio could therefore face an unprecedented number of attacks, which could delay the development of games to focus more on security.


Regardless of this, this case also shook users ‘confidence in Riot Games’ ability to protect their data.
Players can therefore be more hesitant to release the credit card at one of the developer’s titles in the coming months.
If it has ever been relatively simple-very competent people in this field-to-riot data, it is the user experience that can be impacted in the coming months if other people decide to move the source code of the game.