Elden Ring SUMMONING POOLS What they are and how to use them

From software new action RPG “ Elden Ring “… In that PC version, various MODs such as “VR” and “Merina” have been actively created. Among them, “MOD that can summon NPCs and bosses” was updated the other day.

According to this MOD named “ NPCS AND BOSSES SPIRIT SPIRIT SUMMONS “, the creator, Satoshi98, “Melina, Marenia, Radagon, Selen (no headwork), Miricent, Lani, Lani, etc. It will be possible to add NPCs and bosses as dedicated items. ” Some characters have the opportunity to fight together in regular game play, but it is a useful feature to be able to summon as a dedicated item.

Players can be obtained by purchasing dedicated items for summoning from the NPC “Miliel” in the knot church. It seems that the character name, text, explanatory sentence, and icons in the game were also made by Satoshi98. In addition, each character status is adjusted in consideration of in -game settings, depictions, and balance.

In the latest version 3.92, the MOD “NPCS AND Bosses Spirit Summons”, which can be summoned by “Mogg, the Mogg of Blood”, is being distributed on Nexusmods. Please take responsibility for downloading and using the mod at your own risk.