Resistance mechanics in games can make things difficult for the player when he wants to move freely on the map. Fortunately, the newly launched Tower of Fantasy allows you to get infinite resistance while climbing walls. With this guide, we will show How to use the infinite resistance wall climbing for PC users and mobile games to make the most accessible experience.

How to get infinite resistance wall climbing in Tower of Fantasy

The infinite resistance wall climbing trick on Tower of Fantasy gives you the opportunity to raise high buildings or large land. So, to begin, we will see how this feat can do on the PC in this step by step:

* Start climbing a wall.

Press ‘W’ on your keyboard to start your ascent.

* Press the ‘Ctrl’ button.

Obtaining infinite resistance on wall climbs on Tower of Fantasy requires pressing the buttons quickly. Players should keep in mind that the ‘Ctrl’ button makes your character out of the wall, so you don’t do well, you can end up falling.

* Press the ‘space bar’ twice.

This game mechanic allows your character to make double jump and reach higher distances.

* Press ‘W’ to move forward.

The last step is one of the most crucial, since you must join the wall to produce an infinite amount of resistance. As mentioned above, it can fall if it does not do it correctly.

Everything you have to do after this is to repeat these steps while you go up the wall, but try to fall to not hurt your character.

You can see a demonstration of this function in this Reddit publication here:

TOWEROFFAntASY Infinite Resistance Wall Raise Trick

For mobile users, infinite resistance in wall climbs can be done in a similar way without a keyboard. To help with this, here are the buttons that must be pressured in Tof Mobile:

  • climb a wall
  • Touch the ‘jump down’ button
  • Press the icon ‘jump’ twice
  • Position your character forward to return to the wall.

Source: Hotta Studio through resistance wall


With luck, this information helps you. Get infinite resistance climbing walls in Tower of Fantasy . Before going, you can see the additional content of the game looking at the relevant links below and seeing our guides on how to take a screenshot, add friends, erase joint operations battles and change the texts and voice language.

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