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It was certainly moon of the (excellent) surprises of the Developer_Direct of January 25: during Resentment, Letter Bethesda unveiled Hi-fi Rush for the really very first time and seized the day to announce its launch in stride on Xbox and Windows PC (through Steam and
Epic Games Store)
We then found a hybrid title blending both action game mechanics and rhythm video games
The player embodies the young chai, hopeful rock star who by an unlikely circumstance competition sees his destiny linked to the transplant of his MP3 gamer: after that, he lives to the rhythm of the player and the music actor in his journey to estourbir
cohorts of robots and thwart the wicked mega-corporation plans
The game displays a resolutely good-natured tone (underlined by graphics straight influenced by anime from the 1980s and 90s-Jayce method and the conquerors of light), the title stresses its dun ravaging humor and always musical waves
And the gameplay is not to be outdone: rather accessible, the game welcomes to rotating bumps in a pleasurable way, while rewarding the gamer when he strikes his blows in the ideal speed
And barely released, hi-fi rush clearly simple as a popular and vital success-the game acquires a note of 89 on Metacritic
For the curious individuals who would like to create a concrete viewpoint, Hi-fi Rush is marketed on Games planet with a 10% discount rate (in the kind of steam secret), applied to the different variations of the game:
The fundamental version of Hi-fi Rush is thus provided at EUR 26.99 (instead of EUR 29.99);
The Deluxe edition of Hi-fi Rush is EUR 35.99 (rather of EUR 39.99) and includes the basic video game, in addition to two complete cosmetic clothing for Chai (with alternative versions of its robotic arm,
A headscarf, a jacket, trousers and shoes that can be freely related to other cosmetic elements of the game), however likewise seven benefit tee shirts for cellar, a look of an 808 and 20,000 pieces to unlock skills and enhancements rapidly (
Parts are not a virtual currency that you can buy);
Deluxe Upgrade pack of hi-fi rush at EUR 8.99 (instead of EUR 9.99) takes the kind an additional pack allowing to unlock the material of Edition Deluxe when you currently have the standard version of the video game

Hi-fi Rush Deluxe Edition

EUR 39.99-10 EUR 35.99 order

Other versions:

Hi-fi Rush | -10 % |
EUR 26.99
—|—|–→ Hi-fi Rush Deluxe Edition Upgrade Load | -10 % |
EUR 8.99.