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Since release, Le field 2042 has repeatedly with several features in criticism. However, the development team continuously works on improvements and brings changes. Some of them get strong positive resonance — as the latest mode that limits the number of players in matches.

What is this for a mode? 64 player conquest and breakthroughs does in principle exactly what it says: The All-Out Warfare is limited in this mode from 128 to 64 players per match. The mode is available only for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, because Xbox One and PS4 already play with 64 players anyway.

Together with the limitation of the number of players, the maps have become smaller, as first players communicate. The large, empty maps were already in the criticism, which is apparently improving with the 64-player mode.

The reduced number and size ensure less chaos and less annoying sniper, but keep the action high. In addition, the performance is much better. About 15 fps more should be possible in the new mode. Mango tells you the optimal settings for the best performance.

How long can I play the mode? Since today, December 14, the 64-player mode is available. How long he stays, the team has not revealed yet. In the corresponding Tweet, however, it says that the mode is only for a limited time in the game. But he is already fine with the players.

Battlefield 2042 slowly reaches a playable condition

This is how the mode arrives: The resonance on the new mode is almost consistently positive. The plan of the 128 players per match to Release was one of the larger criticisms. Of the fans, it says about: Battlefield 2042 slowly reaches a playable state (via Reddit).

However, the mode is no magical fix, which now suddenly makes the game good. There are still problems that would have to be resolved and repeatedly comes in dispute, about new skins in the game.

The 64-player mode is similarly well as the previously published Rush mode. This is still available, but now over the portal menu. There you can register directly for the matchmaking in Rush.

The desire for both Rush and 64-player mode to come into play, is repeatedly expressed. Whether this happens, but is still open.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay ( 4K Ultra Graphics )

How does it continue? DICE always works on the improvement of Battlefield 2042 and how it looks currently, the feedback of the players is considered. Despite the problematic start, the developer team wants to save the game, obviously.

This also comes out of statements that relate to the release, patches and work on the game. It was the people Ernst with Battlefield 2042 and what is just done is the basis for a successful future:

EA responds according to the report on the chaotic development of Battlefield 2042 — basis for the future