This work Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield 2042) returned for the first time in Battlefield 4. Of course, the gun attachment customization is also revived after a long time. It is possible to replace magazines that are not in the latest modern war, and it is possible to change the magazine, and by customization, the fight changes significantly.

Then you still want to brand strong customization… I just don’t know what kind of weapon should be taken on the battlefield! There should be many people.

Therefore, in this editorial department, three from three divisions of short distance and middle distance long distance, we deliver excellent weapon setup including customization in an award format. We will introduce the reason for election or points to be seen at custom time together! (In addition, the election is based on UPDATE 2 delivered on November 25.)

BF2042 Weapon Awards Near Distance

Scrapping from the drum magazine! Award · MP9

First, high launch rate and stable recoil are attractive MP9. However, before that, let’s make sure that each part will exert each part as a reference for future awards.

First from parts attached to under barrel

BEST Weapon and Specialist Combo in Battlefield 2042
From the left, Standard, Laser Sight, BCG Grip, Cobra Grip, LEG Grip, 10 meters from. By pressing the trigger, no reply adjustment is not done. As an explanation, the Cobra grip and the LEG grip were good.

The surprising was the effect of the laser site, and while the horizontal reaction was suppressed, the part of the vertical reaction did not have much incomplete. If you are a player who wants to reduce the vertical reaction, you will definitely have a Cobra grip and LEG grip.

In addition, it has been found that the BCG grip has a collection effect at the time of moving, and the BCG grip was scattered from the standard. It looks good to be careful.

Shooting with 10 meters to ADS. Similarly, no reply adjustment is done. From the left, Standard, War hawk Composer, Tactical Compressor, Champion Muzzle Brake, Tactical Muzzle Brake.

The compensator system decreases horizontal reaction instead of strengthening vertical reaction. Muzzle brakes enhance horizontal reaction instead of vertical reactions. However, in the case of a near-field battle, I felt that the horizontal reaction does not matter much.

Although it has not been verified by the image, there are also suppressors that will not be reflected in the map even if the customization option is fired. However, this work is considered to have low damage that the reciprocating sensor is very strong when the suppressor is attached and the proximity sensor is very strong in the current environment, so the priority was low.

The answer that has been derived in consideration of these! ! !

Scrapping from the drum magazine! Award · MP9

Site: DD Dolomite
Ammunition: Price combat / drum
And Barrel: LEG Grip
Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

As mentioned earlier, high emission rates and stable reviles are attractive, but you want to be equipped with a large capacity magazine to take advantage of high emission rates. In this work, there are many opportunities to encounter a grouped enemy, as it can enjoy a large game that seems to be 128 people. Even in such cases, if a drum magazine shot is a drum magazine, it was very difficult to get the enemy that is hard to get stuck in the middle of the battle.

As for the site, DD Dolomite was thin and was perfect for near-distance war. There is also a fusion Holocene on a similar site, but this is very thin, and it is recommended for DD dolomite because it is very thin and not good for visibility.

Under-Barrel initially thinking about laser sites, but the light of the laser becomes easier to be visible from the enemy. In addition, LEG grip was attached to the molarity accuracy and not so up.

If you look at the drum magazine, the number of bullets in the magazine is large, but the actual total number of bullets does not change. It is a note of operation because it will be played in an instant if it flies from outside the proper distance to the condition. Since the number of possessed bullets is another frame for each type of magazine, it will be safe to set additional magazines that can be used in the time of the bullet.

Recommended for many people! Awards and AK24

Site: K8 Dolomite (Since the Russian gun is a Russian, I added a site of OKP-7 Motif.)
Ammunition : High Power / Extended Magazine
And Barrel: LEG Grip
Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

AK24 is adjusted in UPDATE 2 delivered on November 25, making it easy to react and control, and it became quite easy to use. In addition to this, it is a standard model that can be recommended to all stable damage amounts and unlocked levels, from the low unlock level.

The number of kills up to 10 m is four. If you enter one shot in the head, you can kill 3 years, and it is a weapon that can be stable and killed.

In the editorial department, high power / expansion magazine is adopted for magazine attachment. High power bullets can be killed to 100 meters up to 100 meters, while reaction and continuous breakdown.

The choice of ammunition was lost, but compared with the case where PP29 is operated with high power bullets, even if the damage model due to distance is lower compatible with the magazine capacity, you chose high power bullet..

Awards with a greeting with a bullet power and a prize and PP29

Site: K8 Dolomite
Ammunition: High power bullet
And Barrel: None (not selectable)
Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

The beginning of the release boasting overwhelming high performance without other guns. Even now, the strength is alive, even now.

A large capacity magazine of 53 magazines is a large capacity magazine. It is safe in this work with many opportunities to face many people. In addition, reloading has a potential to be Gore with the number of bullets even if it is medium and medium for large capacity.

Damage model is also excellent. Actually, there is no damage attenuation due to distance than AK24, and if it is 30 meters or fewer, 1 shot 26 damage, 4-digit kill is possible. (AK is up to 10 meters) Also, if it is up to 50 meters, it is possible to kill 5, and it can be said that it is a weapon that matches about 30 meters of battle frequently.

BF2042 weapon awards Middle Distance

1 Trigger Kill is possible! Awards for Headshots Awards · AC42

Site: MAUL Hybrid 1.5-3x
Ammunition: High power bullet + standard specification / expansion magazine
Anda-Barrel: 40 mm Accentuate
Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

It is a main gun AC42 that exerts maximum power at medium distance to long distance. For example, if the ammunition is high power, 4 extra-distance 4 is possible. If you get a headshot even in one shot, you can defeat the enemy with one trigger.

Because the power of one shot is also high, it is a gun that is easy to get to the last blow when fighting in a group.

However, it is hard to hit the enemy that is moving next to the burst shooting relationship. Especially at the CS machine requires tips. It is not a good enemy that is moving horizontally, but it is better to give priority to enemies coming to the front and the stop-stop enemy.

In this award, we elected a high power bullet that can be killed all distances, but the number of loading is less than 20. Therefore, under the Anda-barrel, I put a 40 mm burnt and earn reload time. If there is a margin, it is recommended to switch to standard specifications / expansion magazines in the short distance match.

Actually, a prize and PPP

Site: K8 Dolomite
Ammunition: High Power / Extended Magazine
And Barrel: None (not selectable)
Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

Actually, it is PKP-BP that is high in time with low reaction. In the beginning of the release, it was a rough reaction that is unique to the east side, but it is easy to control that the change is suppressed by the update on November 25 and the champion Muzzle brake is attached.

If a little distance was left, shorter continuous fire (pointed) could suppress the diffusion and could be used better. It is also attractive that the launch rate that is not too slow and not too late.

Ammunition used is high power / expansion magazine. It seems that there is a slight increase in the reaction, but it is still easy to handle.

However, more than 40 m, damage is 18. It is important to wait for shooting until approaching, or press it with a fired power. In addition, since the ADS speed is slow, the close match will need a unique tip that does not move inadvertently.

However, it is a large-capacity magazine with a large capacity magazine and a good launch rate, just a good launch rate, and an easy-to-handie gun.

Custom to specialize in medium distance! Awards to see the width of customization · SVK

Site: 8R Dolomite
Ammunition: Standard Specifications / Extended Magazine
And Barrel: Atlas Need Lightweight Grip
Barrel: Short barrel

Speaking of SVK, it is a Marksman rifle that is fascinated by the full distance of 2 kills, but it is also a charming gun, such as customization, specializing in medium distance or long distance, easy to use..

Here we introduce the magazine capacity and the launch rate Customize the medium distance specialization. A PC version that is easy to do with a single weapon is a very easy-to-handle weapon.

On the other hand, since the CS machine needs to be aimed at the pad, it is a weapon for advanced users who are difficult to use.

BF2042 Weapons Awards Long Distance

All distance 2 out! Award in strength without complaints · SVK

Site: Bravo 3x
Ammunition: High Power Magazine
And Barrel: LEG Grip
Barrel: Expansion barrel

What SVK is awarded two awards! This is customized for long distances. Although it loses to the sniper rifle at super-length distance, there is a potential to be pushed by the fire performance. Versatility that can be focused enough even during medium distance is also attractive.

Using a high power bullet, it has a total distance of 60 Damage. However, the Marksman Rifle can not beat one shot because the magnification is 1.5 times even if the headshot is headshot. It is always recommended aiming at the torso.

In addition, if you use a high power magazine, it will be 5 outbreaks of 5 bullets, and you need to be bullied in no time, so be careful about the number of bullet management.

Han romance! One-shot One-Kill is an art Award / GVT 45-70

Site: M11 6x or M22 3.5x or TV 2x (up to the distance of the enemy)
Ammunition: High power
Under barrel: LEG Grip
Barrel: Champion Muzzle Brake

Good GVT 45-70 from the Utility Frame Wins Awards!

While you can fight anymore, this customization is for distance, and when you find a point that can be sniped by a fixed point, you can change the under barrel to an ADR BYOD.

Romantic performance from 2 to 1 whole distance torso. The lever action is no longer said, and the fired bullet draws the arch, and the enemy’s head is traced. Yes, GVT 45-70 is an artistic rifle that packed the man’s romance.

Gun is a prize and NTW-50

Site: Raven 4x
Ammunition: Object High Power

It is a weapon that wants to raise an award just with this appearance of a tight anti-fighting rifle, but the performance is also interesting.

First, it is the infantry performance, but the objective high power bullet demonstrates 1 shot of 110 damage to 75 m (1 shot to 150 m for object bullets), and it can be killed by 1 if it does not attach an armor. However, since it is difficult to aim at infantry because it is very late because the ballistic fall and the speed is slow, it is difficult to aim at infantry, so it is also a hand to customize it for medium distance.

In this way, I feel that NTW-50 is not strong, but it is versus vehicle performance to exert the true power. If it is a tank or 3 generations, it will be harsher, and it will be scraped, and if it is used along with the gadget’s unelected M5 and Sun dance anti-armor, you are also a good vehicle killer. There is no scary bolt that shoots 30 mm machine gun!

BF2042 Weapons Award Grand Prize

It was chosen to be selected as a welcome weapon award… Actually, the middle distance can be eaten in the light reaction, and it is PKP-BP !

The award deciding hand is many bullets of 200 and a perfectly good launch rate. It has become possible to beat the same LEG frame CMG in the update on November 25th.

In addition, the number of large-capacity bullets of 200 emits the powerful breakthrough with many large people. Even if the appropriate distance at the time of war is 30 to 40 M, I felt that it was fit the game system map size of this way.

Of course, many large people is stuck in a place where the player is compacted in a contour, and the number of rich bullets is a strong ally. Barrage is power.

If you can continuously kill an enemy group that has been fixed in the side attack, there is a feeling of exhilaration that is not in other weapons, and more than the overall strength and enjoyable It is also considered appropriate for the award in the sense that it is easy to get a sense.

So, we sent an award for the editorial department and the owner. However, This weapon is not included! There may also be a voice such as My Gun.

A good place for Battlefield 2042 is a point that comments about strong weapons are separated. The guns and attachments that are seen when defeated are diverse.

In addition, if a gun that is said to be weak, it can be used unexpectedly if you love. The author loves the eastern side camp, especially RPK16, so it was customized to the drum magazine and enjoyed it as a pseudo RPK16. (It was quite strengthened by update!)

Even if it is a weapon that loves, it is a great prize! Everyone also bears your own girlfriend, and let’s throw in a large battle of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 is delivered for Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin) / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. It also supports subscription service EA PLAY.

※ There is no relationship between any weapons, military vehicles, manufacturers with equipment, and suppliers with equipment, funding, support, etc.

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